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  1. Brenda says:

    Ameren of Central Illinois removed my analog meter after I opted out and was charged my monthly fee! I had asked them to come and check the meter next door since I was having an onset of headaches and ringing in my ears!
    So instead of trying to alleviate my problem they came and pulled off my analog meter without consent and tranferred my opt out tags to an electric meter they say is a “dummy meter” but it’s still digital and electric. I never gave them permission to remove the analog meter and they put in their notes that I asked for this electric meter! Nothing but lies and game playing to get what they want! I’ve never seen anything like this!
    They have refused to give me back my analog meter for my 100 year old home I just bought 6 mos ago. Now the new story is, my home came with the electric meter despite the opt out paperwork and prior bills having the analog serial number on them! I just don’t know what to do …
    I contacted the ICC and they are hitting a wall this this company as well.

    Ringing ears in Central Illinois!

  2. Bob says:

    I have bought a property with power to it but it has been disconnected for three years. Smarty meter sneaks have fitted a smarty meter and taken my analogue one away. No permission given. Can I put an analog meter in its place before I have the power connected??
    Look forward to any feed back

  3. Adrian says:

    Hi, I’m a refuser and have fought hard to keep my old meter that was upgraded in 2004. Anyway on 2 January our neighborhood experienced as massive power surge while some linesmen were carrying out some maintenance, what happen with this surge, smartmeters were blown off the wall they caught fire (firemen called to several houses)and Tv fridges aircon pc were completly destroyed by cooking internal power supplies ( we know this as we know a lot of neighbours through local business) on the other hand we had no damage what so ever. The neighborhood was out of power for over 48 hrs in 38-43 deg. To restore power every house had to be inspected for damage or else no power for you ! Cut a long story short we were told by one of the senior linesman we dodged damage because of the analogue meter, but was contradicted by his junior who said we have to have one installed to which I sniggered . Anyway the compensation for all this damage to 180+ house must of run into 100,000s if not more, so if this happened in my neighborhood how often is this happening? Perhaps this is why they charge so much to cover compo payouts for this floored system? There must be something on freedom of info as to, when, where and how much. Cheers! Ps great site keep up the fight!

  4. geoffrey says:

    some intresting effects and references of microwave frequencies

  5. Anonymous says:

    I have 6 children, an was trying for more. Ever since the smart meter was installed my fertility has gone to zero

  6. Marin says:

    I received a letter from Jemena today, stating that “the Victorian Government has confirmed that from March 2015, electricity distributors will be entitled to recover the costs of maintaining a seperate metering service from those customers that continue to refuse a smart meter. To avoid this additional charge, we request you contact us as soon as possible to make an appointment to install your smart meter.”

    Also… “If we do not hear from you within ten days of this letter we will consider that you have declined our offer to replace the old meter with a smart meter, by reason of you refusing Jemena access to the meter at your property.”. The first time I read it, I thought it was 2014, lucky I read it again!

    I think a while ago, I read somewhere that the electricity bills were increased a tad to cover the installation of a smart meter. Does anyone know of or has heard of this? Maybe it was me just dreaming, or having a nightmare… Just when I thought it was safe to leave the house without worrying about a break-in to install a new meter… Blah!

    • Peter says:

      Hi Marin, my electricity bill for the April quarter 2010, informed me that as of 1st of January that year, that a ‘smart meter’ charge had been added. (in my case from memory about $25) In fairness, it was shown as a separate charge, ‘for transparency’. That transparency lasted exactly 12 months as it disappeared along with the ‘smart meter’ charge, when I enquired where it had gone, I was told it had been ‘merged’ into the ‘service to property’ charge’.
      So as I have said in one of my other posts, if this extra charge is brought in in 2015, we ‘refusers’ will be paying twice for a system we do use; as well as for the AMI which we don’t use!
      What I would like to know, is how the distributors can claim ‘added expense of running two systems’?
      The analogue system is already running, but will be greatly reduced in 2015, it is the distributors discretion, they are NOT forced to install the surveillance and control devises. The reduction in the analogue system will therefore be a cost saving. A further saving could be; to have their VALUED CUSTOMERS read their own meters and supply the readings as required, this could mean that a meter read is only required once a year, yet another saving for them, this is what the minimum requirement is now, so what’s the problem?

      • Hans Brewer says:

        “… have their VALUED CUSTOMERS read their own meters and supply the readings as required, this could mean that a meter read is only required once a year”

        If I may correct you Peter, if a customer reads their own meter and supplies the reading as required then this is designated as an “actual read” in which case any meter read by an external meter reading party once a year is not required because every read is an actual read. Perhaps there may be an argument (only) to allow some sort of “audit” read at some stage but I can confirm that reads which I myself have read and supplied have been designated as actual reads. In my case I have supplied my read photographic evidence thus totally eliminating any argument for occasional verification.

        • Peter says:

          Hans, this is very good news. If the distributors have already accepted readings by customers, then they should have no argument against ‘refusers’ doing what has already been accepted; thus eliminating the excuse for an extra charge for meter readers.
          I would be very interested to hear the response by the distributors from anyone who has written to their distributors requesting the replacement of their surveillance and control devise.

        • Tamara Hicks says:

          Earlier this year the very fine print on my agl bill said that customer without a smart meter could opt to pay monthly by ringing in their reading. Large ads in the papers about monthly billing implied that anyone could apply but it appeared to be for non smart meters only. I’m sure there was a catch so I remained with the usual quarterly bill.
          Has any one else had nuisance calls from origin to have gas and electricity with them. They pretend to have offers and as soon as you say you don’t want both bills together it’s goodbye. Wasn’t it them that recently put large open letters in papers saying there new policy was not to contact customers unless initiated by the customer ??? I will be ringing the ombudsman as this is the third call.
          They are desperate to get everyone’s gas and electricity with the one company… something to do with gas smart meters I bet. I told them I’m already ill from smart meters and why should I make it easy for them ???
          Yours in disgust.

    • Alex says:

      Hello All,
      We need to be very careful here, as I believe this is a legal trick for most not to respond.
      If you don’t challenge this letter with a clear and concise response you are in affect agreeing to pay the extra charges. Without even knowing what the costs will be.
      It’s referred as implied consent by not responding.
      So the utilities are advising us all that our Government is allowing Private Utilities Corporations to recover their costs.
      So we are to accept this from the same Government that has told us all along there their meters are safe.
      I don’t think So!!!!
      Firstly I don’t believe they can legally double dip.
      You can’t be charged for a Smart Meter you don’t actually have installed on your property and be charged to manually read your existing analogue meter at the same time. This is INSANE….
      Challenge them to confirm in writing transparently what you have payed so far since the beginning of the roll-out for the cost of a smart meter that all Victorians have payed for.
      Then ask them if they ever respond to your rebuttal, to credit you any smart meter costs you have incurred so far and to also in writing confirm that you will no longer be charged anywhere in your future Services Charges for a Smart Meter you never consented to and never wanted in the first place.
      Once they can come to the party with these fair and open questions then we as Law abiding Victorians can decide what we believe is a fair cost to have your meter manually read.
      They are also required by law to advise you of the costs they believe they can impose on you for the privilege of standing up for your Human Rights.


      • Peter says:

        Hi Alex, you have made a very good point re, replying to their letter. It would seem they have read my post on the forum page on the 16th of February! If that is their intention, then my advise is even more valid! I have copied and pasted my post here, so, those who want to get rid of your unwanted surveillance and control devices; get those letters out to your distributors ASAP!

        Still stuck with a surveillance and control device? Want to get rid of it?
        Write to your distributor and tell them that you no longer accept THEIR CHOICE (or that of the Victorian government) of these devices.
        You do not accept their claims that there are no health issues with them.
        You do not accept their claims they do not cause electrical fires.
        You deny them the right to invade the privacy of your home.
        You deny them the right to control your house hold appliances, now or in the future.
        You DEMAND that in accordance with Electricity Customer Metering Code 6.1(b) the surveillance and control device be replaced; with a non remotely read, non interval meter.
        Make it very clear, that if they fail to comply with this demand within, say, 30 working days, (Electricity Distribution Code 11.2.1) then you, their VALUED CUSTOMER, reserve the right to employ a licenced electrician, at your own cost and without breaching Electricity Distribution Code 3.3.1, (they have failed to comply with your demand) to replace the device with an analogue accumulation meter, until such time that they, the distributors install a type of meter acceptable to you, THEIR VALUED customer.
        They will almost certainly bluster and jump up and down about surveillance and control devices being ‘mandated’, ‘compulsory’, ‘you cannot refuse them’ etc. These are misleading statements, if not downright lies! DO AS THEY DO, ignore their reply, and simply respond with your original letter! (You must continue to respond)
        The distributors have NO LEGAL right to refuse your demand!
        I am sure there are better legal brains than mine on this site, which can put together a forceful document based on these facts.
        Until we become as aggressive as our tormentors, we will achieve little; we MUST be aggressive, now!
        As a matter of interest, I was aggressive from the word go, back in 2010 and still have my analogue meter, though I am the only one in my street!
        It is never too late to fight back! Delay will only make it harder.

      • Grant Rijkaard says:

        It is more than reasonable to express non agreement to pay any so called “fee” that is presently non existant.

        The letter is saying “you agree to pay us any fees of whatever amount that we choose to charge you regardless of the fact that any such fees are presently non existent”

        I think quite reasonable to say
        “I do not agree to pay any fee that is presently non existent”

        Also I myself have rejected a smart meter because I know and believe that these devices cause harm. I also will not be subsidising that which I know and believe causes harm to fellow citizens and I will not subsidise the criminality of those causing this harm.

  7. Joe Blow says:

    On 30 January 2014 received the following communication from UNITED ENERGY:

    On 30 January 2014 I received the following “communication” from UNITED ENERGY:


    Dear Customer

    Exchanging the smart meter-smart meter refusal

    In order to improve electricity delivery blah blah blah… I write to inform you that the following ongoing consultation and engagement with our customer relations team, United Energy formally acknowledges your continued refusal to a smart meter installed.
    We believe al relevant information has been provided to address your concerns in relation to the meter installation process, although we will honour your request to not have the smart meter installed at this time. We have now removed the meter at your property from United Energy’s smart meter exchange program.

    This will mean that you may incur additional charges from 2015 for the cost of having a non-standard meter.

    If you would like to avoid these charges, please contact us as soon as possible blah blah blah.
    Yours sincerely
    Kellie Mayne
    AMI Delivery Manager
    United Energy

    My response:

    Dear Ms Mayne

    i acknowledge receipt of your letter dated 29 January 2014, mailed registered post, received 30/1/2014.

    In your letter you have addressed me as dear customer. i sincerely hope that you and your organisation have finally realised what the true definition of the word customer in legal terms means. i should hope that your organisation and its agents behave like civilised human beings, not like corporate thugs and observe the standing laws in this State and Country in future.
    (See copy of letter dated 3 May 2013)

    And please, in future, do not mail out computer generated text to me in which the facts of the matter are distorted.

    Your organisation has since September 2011 simply failed/dishonoured/refused to respond to my OFFER TO CONTRACT !
    (See copy of letter dated 11 September 2011)

    What else does your latest computer generated letter express than a big clusterf… of United Energy in the past ?

    By now, i believe, you know what you can do with your corporate honour.

    Yours truly

    Joe Blow, not JOE BLOW

    • geoffrey says:

      way to go, joe, BIG soveregin thumbs up man.

    • Ted Hunt says:

      This is great a mate in Sale Victoria Has had the same letter sent to him from Origin

      • Joe Blow says:

        For the interested I should elaborate on my response to United Energy.

        Letter of 3rd May 2013 was in response of a nasty scuffle between a corporate thug of smart meter installer (agent of UE) and myself. The thug called the police and was subsequently disallowed entry by the officers to the property. (Trespass notification to UE in 2011 and notice on letterbox).

        Letter of 11 September 2011:

        Send off a NOTICE OF CONDITIONAL ACCEPTANCE after UE advised of intention to smart meter installation.
        Acceptance included : full disclosure with accompanied documentation (in affidavit form, nothing less) of all known technical, environmental, safety, security, privacy and health facts and of course full disclosure of contractual terms.
        And last but not least, warning of trespass.

    • Harley Handlebars says:

      This letter from United Energy is the same trickery that Jemena have used. It’s a deceptive lure into self incrimination that we have “refused”. This is a legal term with implications which many of us do not know about but which their corporate lawyers do.
      It’s a contract to which we supposedly agree to if we don’t respond to it.
      That’s why we were sent this letter by registered post. Once you open a letter or once you sign for it you have commenced contractual negotiations with them. Their letter is outlining the terms and conditions of their contract. Jemena refer to this by the term “offer”. It’s a contract on offer. If you don’t respond you agree to their terms and conditions. In UE case, you self incriminate as having “refused”, a term that under maritime law means you are in contempt. We haven’t refused that which we are not obligated to allow. What we have done is that we haven’t given CONSENT to it. Jemena’s offer letter has exposed United Energy letter for what is is. Both letters are the same BS presented in a totally different way and I believe devised that way by their lawyers, infact Jemena and UE are actually the same company, they operate from the same business address. UE and Jemena should be shot for this legal trickery that they are unleashing upon Victorians. The Essential services code for marketing states that marketing offers should be in plain English and not legalese speak, with all terms and conditions needing to be fully laid out. The fees UE talk about do not even exist. How do you agree to that which has no legal definition. You also supposedly agree that a smart meter won’t be installed AT THIS TIME which is another way of saying that a window has been left open to install one AT SOME OTHER TIME.

      These letters need to be responded to and rebutted. Future letters ought to be sent back marked “Return to Sender”.

      We can expect a deluge of these letter to come our way. They are traps to get us to agree to their contractual terms and thus force us to either get a carcinogenic meter, pay illegal unethical fees or go without electricity.

      Citipower, Powercor, SP Ausnet customers beware. Jemena customers beware of follow up letters. UE customers rebutt what was in the Registered Post letter that you were tricked into signing for.

      The deluge is about to begin. Once you open the envelope you are trapped into the process which you may not understand. Not opening the envelope, not signing for the registered item is legitimate and gives you tremendous power. They can not pin their terms and conditions upon you if you Return to Sender which legally express your unwillingness to contract with these deceitful lowlifes.

  8. Steve Fimmel says:

    Hi all.
    I’m not sure how many of you have read the article that covers the recent 3AW interview with Energy Minister Kotsiras.
    He says that a 3rd party health review of Smart Meters will be conducted (rather than the government reviewing it directly). So by stating this he is trying to convey the impression that it will be impartial. Then at the end of the article he states that HIS objective in initiating is to prove once and for all that Smart Meters are safe! (Real objectivity there)!
    No doubt the funding for the review will be quite limited, and the criteria established will be such that it will skew the findings in favour of ‘they are safe’. Will they be interviewing or examining doctors of patients that have suffered various debilitating symptoms? Will they be using up to date scientific analysis of the effect of RF frequencies?
    What do you think? Or am I just overly cynical?

    • Anonymous says:

      No Steve, you are not being cynical at all. I would say you have a firm grip on reality.

    • Kylie Robertson says:

      I thought the exact same thing when I read that article, I would be very interested in just how impartial the 3rd party will be, as the Minister has already made his agenda crystal clear.
      I was reading the article Warning High Frequency by Christopher Ketcham, in which he states the following:
      According to a survey by Henry Lai,a research professor at University of Washington, only 28 percent of studies funded by the wireless industry showed some type of biological effect from cell phone radiation. Meanwhile, independently funded studies produce an altogether different set of data: 67 percent of those studies showed a bioeffect. The Safe Wireless Initiative, a research group in Washington, DC that has since closed down, unpacked the data in hundreds of studies on wireless health risks, arraying them in terms
      of funding source. “Our data show that mobile phone industry funded/influenced work is six times more likely to find ‘no problem’ than independently funded work,” the group noted. “The industry thus has significantly contaminated the scientific evidence pool.”
      Ketcham, C. (2012), Warning High Frequency,, Winter 2012. pg 34-40.

      Interestingly, in the U.S. there is a class action being undertaken against the installation of smartmeters: I will be closely awaiting the outcome of this lawsuit.

      On a side note, there was a user on this forum who stated he was able to go off the grid for approx. $10,000, I would be interested in doing this for my household. If anyone knows who this is please let me know so I can gain further details from him.

      Keep fighting the good fight people!

    • Eric says:

      The Minister must give a clear concise and detailed definition of what the term “safe” means.

      Does it mean complying with ARPANSA standards to protect against burns ?
      Does it mean that wireless smart meters will never cause cancer ?

      Safe from what Minister ???? Please elaborate.

      Will smart meters cause me headaches ?
      Will smart meters cause ringing in my ears ?
      Will smart meters cause me nausea ?
      Will smart meters cause me to feel dizzy?

      Tell us exactly what you mean.
      Can you guarantee it to us ?

      Just “safe” means absolutely nothing.

  9. geoffrey says:

    Deborah Tavares interviews Scientist Barrie Trower on the dangers of microwaves

  10. fry says:

    Is this really happening? I have been living under a rock. It just seems too close to totalitarianism. (Soon (100yrs maybe), the water we drink will have chemicals in it to ‘control’ our emotions & sex life). The country is literally going down the drain. Will be gone by the end of the century. Like that scene in avatar where the world is just hell. Do I have to stock up on older fashion air cons & buy solar panels? The solar panels will than rise in price & battery banks are expensive & don’t last long. This just seems like crack pot conspiracy stuff at first, BUT there is excellent reason for it to be all happening. MONEY!!!!!

    I can understand water, as so many ungrateful people in my neighbourhood waste it in showers & watering gardens. Think of 3rd world country’s & the coming droughts. WE ARE SCREWED. As long as those who happen to be in power are well off. It seems a whole population out there is unaware, just buying new stuff with trackers in them.

    Even if this is all blown out of proportion (from my view I dont really know, yet), I’m still going to stock up on older fashion appliances now & work to going off the grid. & I beat within 100yrs this extreme control will be as common as traffic laws.

    • John M says:

      @ Fry. The water we drink already has chemicals in it to help control and pacify us. It’s called sodium fluoride and despite the common parroted blurb the inclusion in water has nothing to do with preventing tooth decay. There has even been calls to put Lithium and other mind and mood altering drugs in the water supply, and in recent times there has been cases of Prozac contamination being found in water supplies too. Lead was widely used everywhere once and contaminated everything, and kids once chewed on lead pencils in school because pens were only to be used for certain special written work.

      I don’t think any of this is coincidental or an accident that all these things and many other contaminants (often forced on us) act on the human brain. Think about why they would possibly need to do this and other methods of restricting intellectual development and critical thinking abilities? – Too maintain the socioeconomic kleptoparasitic class system and numbers needed in each class. You can’t have a world of all Lawyers, Doctors, Bankers etc, and you have to have many unaware poor sods toiling away in menial jobs all their lives building and shedding wealth upwards to define and give meaning to being rich.

      Everything that is happening is clearly the end result of a very complicated pyramid ponzi scheme system that few but the orchestrator’s with God complexes fully understand. The system was always going to collapse by design to benefit the few over the many as excessive greed and corruption ultimately devours all. That we are now starting to finally see all this (or come out from living under a rock) is because the balance of what we will tolerate has tipped too far. It is a conspiracy!. A mammoth one in which those without conscience, ethics, and morality sell their soul to be part of club elite and claw their way upwards collecting filthy lucre, and leaving misery and poverty and death in their wake. A conspiracy of centuries in the making, and not crack pot at all. But human nature at it’s worst that most of us dare not look at.

      The party is over and a new model of slavery and attrition of the masses is well underway. A new model in which ultimately only those numbers necessary to maintain the machine are needed. Except most still do not realize that, or want to. Let alone come to terms with knowing they have been used and lied to all their preceding years and much of what we know and were taught about history is total BS. For those finally awake, there is new meaning and direction to take, and stop being unwitting actors giving up one’s life in someone Else’s play.

      Going off grid, supplying and storing our own electricity is the only way to get out from under, being controlled and economically strangled by a monopoly. The battery life span should be around 8-10 years if looked after properly. Divide the overall cost of the batteries over the course of the expected life span and that is the money that people should put away weekly or monthly towards their replacement instead of paying it to the corporate sharks for the power they provide you. Battery technology is and will improve over time and will eventually drop in price rather than increase I suspect.

      There is nothing wrong with watering gardens. In fact it’s essential to our own future that we grow and maintain as much diversity in plant life as possible to maintain an environment for Bees (which globally are seriously threatened) and other pollinators and beneficial insects etc. Home gardens and large urban areas and cities is predominantly becoming the environment where such is still thriving thanks to screwing up everywhere else with large agri monoculture, pesticides, herbicides etc etc.

      In a world mostly covered in water that is always reclaimed/reprocessed either naturally or by intervention and returned from where it came the only shortage is from mans inability or will to extract/harness it because like everything else if you can maintain the illusion of scarcity you can increase profits. Water is now just a commodity like anything else to be rationed for maximum profit gain. It is also a means of population growth control by limiting access to it. In the near future if things progress on this path only those that can pay for it will have access, and those that can’t will die.

      • geoffrey says:

        @john, well said sir, only I believe going off grid will not help us, as they control the land and courts too. I mean what happens if you don’t pay your yearly land tax?

        In the film “Take Back Your Power” it states that 1000’s of patents have been withheld for national security reasons. I have 2 myself. Monolopy on power generation anyone? Actualy it’s a monopoly on our freedom-or lack there of. Think about it, unlimited free clean power means abundance for all….that’s the last thing they want. Tesla tried 100 years ago and JP Morgan destroyed him. How long must we wait? United we have a chance, divided we are lost.

    • geoffrey says:

      ALL the evidence is there if you look with eyes open. All our governments are comprised, all political parties too. One hope is for “us” people to come together in enough numbers in peace and transform this mess into a place we can all live in.

  11. conditioner says:

    I am in fact happy to read this webpage posts which carries lots of useful information, thanks for providing such information.

  12. Steve Fimmel says:

    Hi all.

    Yesterday I received a letter from my electrical retailer (Lumo Energy).
    The purpose of the letter was to inform me of increased charges for the coming year (2014).
    It gives a breakdown for the different tariffs, etc. In my case they estimate an overall increase of 6.4% (which is over twice the rate of inflation, but never mind).

    I quote from the letter:
    “For an average Victorian household in your area this is an increase of approximately 6.4% for electricity and 4.0 for gas”.
    There is a footnote against 6.4%, which mentions the following:
    “Calculation of this percentage is based upon Victorian Essential Services Commission’s assumed annual consumption for a typical customer with your meter type. Please visit for more information. The website didn’t actually reveal any further info regarding the reasons or make up of the increase”.

    Have any other Lumo customers (or customers of other retailers) received a similar letter?
    What I found interesting was the fact that the body of the letter did not refer to ‘meter type’ as a reason for increased costs – but the footnote did.
    I have not called Lumo as yet to seek clarification (public holiday today), but surely ‘meter type’ does not refer to digital (smart) vs analogue meter? If so, perhaps the retailer, or the distributors (via the retailers) are starting to punish smart meter ‘refusers’ with additional costs already.
    If that is the case, it would really require some sort of attempted justification of extra fee charges via. the Victorian Essential Services Commission.

    Can anyone provide any input regarding the above?


    • Peter says:

      Hi Steve, All the Victorian distributors are allowed to increase their costs on an annual basis to ‘recover the cost of the AMI roll out’, whether or not you have a ‘smart meter’ you have been paying for one since January 2010! As I understand it, these costs, usually called ‘service to property charges’, will continue to increase until at least 2015. What happens after that is anyone’s guess, if anyone can still afford their electricity bills by then!
      Be aware, that water and gas meters/charges are now on the same agenda!

  13. Eric says:

    Peter, Sick and readers
    This is another Victorian Government website link with further information

    Of particular concern is
    “… regulations will require distribution businesses to continue to install Smart Meters after the end of 2013.”
    It doesn’t go into detail as to the content of those new regulations.
    Does it mean that the harassment, intimidation and bullying campaign of the installers and Distributors will remain with us on an ongoing basis ????
    Perhaps that’s an affirmative if the following statement is anything to go by.
    “Distributors will continue to engage with customers who have concerns relating to the installation of a Smart Meter. ”
    Does “continue to engage” mean to continue the harassment and bullying and intimidation campaign ?
    Certainly, that is what their “engagement” thus far has consisted of.
    I know where I stand on taking one of these insidious and harmful devices, and after having been harassed and bullied even to this very day, does Nicholas Kotsiras seriously think that there is even the slightest hint of a customer relationship between the thousands of persons like myself with these VERMIN lowlife Distribution Companies that he would make a statement like
    “Customers are encouraged to discuss the upcoming installation of a Smart Meter with their distributor if they have any concerns.”
    I have no desire to engage with these low lifes even if I had legitimate need to.

    Talk about having your head in the sand Nicholas Kotsiras.

    • Peter says:

      Well said Eric, of course the bullying and harassment will continue and the government will of course continue to turn a blind eye!

      In my opinion, the Victorian government is intent on discriminating against one group of Victorians, one group will not have to pay for a system they do not use while the other will! I thought there was a law against discrimination, or is the government going to find a way around that too?

      These cowards that we pay to sit in parliament house, are simply passing legislation so that when the crunch does come, they can hide behind the skulduggery of the distributors and say, ‘hand on heart, we knew nothing about it!’

      In my opinion, one of the worst offenders is the Essential Services commission. Their charter, sect 8.1 requires them to ‘promote the long term interests of Victorian consumers’. The 2009 Auditor Generals report to the ESC, made very clear that in his opinion, ‘he could see little or no benefit for the Victorian consumer and that the biggest beneficiary was the industry’! His statement has since been confirmed by the obscene blow out figures since his report. He also stated that in his opinion, the information provided by the industry was ‘flawed’, (misleading?) The penalty for this under Victorian Energy Efficiency Target Act 2007 sect 8, amounts to LESS THAN $35,000 for a body corporate! How much would it cost to get a ‘body corporate’ to court?

    • Steve Fimmel says:

      Hi Eric.

      Kotsiras comes up with all sorts of garbage while his head is in the sand. I have just read an article where he was comparing the costs of Electricity for an average family – saying it was cheaper in Victoria than the average yearly bill in SA and NSW.
      The average figure he quoted was $1285 yearly (in our beloved state). Do you know anyone lucky enough (let alone a whole family) paying only $1285 per year? The yearly service charges alone would be almost half that.

      Anyhow, I did notice some specifics in the article you linked to regarding additional charges in the future for radicals like us that stand up to this fascistic program-:

      “Distributors will continue to engage with customers who have concerns relating to the installation of a Smart Meter. From March 2015, distributors will be able to consider recovering the costs of running a separate metering service from the small number of customers who continue to refuse a Smart Meter.
      A distributor will only be able to recover the costs of managing manual meter reading services from those customers who have refused the installation of a Smart Meter. The new arrangements will ensure that the costs of this extra service will not be an additional cost to households who have a Smart Meter.”

      So my reading of that is that Distributors will be able to charge customers who have refused a smart meter an extra charge for maintaining the manual reading service. Some states in the U.S have similar schemes. In Texas for example, one distribution company in connection with the city council is imposing a $10 per month charge to run / read the analogue meters. That may seem a reasonable charge for that type of service. However, some distributors are charging over $100 per month for that service, which would no doubt amount to extortion.
      We will need to keep a close eye on proposed billing plans in Victoria, otherwise we will need to challenge any attempts at extortion with existing consumer law – obtaining an exact breakdown of costings involved in running the billing scheme for the (approximately) 75,000 residences that have refused smart meters.

      • John M says:

        @Steve “obtaining an exact breakdown of costings involved in running the billing scheme for the (approximately) 75,000 residences that have refused smart meters.”

        In order to get that information from them you would need to have divulged exactly how much they were previously charging customers prior to the smart meter program as a component of the bill for meter reading. That of course opens up a real can of worms for them because they have never reimbursed that charge/saving to customers who now have a smart meter.

        In fact, some of us are old enough to remember a time when they didn’t do estimated bills but put boots on the pavement each quarter to read meters. That might be failing memory but I’m pretty sure that was the case once. The very idea of someone ‘guessing’ what you owe them and sending a bill for it has always been abhorrent to me. To continue to do that and also accept an ‘additional fee is even more so. So, they have been ripping customers off for years charging for a service they didn’t always perform, and now don’t preform at all.

        The savings they’re making from gullible smart meter adopters they’re clearly not entitled to because they no longer provide that same service they charged for. The additional charge they want to impose is extortion and should never be accepted by any of the remaining 75,000 customers no matter how small the charge is. To do so only legitimizes the theft that has already occurred that no-one has taken them to task for: Not only have smart meter adopters allowed themselves to be cheated out of whatever cost was previously imposed on them for manual meter reading, they’re now incurring an additional cost in electricity usage to run a switch mode power supply and small transmission link to a distributor. Simply astounding it has got this far unchallenged.

    • John M says:

      @ Eric
      Kotsiras continues to use terms that associate, imply, engage, or encourage a relationship with end users/consumers with a distributor. That I don’t think is right. Customers have a contract with their chosen ‘retailer’ not the distributor. It is the retailer(s) we should engage with as we have existing contracts with them. Make them earn some of what they get for otherwise being useless middlemen taking a cut.

      I have never conversed in anyway shape or form with my distributor since SEC days. Interestingly as a result of that up until about a month ago I had never got one piece of mail from them that was addressed in my name since privatization. It was always addressed to the occupier of my address. Then about a month ago I got some garbage mail from them with lots of numbers to call in the event of this or that and the mail was addressed in the following manner:

      All capitals [first name] [surname]
      Title [Mr] [first name] [surname]
      I thought it odd that they would repeat my strawman legalese name in two different ways. Obviously, they have being doing some research to learn of who resides at this address and pays the utility bills because it was never volunteered by me to them.

      In the old days it was clear we had a legal contract with SEC because they were both the distributor and retailer we engaged with and gave money to in exchange for agreed services.

      “I have no desire to engage with these low lifes even if I had legitimate need to.” I share your sentiments. However, I’m beginning to wonder if we actually legitimize an otherwise non existant contractual arrangement between distributor and end consumer by conversing with them at all.

  14. xNEMconsultant says:

    United Energy and their contractors are corrupt. They have a neat little racket going on.
    I just had my electricity disconnected by United Energy on the spot, cos the guy said my supply is unsafe. I have been here for 2yrs and while there is a problem, they did not allow me any time to fix it. They breached the electricity distribution code, and illegally disconnected me. Then he left his mates number and told me he will look after me and fix the problem. I called and he said it will cost me $800, knowing that I am helpless. I am now sitting in the dark, sick daughter, no hot water, waiting until tomorrow to get it fixed at a fair price.

    I cannot believe this money making scam. How can these people get away with this in Australia? This has to stop. Smart meters benefit the people they employ, and to spy on your generation and control you. The government wants to control how you live your life, tell you when you can and can’t use power. This is so they avoid upgrading the grid cos they know the critical peaks in supply will lead to mass eastern blackouts. Upgrades will be in the $100B’s. This is only the sly beginning. Once they put the meter in, they have full control. And oh, they can disconnect your power over their network, so imagine electricity disputes where they have this much control.. Oh, they don’t go after the smelters, and refineries that consume much more power. They come after the pensioners, recent migrants, and uninformed, simple people who they know won’t stand up. Large companies have very expensive lawyers so it is much harder to change their minds. Us smaller folk are helpless, without protection and prey to these charlatans.

    YES to innovate tariffs and investment in infrastructure and energy saving measures. NO to corruption, theft and taking of your basic human right and liberties we ENJOY here. This project is less than third-world, and A DISGRACE to the state government that funds and supports it. If you don’t vote and take action now, these desperate men will expand their control and power.

  15. Kev says:

    I’m in Scoresby, I still have my box locked, they have come several times and found it locked.
    The other day I answered the door and the guy was nice said I’m here to install a smart meter.
    I said I don’t want you to, he said ok no problem, wrote it down on his PDA and said thanks and left.
    Never even asked why.
    Now I keep getting these missed calls on my phone from a private number, around the same time of day, and they NEVER leave a message.
    Anyone I know that calls on a private number would leave a message to call them.
    So I assume this is United Energy trying to heavy me into accepting this surveillance device.

  16. Peter says:

    New submission as the old one was getting a bit squashed. You are quite right, the comments from the other state governments do not quote any specific legislation, they state that the distributors own the meters and therefore have the right to change them. (I have asked the Victorian government to provide ‘proof of ownership of the meters’, as yet I have had no reply) they also state the right of distributors to enter property etc, (so are they quoting federal law, or telling porkies?) but not once did any of them answer my question about the democratic rights of the customers. The only state that did mention Federal law (but no specific legislation) was the ACT. I have written several letters to state and federal ministers asking what democratic rights the people of Australia have with regard to the AMI, not one of them have answered the question, it has been totally ignored, so I hope you see my point with regard to a nation wide ‘mandated’ rollout of these devices in the not too distant future, as this is a COAG agreement.

    • Leaty says:

      I have just had another letter from SP Ausnet quoting” Section 3.3 of the Electricity Distribution Code (January 2011) that a customer is required to allow SP Ausnet as the OWNER of the electricity meter, clear and unhindered access for the new meter installation.” I have to contact them within the next 10 days to make arrangements for the installation.

      • Sick Of Their Lies says:

        Hi Leaty,

        Does it say anywhere in Section 3.3 that SP Ausnet have the right to replace your safe analog meter, with a completely unsafe Class 2B carcinogenic, surveillance device?

        I don’t think it probably does, but you could check with them.

        Whatever you do, don’t allow the installation to go ahead.
        Make sure your meter-box is locked up, and you have your “No Smartmeter” and “No Trespass” signs in place.

        There is NO LAW that you must accept a smart meter.
        If there was, we’d ALL already have them.
        They’d have some balls passing a law that states we must accept a product that for a whole lot or reasons, is potentially dangerous to us.
        It would be like the Gov’t passing law that we MUST build our houses with asbestos products again, or that women MUST take thalidomide again, to help combat nausea and insomnia during pregnancy.

        Don’t believe their bulls@%t!………I’ve heard enough.

        • Eric says:

          And it doesn’t make sense to make asbestos an option as a building material nor does it make sense to make thalidomide optional as a drug for women.

        • Peter says:


          You can also tell SP Ausnet that the responsible minister, Kotsiras, has confirmed that Victorians DO NOT have to have these devices installed!!!!!!!

          • Sick Of Their Lies says:


            Where did you read minister Kotsiras has confirmed that “Victorians Do Not have to have these devices installed”?
            As far as I can see, he didn’t mention it in the link you provided?

            • Peter says:

              Towards the end of the article it says ‘ tens of thousands of smart meter “refusers” risk power bill hikes of up to $150 a year, on top of smart meter costs, as a disconnection alternative’. Can you read this any other way than saying ‘you can refuse to have one of these devices?

              • Sick Of Their Lies says:

                Hi Peter,

                I’m hoping that’s what it means, but was curious to know whether minister Kotsiras had actually confirmed this officially, not just readings between the lines?

                • Eric says:

                  Sick, the only thing that is in concrete is the Order in Council for Power Co’s to use “best endeavors” to install by year end. Anything else you hear which may or may not have some inkling of truth, you have to realise has not in any way been bedded down.

                • Peter says:

                  Hi Sick, it seems to be official!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


                  Straight from the horses a$3#%se! THIS IS A VICTORIAN GOVERNMENT WEB SITE!

                  Now, if you have had one of these devices installed BECAUSE YOU WERE MISINFORMED, DEMAND the return of your analogue meter, or a digital analogue meter, any meter that does not have a radio and does not invade your privacy!

                  • Sick Of Their Lies says:


                    It says on the link:

                    “Distributors will continue to engage with customers who have concerns relating to the installation of a Smart Meter. From March 2015, distributors will be able to consider recovering the costs of running a separate metering service from the small number of customers who continue to refuse a Smart Meter.

                    A distributor will only be able to recover the costs of managing manual meter reading services from those customers who have refused the installation of a Smart Meter. The new arrangements will ensure that the costs of this extra service will not be an additional cost to households who have a Smart Meter”.

                    I’m happy to pay an extra charge for not having a smart meter, but I presume that also means I will be reimbursed for all the time I’ve been charged for having a “smart” meter when I haven’t had one, and won’t be charged any time in the future for a “privilege” of having a “smart” meter, that I don’t have.

                    I can live with that!

                    • John M says:

                      “Additionally, from March 2015, distributors will be able to recover the cost of running a separate metering service for the small number of customers who continue to refuse a Smart Meter.”
                      I’d like to see this one get challenged in court considering they have always had a component of the bill to pay for meter readers. The savings made with making meter readers redundant under the smart meter program should have seen some of those savings passed back to customers.

      • Peter says:

        Ask SP Ausnet for PROOF that they own the meter, and just tell them that there is NO LAW which says a customer must have one of their surveillance and control devices. They can have access on the understanding that UNDER NO CIRCUMSTANCES ARE THEY TO INSTALL ONE OF THEIR SURVEILLANCE AND CONTROL DEVICES!
        They call them ‘smart meters’.

        You can also quote Electricity Customer Metering Code 6.1 which provides that a customer can request the installation of ‘metering equipment which is different from the type they otherwise would install’. You require a none radio equipped and/or none interval meter. You may have to pay the cost of any amount above the cost of their device, so I suggest you get three quotes from a licenced electrician and sent them in with your request. I suggest you look up and read this piece of legislation for yourself for your own satisfaction. I’m sure all who read this site will be keen to hear their response.

      • Freedom Rules says:

        Actions speak louder than words! Padlock that meter box and resist contacting them as they will tell you more lies.

  17. Peter says:

    With only 5 weeks to the AMI rollout end date, don’t expect any questions to be answered by the various government departments, until after the government have had their Christmas break! That will be mid January, then they will be into ‘election mode’! Until then, you can guarantee that the distributors will be allowed to continue their bullying harassment unhindered!
    I wonder what promises they will come up with this time round.

    Maintain the rage!

    • Wayne says:

      The Roll Out is proceeding another six months

      • Peter says:

        Where did you get this from Wayne

        • David says:

          The contracts for Smart Meter installers, are being extended till AT LEAST June 2014.
          Eg –

          Note the ads say possibility of contract extension BEYOND June 2014.

          • Peter says:

            Thanks guys, check out my submission on the forum page, re Kotsiras’ comments.
            incidentally, any none Victorian readers of this site, despite your state governments claiming the roll out in your state being ‘voluntary’, forget it, the legislation being used in Victoria is FEDERAL law! so when the time comes, you will get all this bulldust too!!!!!!

            • Eric says:

              Peter….”FEDERAL law” ??? Please elaborate.

              • Peter says:

                FEDERAL law applies in ALL states. The laws the Victorian government/distributors use to tell us ‘we cannot refuse to have one of these devices’, eg ownership laws and access laws, these are FEDERAL laws, deny ALL Australians the right to say ‘no’ to these devises. An’ interstate ‘voluntary’ roll out is just NOT going to happen with these laws in place.

                • Eric says:

                  “The laws the Victorian government/distributors use to tell us ‘we cannot refuse to have one of these devices’, eg ownership laws and access laws,…..”

                  Peter, The Electricity Industry Act 2000 is a Victorian law and the Electricity Distribution Code is not even a law. The “Victorian government/distributors” are not using anything other than these and the way these are being used is only a misuse.

                  Tell me if I’ve missed anything.

                  Yes FEDERAL law applies in all states.

                  As far as FEDERAL “ownership and access laws” stand, homeowners have the right to deny unwanted parties any presence on their properties ie. trespass rights
                  We also have the right to not have any product forced upon us if we believe it will do us harm.

                  • Peter says:

                    What state are you in Eric? I have written to the governments of the other states, of those that answered, all said the same thing. ‘we support an INDUSTRY led roll out on a voluntary basis’, (which is what the Victorian government claim [without the voluntary bit]). They then went on to quote exactly the same legislation being quoted by the Victorian government/distributors. So what I am saying is, you try telling the government in your state your rights, and all you will get in reply, if you get one at all, is what rights the distributors have. You will see this time and again if you read through this site.

                    • Eric says:

                      That’s very interesting Peter. I get your drift. As far as legislation is concerned, do any of these state governments actually quote any source though ? Perhaps their own Order in Council in the state govt gazette as is the case here in Victoria, but yes they do all seem to be on a similar page which indicates an agenda at play which originates from sources higher than the respective State Govts but I’m not sure that this agenda has any basis in actual known federal law or I think we would have known about it by now.

                • Freedom Rules says:

                  Okay, so then what about statements made on the 7pm Project by former PM Julia Gillard? SM’s were apparently ‘not going to be forced onto anyone’?? No Federal laws mentioned at all.

                  • Peter says:

                    Hi Freedom
                    What Gillard said was ‘we’ presumably her government, will not be forcing them on anyone. I also wrote to her and got a reply from an assistant in Fergusons office making the same statements as the other governments with one addition, that Victorians will have no choice!
                    I suggest to clear up any doubt, you and Eric write to your government department responsible for the roll out and your distributor and ask one very basic question: ‘do electricity customers in your state have the democratic right to refuse the installation of a smart meter, without being penalised in any way’?, yes, or no.
                    I will be very interested in any reply you get.

    • liz says:

      I live in St.Andrews Vic. 3761. I have all the signage displayed re trespassing and smart meter
      refusal etc..Due my physical disabilities I wasn’t able to put a
      padlocked box over my analog meter, but I did the best I could and
      manged to attach a plastic coated wire draw (the type that sits in a
      frame in wardrobes etc..) over the meter, but no padlock.
      I have refused the installation once before in Feb.’13 and ignored a
      letter asking that access to my veranda be made for installation (I
      think this meant that my car was in the way, but I’m not sure).
      I wrote to Danielle Green MP last week asking for support. She
      passed me onto Cindy McLeish, MP for Seymour. It is now the 29th Nov and I am still awaiting a reply.
      I am 47, live with two other ladies 81 and 75yr olds, my home is
      registered medical heating/cooling dependent due to medical
      conditions, and we depend on an electrical pump to provide running
      water from our tank to the house.
      I bumped into the Smart Meter installer contractor in my front yard
      on Tuesday morning (19th,Nov. 13). During our peaceful diplomatic
      chat he said… “he was told to ignore all No Trespassing signs
      etc..and that (due to OHS), an industrial approved padlock on meter
      boxes was going to become law. Because I have refused twice now my
      home has been upgraded to a priority for installation and if I don’t
      accept the Smart Meter, I will be fined, and my power will be cut off”.
      He was a nice man who admitted that his job was taking a toll on his
      mental health due to the many threatening situations he had been in
      and he wasn’t sure how much longer he could keep doing it.
      His knowledge on Smart Meters was limited and I was able to give him
      a crash education sessions …..he was surprised at what he learnt.
      I directed him to for further reading.
      He also told me that….
      *If I hadn’t been home he would have installed the meter
      *that my analog meter belonged to SP Ausnet and they can do what they
      want with it (is that true?)
      * he had only earned $6.oo because I refused him work
      *that the installers have a master key to the “industrial approved
      padlocks” (therefore avoiding breaking and entering)
      *And that there were only two others in my town who have refused
      I don’t know who these others are. I am in email contact with a Stop
      Smart Meters member who lives in Whittlesea and have this website
      for support. When I spoke to the contractor I felt the voice of many moving through me and I felt empowered and honored that I was able
      to speak in the defense of others as well as myself. I wonder though
      just how far I can go and if I need to camp out 24/7 on my own
      veranda just so I can send them away next time they come to install
      the Dumb Meter.
      It also plays heavily on my mind that on Black Saturday SP Ausnet was
      responsible for killing friends and acquaintances of mine,
      devastating my community, and leaving me with P.T.S.D. from what I
      saw that day and the days that followed of survivors and of those
      who didn’t, R.I.P., and as I treated people/animals who were burnt
      and traumatized from that fire. One re-occurring night mare I have
      is that The Fire comes back to get the rest of us. Is this how it is
      going to happen….via smart meters?!!
      “Leave me be SPAusnet, You have harmed me enough already!”
      With best wishes and thanks to everyone, good luck, and hang in
      there…..I still am 🙂

  18. Peter says:

    At least one Victorian has had enough of the bullying distributors, and has been forced into taking matters into his own hands. What he did may contradict some legislation, but then, the distributors are also failing to comply with other legislation. The Victorian government will surely take him to task over what he has done, but you can bet the distributors will not be taken to task over the way they have failed this very brave guy!!!!!!!!!!!!

    What price democracy????!!!!!

  19. Cuppa says:

    We have now received two letters informing us that a smart meter will be fitted at our property between certain dates, despite my letter to SP Ausnet telling them that we did not wish for this to occur. No one turned up between those dates to fit a smart meter.

    Last week, some months after the last ‘installation period’ we were informed about, an installer arrived at our property unannounced.

    I informed him that I was not prepared to allow him to fit a smart meter. He was quite pleasant & polite & simply accepted what I had said, and left.

    Today I received a phone call from a lady who purported to be calling on behalf of SPAusnet because I had refused installation of a smart meter. She wanted to know my reasons. It quicky became apparent that she had a number of set responses to the common reasons given.

    I told her that I did not wish to debate my reasons on the phone & her response was to tell me that I would continue to receive calls as long as I refused installation because installation was a government mandated process.

    I reminded her that I had previously written to SPAusnet explaining my reasons for refusal, & that these had not changed. She told me she had my letter in front of her.

    When she realised that I would not be browbeaten into accepting installation, her tack changed & amp; she ‘warned’ me that should I continue to refuse installation that my name would be forwarded to the Department of Primary industries . My response was “Please do”.


    • Anonymous says:

      Two faced bi@ch.

      Well handled Cuppa.

    • Sick Of Their Lies says:

      “It is SP AusNet policy to never unduly harass or coerce any consumer”


    • Hi, I’m in Bunyip Victoria. SP Ausnet just turned up with no notice at all, to install a smart meter. Told him to leave. Tried to get his point across. Told him NO AND LEAVE! This comes after all you have told us to do, from way back in May 2012.

      • eddiesblkdorpers says:

        Had a message left on my phone today from SpAusnet said they were unable to install a smart meter and will re attending to install one no you not i told them to piss off last time

    • geoffrey says:

      A clear case of bulling, illegal now in Victoria thanks to Brodie’s law. Time to sue the power parasites.

  20. Steve says:

    Smart Water Meters are here….
    or search “Itron Selected to Provide Advanced Metering Solution to Victoria State Water Utilities”

    • Sick Of Their Lies says:

      THIS IS REALLY ALARMING!!!!!!!!!!!!

    • Peter says:

      Not surprising. I have said several times before on this site, if it is not stopped now, all three essential services, electricity, water and gas, will have ‘surveillance and control devices’ by 2020!!!!! Corporate businesses want complete control of our homes and what goes on inside them. Hitler, Sadam and all the other ruthless dictators would have been over joyed with such technology!

  21. Leon Pittard says:

    Josh del Sol the Director and Producer of ‘Take Back Your Power’ was interviewed by Leon Pittard an Fairdinkum Radio on the 24.10.13. During this interview ‘Stop Smart Meters Aus’ was promoted along with live screenings to come.

    During the interview we discussed the big picture of the surveillance grid, costs, health, democracy, freedom and the theft of the people’s resources. The full interview can be heard here:

  22. Racheal says:

    Our house was fitted with a smart meter on Saturday and I’ve had a pressure headache ever since. And I’m almost certain my 2 yr old daughter has too. How dare they endanger our health and that of our families with this rubbish? I’m going to move soon and I’m hoping there isn’t one there cos if there is, I’m planning to move state. This is ridiculous. My head is killing me. And my poor child that can’t tell me what’s wrong properly is suffering too. And for what? I can hear a constant noise too. Like a fuzzy buzzing. Pls get them removed! Before the whole state is overcome with these headaches and we all leave! Absolute abuse of power and risk to all of us!

  23. Anonymous says:

    I have reported this to you before , we have an unlisted phone number and Jemena still is ringing us up on this trying to get us to install a smart meter , when I challenged them the first time it occurred I was told by an employee at Jemena that they have a list of ALL phone numbers ostensibly to use in case of an emergency — ( which this is obviously not) , We consider this to be harassment and a gross violation of our privacy rights and I wonder just why we are paying extra for an unlisted phone number .
    I am not a lawyer but can anyone tell us if Jemena is violating current “Privacy Law Legislation ” in this country .

    Don & Sharon Gamble

  24. Marin says:

    Today 09/09/13 was the first day set aside for Smart Meter Installation for my area, Yarraville 3013. I had a gut feeling that I would receive a visit today, so I did what I had to do early so I could be home before I got a visit. Low and behold, 1pm rolls around and the doorbell rings. It’s an electrician contracted by Jemena to install a Smart Meter. My Mum spotted him before I did, telling me some guy put a pole and a hard hat on our front lawn then went back to his car. She wanted me to see if he had jumped the fence etc…

    Doorbell rings and I walk out. He said Jemena has sent him to install a Smart Meter. I said “thanks for the offer, but no thanks”. He replied, that’s OK, I get paid either way, whether you want it or not. As he was packing up, he asked me what my main concern with these Smart Meters is. I replied that “I have done my research and believe that they are more of a burden than a blessing”. He said that mobile phones emit more radiation than Smart Meters do.

    When he got to his vehicle, he said he had to take a photo of the connection point at the front where the power line meets the house. He then asked me if I have had any visits prior to his. I replied that I haven’t, he was the first. He then let me know that I should expect more visits. He left for the next house after that.

    I am thinking I might have to hire a security guard from time to time. I live at home with my Mum, care for her, she is in her mid 70s. How can she defend the house, let alone herself if I am out of house, and if a nastier version of this guy turns up wanting to bust into the house to install a Smart Meter?

    • Marin says:

      10/09/13… Just had a call from Jemena. A lady asked if she could make an appointment to have a Smart Meter installed. I said “thanks for the offer, but no thanks”. She then proceeded to tell me that it was mandatory and I couldn’t say no. I then informed her that if she could show me in the Victorian Book of Law that it specifically mentions that Smart Meters are law and must be installed, then I wouldn’t knock her back, and until such evidence is provided, I will be saying no. The lady then proceeded to tell me that Jemena own the poles, lines and the power box at the house. I replied that the first two were correct, but the third one belongs to the home owner. She said no, I said yes. The lady then asked if I would like some documentation to prove that and I said yes. She then said that we can talk about setting an appointment after the documentation has been received.

      It’s funny how they believe that the box is theirs, when I can call any electrician from the Yellow Pages, have him come out and replace it when another analog one without notifying Jemena… go figure.

      • Marin says:

        I just saw the “Electricity Customer Metering Code, 2.1″… I made a claim above that the meter belongs to the home owner, but this code proves that it belongs to the Electricity Distributor… Hmmmm…

        • David says:

          Don’t forget though, that the code you read, is from 2012. You would have to find the applicable code, for when your meter was originally installed, many decades ago under the SEC, or the local municipality supply arrangement, whichever applied at the time. They can’t make codes apply retrospectively.
          Read the face of the analogue meter, and see if it says property of SEC, or property of the City of Yarraville or similar.

        • Informed Choice says:

          Whether it does or doesn’t, is it worth risking your health by listening to and abiding by their propaganda and nonsense? They have a lot to gain and haven’t been honest in their approach. With more customers waking up to their deceptive agenda each day, I would guess they will be more desperate in their attempts to install. Stay Strong!

          • Peter says:

            Hi Marin
            I have asked the Victorian government for proof that the distributors own the meters, I asked specifically for a copy of the bill of sale of MY analogue meter, it was ‘public asset’ owned and paid for by the Victorian tax payers! That was a few months ago, as yet I have not had a reply. Did the Victorian government sell ‘stolen goods’, or the distributors knowingly purchase ‘stolen goods’? I doubt very much either the Victorian government or the distributors will answer that question! If they cannot, or will not provide a bill of sale, or a receipt for the purchase of these devices, (proof of ownership) then as far as I am concerned the meter is still a public asset, and still belongs to me, a tax payer. By the way, the meter BOX belongs to the home owner, not the distributor, only the meter; MAY or MAY NOT belong to the distributor, see the argument above.

          • Kyle says:

            I had my box custom built and paid for it just recently and it is very very solid. It was built this way for one specific purpose. Yep, I definetly own the box and unless clear authentic paperwork showing otherwise is produced then I stick by my claim that I also own the meter.

  25. Wendy Rice says:

    I have received the installation date so I called Energy Australia to say I do not agree, however, for the time being accepted Dec 31 as the installation date. I expect our legal action will be active by then. Also, What is the NAME of SSMA BANK? No mention on the form.

    • Anonymous says:

      Block them – Smart Meters (metre – It’s Australia) – there’s health issues everywhere, also for pets – my dobermann and I blocked them from getting in here, and I only have a 3′ high picket fence. They threaten to cut off electricity!? What is happening to this country?
      They are read by a computer – no-one will come near them. They can cause cancer – radioactivity emits from the stupid things.

      • Don Fitzpatrick says:

        I am an aged Pensioner who lives in Mildura Victoria or the Sunraysia Area, and am one of the objectors to having a Smart Meter, anyway I managed to intercept the Meter Reader yesterday morning 2nd Sept and asked him the following questions:
        1. Will you continue to read my Meter no matter what happens in the future?
        “No, and the next read will be the last, as by Christmas it will be all over”
        2. Does that mean that all of you guys will be out of work or what?
        “Exactly, I will not have any employment after Christmas”
        3. How many of you do the job in this area?
        “Just me, and I do all of this Area to the border of South Australia to the West and to the perimeter of the Sunraysia Area in the opposite direction”
        4. Wow! that must have kept you going constantly, but how about now, approximately how many residents would you reckon there were left in this Area objecting to Smart Meters?
        “Considering the Population of Sunraysia, I’d say only about a handful”
        5.Why do you think this enforcement is only happening in Victoria and not other States?
        “I guess that Victoria was too far advanced with the installation of Smart Meters to want to turn back”
        6. OK then if the Meter Reader is gone what then, I suppose those with an old Meter will be billed by estimate?
        ” Not an estimate, a GUESStimate”
        On that note he wished me Good Luck and we parted leaving me with the impression that what probably will happen in the future is that when I receive a GUESStimate of my Electricity usage it will more than likely be too high, ( I am capable of reading my Meter and calculating the cost) and when I object and maybe refuse to pay, Powercor will probably be able to use that excuse to threaten to cut my power off and thereby force me into having a Smart Meter, which in my book would be a criminal act.
        I guess I will just have wait and see what will occur, I only wish I could suddenly come into a lot of money, enough to install a complete Solar System then I could leave these standover bastards behind.
        The only other hope it seems is the Class Action that is currenly contemplated.
        Don Fitzpatrick.

  26. Johhno says:

    I have worked in the radio and television broadcast industry for over 40 years. I am a qualified Telstra broadcast technician who has worked at sites that we were told had safe stray electromagnetic radiation levels (RF) only to find out over a decade later that that was not the case. They lied. Areas that we used every day were closed off from our access, such as metal staircases, because they were too “hot”. Other metal items such as carport steel supports were replaced with wood, to prevent re-radiation. Measuring the TRUE radiation from a device is not as straight forward as holding a basic radiation level meter close to it. The facts are that Australian radiation standards were set not to international standards, but to what Australian industries could “comfortably” meet, taking into account the costs of doing so. I have locked my meter box and wish to thank Stop Smart Meters Australia for their support.

    • Steve G says:

      Yep went into one of your sites LAWLOIT ranges R/T exchange at Nhill. Got bad headache and when I got home got nose bleed in the shower. When your techs went back to site they found the RF switch frame leaking UHF combined TV at High UHF Channels of 2KW. They fixed it and told me go get checked out. Pathology shows my immune system has recovered. So I bought a beeper and now my SMARTMETER triggers at 30CM at 1mw/cm2 and Powercor dont give a stuff. I have gone on the health register at ARPANSA FWIW. I wonder if I have to be in a wheelchair with oxygen support like that poor soul who alerted us to Asbestos. And will the power companies abscond overseas like Hardie did?? Keep up the pressure People its called People power.. Did anyone read the article in Herald Sun today about the farmer who blocked the meter men?

      • Freedom Rules says:

        Yes – the article by Karen Collier today had the usual power distributor spin laced throughout and was rather one-sided as are most of her ‘reports’. My advice to Karen – Do not believe everything companies such as SP Ausnet claim to be the truth, as they are harrassing and threatening their customers every single day. If you think this is a one-off incident, think again because we do have the right to refuse that which we know has not been PROVEN safe in any way and the Electricity Industry Code is a guideline only. Furthermore, these companies such as SP Ausnet, Citipower etc must respect customers on their own property and Keep Out…. as the signs indicate, or they may find themselves in trouble with the law!

  27. geoffrey says:

    this is a great intreview with a great man, Dr Samuel Milham, outlining the danger of “dirty” electricity and smart meters and why its happening. a must hear:

    Dr Samuel Milham’s website:

  28. Steve G says:

    Down load the emr calculator and handbook
    Set 900 MHZ and 1 WATT
    SET ANTENNA to DIPOLE and see results..

    It is COMPLIANCE LEVEL 2, Public cannot come into contact.


    This software calculates the level of Far Field bore site RF Radiation levels
    and indicates if the safety limit will be exceeded with respect to the
    parameters entered into the program.

    The default calculations are for Public or un-controlled environments, however
    controlled environment calculations are provided where situations permit such
    limits. Warnings are provided on entering this option.

    The software also addresses the near field radiation characteristics of a
    circular aperture radiating antennae. This characteristic could be of
    considerable significance to provide substantiating evidence that the
    installation is able to meet the Governing Authority’s radiation limits.

    The most widely accepted Safe level of RF Radiation is that which has been
    recommended by the International Commission on Non-Ionising Radiation
    Protection. (ICNIRP) It is a body of independent scientific experts consisting
    of a main Commission of 14 members, 4 Scientific Standing Committees covering
    Epidemiology, Biology, Dosimetry and Optical Radiation and a number of
    consulting experts. This expertise is brought to bear on addressing the
    important issues of possible adverse effects on human health of exposure to
    non-ionising radiation. Its recommendations have been accepted by most countries
    as well as the Council of European Union (CEU).

    As I understand it and see my previous post the so called Engineers have no clues and are running with the flawed VIC report.


  29. Steve G says:

    spin just in from PVEI


    Mesh radio compliance
    Our mesh radio network operates in the 915MHz to 928MHz band and complies with a Class Licence that specifies an EIRP of 1 Watt for FHSS radios, not 3 mW.

    Antenna compliance
    For sites where an antenna is required at a significant distance from the meter location we use an antenna with a gain between 5.5dBi and 6.5 dBi. In these cases the combination of antenna gain and cable losses are used to determine the net gain and the transmitter power is adjusted to ensure that the EIRP of 1 Watt from the antenna is not exceeded.
    For sites where an antenna is required at the meter location we use an antenna and cable combination with net unity gain.

    CP/PAL systems and practices comply with the conditions of the Class Licence administered by ACMA .

  30. dom says:

    i visited my parents house last week they recently had a jenema smart meter installed
    heres some info on me im a fit 25 yr old male perfect BMI & blood pressure ect well i set foot in their house & started feeling Heart Palpitations like an irregular heartbeat on intermittent occasions
    it was the worst i thought i was going to have a heart attack
    i got my parents digital blood pressure monitor put it on did a reading 127/77 but the irregular heartbeat icon flashed up which has never happened so i did another reading same thing this happened whilst i was in their house when i left the palpitations stopped i couldn’t cope im back at my house where i was quick enough to lock the power box so i do not have one of these privacy/ health ruining devices in my home & im fine

  31. Steve says:

    Hello I’ve notice two companies are now offering Zigbee based In-Home Displays for Victorian Smart Meters. They are and

    Is anyone using In-Home Display to monitor their electricity usage ? Are the smart meters accurate when it comes to billing ?

    • Peter says:

      Hi Steve
      Just remember, an IHD uses YOUR electricity, which YOU are paying for! Also, if it is not wired directly to your surveillance device, is it introducing more radiation to your home, along with any ‘interactive’ home appliances you may purchase in the future?

    • Henry says:

      Was told there was a segment on Tom Elliot’s radio program today about a block of four flats. Three had a smart meter one had an analogue meter. Apparently consumption pattern in each of the units is supposedly the same. The three bills based on smart meter figures were double the payment amount to that of the bill for the resident having an analogue meter.

      Another lady with holiday property in Rye having smart meter spent 2-3 months over the Christmas holidays there. She got a very large bill but accepted that she used quite a lot of electricity. The next period where she hardly spent any time there the bill amount was as similarly huge as the previous bill. This she found very hard to understand and accept.

      • Sharron says:

        Hmm – that’s smart meters in action, increasing profits for energy companies and the government here in Victoria.

      • Steve says:

        Thanks Peter. I’ve been researching these because I like the idea of keeping an eye on exactly what I’m being charged for electricity. For example what is the use by day or time of day, and and whether I’m getting paid the right feed in tariff for my solar generation. Frankly I don’t trust my electricity supplier !!

        I got a note back from the friendly “The SSMA Team” tellimg me most of these IHD’s use “Zigbee” at 2.4Ghz (same frequency as many cordless phones). On one of the sites above they also have a self-installed Energy Monitor which according to the manual uses 433MZ (same frequency as a car remote key thingy).

        Does anyone else have any stories about the best way to audit your electricity bill ?

        • Peter says:

          Hi Steve

          You are quite right to mistrust the information you are given by your distributor and your surveillance device. As I understand the situation, the distributors can alter any of the settings by remote signals at any time, this may show up on your IHD, I’m not sure if that is the case. As for ‘interactive appliances, check out AS4755, This is just one of many links to this very intrusive Australian Standard.

          Click to access 22.GWA%202.pdf

        • Peter says:

          Hi Steve
          If you want to keep track of the amount of electricity you are using, Aldi’s shops (not available in all states) were selling wall socket/plugs which show details of your electricity us,e for about $20 each, a damn site cheaper than the AMI!!!!!!!

  32. Don Fitzpatrick says:

    The following is a copy of my letter to Energy Safe Victoria and the relevant part of the answer received re the Non issuing of Certificates of Electrical Safety by Powercor Smart Meter Installers:

    Energy Safe Victoria

    To whom it may concern,
    I am Donald Henry Fitzpatrick of 14 Tarrango Drive, Mildura, Vic, 3500 REC No……
    I have just received the renewal of my Electrical Mechanics License No…….. together with a letter containing information re the issue of Certificates of Electrical Safety .
    Of course I am already aware that all Victorian Registered Electrical Contractor’s are required to adhere to the Electricity Safety Act 1998, the Electricity Safety (Installations) Regulations 2009 and the Electricity Safety (Registration & Licensing) Regulations 2010.
    What I do not understand and would like explained to me is why you allow Powercor Electrical Workers or indeed the Electrical Workers employed by Companies that Powercor uses to break these rules when Installing Smart Meters, by failing to issue a Certificate.
    It seems that there is one rule for Powercor and another for all of us Vic REC’s

    I am one of the thousands of Victorians who have resisted a Smart Meter and I would appreciate it if you will take the time to read the following account I have already sent to other Departments, concerning a Company called Skilltech attempting to install a Smart Meter on my premises, as judging from the actions of the representative I spoke with I formed the impression that he was not licensed to perform the installation anyway.

    Last Friday morning at 10.37am, 12th Oct 2012, a male Smart Meter installer came to my front door whilst I was showering and spoke to my wife, asking if we were still of the same mind in refusing a Meter to which she replied, “yes but come back and talk to my husband about it.”
    Five minutes later another male person returned and stated to my wife if we refused the installation then each time a Meter Reader called we would be charged $160.00, and in addition stated that if he wanted too he could cut the lock from my Meter Box.
    Later I approached an installer and charged him with trying to bully us into allowing the installation with the threat of that $160.00 fee etc, to which he replied, “I did’nt say that, it must have been the other guy.”
    Since I am an Electrical Contractor I decided then to ask this same fellow if he was a Licensed Electrician and he said he was, so I then produced my own REC License and said, “You must have one of these then , so please show it to me” He refused to do so, therefore I must assume that he did not possess one, so is not properly licensed to carry out this work and therefore I must assume that Powercor’s claim that these Installers are fully qualified is a lie.

    The rules in my profession are: That if any sort of Electrical Installation is carried out on any premises then the owner is entitled to request and view the qualifications of the installer and in fact if all the rules are adhered to then the installer is also required to issue a signed Certificate of Electrical Safety to the owner upon completion of the installation.

    I also took photographs of the two vehicles involved in this invasion and one was a covered in Ford Utility Vic Registration No. YGP508 bearing the name of Skilltech on it’s passenger door and the other was a Holden Wagon Vic Registration No.UOH452
    Sincerely, Don Fitzpatrick.

    After reading this perhaps someone will say why should this installer show me his license when work on my premises had been refused?

    And my answer to that would be if I was in the same position I would have been only too glad to prove who I was by showing the Identification Card we Contractors and Licensed Electricians carry for just that purpose.
    In my area there are Smart Meters around and none of the recipients I have asked have ever received a Certificate of Safety from any of these so called by Powercor Qualified Electricians, therefore I believe this should be thoroughly investigated.
    Don Fitzpatrick.

    The following is the relevant portion of the response Email received from ESV in which they are admitting that not all of the Installers are A grade Licence holders but that those other Installers have the minimum qualification requirements, whatever that maybe? Therefore I must assume that this statement is in answer to my query as to why the Installer that came to my house would not or could not produce the necessary I.D. when requested to do so.
    In addition they have omitted to answer the question of WHY Certificates of Electrical Safety are not required to be issued.
    Maybe someone else would like to follow this up too by using the Contact numbers etc in this letter.

    Dear Mr Fitzpatrick.
    17 July 2013
    Thank you for taking the time to contact Energy Safe Victoria (ESV) and raise your concerns.
    BLAH, blah, blah!

    A review of the advanced metering infrastructure (AMI) rollout, more commonly known as the installation of Smart Meters, was completed by ESV in April 2011. A copy of this report is available on our website along with additional information via the following link : .

    In brief, due to an August 2009 Order-In-Council published in the Victorian Government Gazette, Certificates of Electrical Safety (CES) are not required for meter installations carried out under the AMI scheme. Additionally, while most installers are A-grade licence holders, that exceeds the minimum qualification requirements. Should you have further queries regarding the AMI rollout, the government department responsible for overseeing the roll out, The Department of State Development, Business and Innovation (DSDB), has an information line that can be called during business hours, 136 186.
    Should you have any queries regarding this response, please call me on (03 9203 9700.
    Yours sincerely
    Kevin O’Connor

    • Peter says:

      Hi Don

      Same old run around!
      As a retired Licensed Aircraft Maintenance Engineer, I cannot understand why the Electricians Union are not concerned with their members installing these devices. If the installation has been certified by a LICENSED electrician (the certificate of compliance is sent to the distributor, NOT THE CUSTOMER!), in my opinion he has left himself wide open to litigation, I would like to hear your comments on this.

  33. Steve G says:

    Our electrician just left here after quoting over $2000 for the meter box relocation including over $700 in fees

    This is frankly unacceptable as a semi-retired couple we do not have this type of money to pay on what is basically your bidding.

    The switchboard here is sound, the only risk is a fire risk if a smart meter was to catch fire like any other appliance in a weather board house.

    Powercor can attempt to fit a smart meter inside the centre of a house against all the risks we have discussed.

    either way we will be using every resource at our disposal to resist their attempts to stress and intimidate us into complying including the press if necessary.

  34. mark says:

    I don’t know if this has been posted yet, but five ninth grade girls /women did a science experiment by trying to grow plants in two separate rooms. One room had two routers and the other didn’t have any. The plants in the room with the routers didnt grow, but the ones without did.

  35. Kylie says:

    Just get home today and the man was just finishing installing smart meter , if I cut the ariel will that stop the emr??

    • Anthony says:

      Kylie. If you disable the arieal you must get inside the smart meter, and if you don’t know what your doing you will be electrocuted. If you have an external arieal away from the meter and cut that, the SM will continue to send RFs into your home. Im having the same problem and am currently working on how to block these signals travelling through the house wiring, as this is where the main exposure occurs, as long as your not in the immediate vicinity of the SM where the passive radiation exposure will occur. To effectively block the radiation can cost thousands. Good luck.

      • Peter says:

        Hi Kylie

        Was your meter box locked or did ypu have signs up? If your meter box was locked and the installer had to force entry, I would be calling the police and pressing charges against the installer.

      • Anonymous says:

        I did cut the Ariel, lol, my partner rang them and asked them to remove it they said they would have the manager call back still waiting for the call back, will be calling them again very soon to tell them if it’s not removed ASAP we are having an electrician come remove it and put a normal one back in, and we will leave there smart meter on the foot path for them to collect, our whole family has been sick including me ever since its been installed, vomiting nausea loss of appetite, at first I thought we were all getting a 24 hour bug but it’s just not going away:(

        • Informed Choice says:

          Just came across your post – what was the outcome from all of this? I would have done the same and I am sure others want to know how you’re getting on…

  36. Dom says:

    so tonight a car hit a power pole poor people 😦 hope theyre all ok
    i knew this from facebook & the Emergency AUS App said it was 1.3km from my home

    i received an email from powercor not even 5 mins after the power was interrupted
    my computer & modem has a Uninterruptible power supply unit attached (Battery Backup)
    so i received their email it said
    & the subject line had my NMI number
    A power outage has affected supply to your premises.

    We estimate that your power supply will be restored at 03:00.

    We apologise for any inconvenience caused, and will provide you with an update soon.

    Kind Regards

    Powercor Australia

    Here’s the Kicker & this may or may not shock you i do not have a smart meter its a fully manual meter as my power box is locked with a very thick padlock
    so why on earth do we need this crap technology when the old stuff does the job just fine as in this case

    & when power restored 1 min later I got this email
    The power outage affecting supply in your area caused by vehicle impact to a power pole has been resolved and your power supply should be restored.

    If your power supply is not restored please check your switchboard to ensure all switches are in the “on” position before contacting us on 13 24 12.

    Kind Regards

    Powercor Australia

    Smart meter technology is just a waste its bad & its the newage asbestos
    energy australia cant even get a bill out on time with or without a smart meter so the exercise of the rollout is pointless waste of $$ & a kick in the pants for hard working families with the costs soaring way too high, enough is enough

    • Don Fitzpatrick says:

      Hi Dom, You did not say in what area you live but I’m guessing it is in Mildura Vic as we experienced a Power Outage on that same night and time and I do not have a Smart Meter either, having refused it with locked box, window in box for the Meter Reader, signs etc in fact if you scroll down far enough you will see my stories . I kick myself for not canvassing the neighbours re Smart Meters and now wonder just how many people in Sunraysia have rejected them. Anyway stick to your guns and don’t let them bully you into having one. Good Luck, Don Fitzpatrick.

  37. Anthony says:

    Hi. We recently had 3 smart meters installed due to the house has 3phase power,within 1 hour we experienced severe headaches nausea dizziness inability to sleep at night,I can only describe being in the house as torture.I spoke with Powercor the dunderhead there said we have come down with a virus what a joke! I have emailed the Vic health minister and energy ombudsman no reply yet.We need an answer now! I am currently researching neutralizers and will post the results. As far as shielding if this is not done correctly it only magnifies the reflected frequencies back into the wiring which is then distributed throughout the house wiring and into rooms and your body. Shielding interior walls with sheild paint would help,I have trialed switching the main off at night and this definatly reduces the amount of microwaves traveling through the wiring but if your bedroom is where the smart meter is move into another room as the smart meters continue to send signals despite the main switch being turned off. We are considering having the meters replaced with analog as I think waiting for the bureacratic dunderheads to solve our problem would be useless they couldn’t solve a kids riddle if their lives depended on it. I’m not saying to blatantly break the law but if every body does it this gives more power and focus to the problem and every citizen should have the basic right to protect their health. Screw dictatorship. If they won’t help you, only you can. Good luck to all. Anthony

    • Steve says:

      Anthony, I am having the same issues as you, headaches and the same silent treatment from those who are supposed to have an obligation and duty of care to investigate these concerns. I have sent letters to the Victorian Health Department, Chief Health Officer and the Radiation Advisory Committee more than 2 months ago and have yet to get any feedback despite the automated response from the Victorian Health Department advising me that I should expect a reply in 2 Business days. A week later after not receiving anything I rang the Radiation Advisory Committee directly and spoke to one of their representatives, who was an amiable chap and indicated he will be handling my case but admitted that he was not an expert in non ionising radiation and it will take some time to respond. Since then over 2 months have passed and I am yet to receive an answer.

      I will be writing some blogs for this site in the next few weeks to highlight the main issues and to clearly show that there is a real reason for concern in regards to pulsed radiation biological effects, how Australia’s RF standards are not fit for purpose for providing any long term health assurances.

      • Anthony says:

        Hi Steve. I managed to speak with Powercor again and after a lengthy conversation I was told I could have an external aerial placed on my roof which may reduce the RF at a cost of over $500 I told them to shove that one where the sun don’t shine, they then proceded to instruct me on cheap alternative alum foil on the wall opposite the meter I said how about we catch a toad in the garden and spin 3 times under a full moon! This has got to be the biggest joke I have encountered in my entire life we may as well hand all health research over to a class of kinder kids, these people calling themselves experts and crunching the numbers on the safety of these meters is criminal.Im not an expert in RF but I do know from my own research that the RF coming from these meters are travelling through the house wiring and directly into your body,it’s not just the passive RFs travelling through the air the house wiring is acting as an effective conductor, this I believe is where the problem in shielding may fail.Im at the point of replacing the meters back to analog.Im not waiting around for the dunderheads to give me back my health they never owned it to begin with. Screw them. Good luck to all. Anthony

        • Eric says:

          Anthony, it would be nice to have gotten their ridiculous suggestions in writing because in making those suggestions they are virtually ADMITTING that smart meter RF’s do cause people to have those very symptoms that you are having ie. “severe headaches nausea dizziness inability to sleep at night”

          • Anthony says:

            Hi Steve. The person I spoke to at Powercor at the end of our conversation admitted that the research regarding the smartmeters is insufficient,as I told them that Powercor does not have a sufficient infrastructure model to effectly research the side effects people suffer from their own technology. When you speak to Powercor all they are interested is in protecting the safety of their meters they do not want to recognise the problems that would contradict the mighty rollout. I also pointed out that people have been forced to do their own research and remediation at their own cost to continue to live in their own homes this can in some cases cost $$$. We have had some good success by isolating a number of electrical circuits and switching them off at night which at least gives us a good nightsleep. The Sheilding paints also seem to be a good remedy if applied and earthed correctly. Removal is obviously the best option. Good luck to all. Anthony

  38. AussieMum says:

    I am a concerned mum with an 11 year old, severely Autistic, non-verbal son who has high levels of “Heavy Toxic Metals” in his system.
    I have been on numerous websites and I have found studies confirming my concerns, although further studies need to be done on children like my son.
    I have written to the Chief Health Officer-Dr Lester here in Victoria about my concerns and my son’s health, her response is “there is no evidence of harm” I say “there is not evidence of safety!”
    Good luck everyone – Powercor have already tried once getting onto my property and failed, I wonder how many times they will try?

    • Sharron says:

      AussieMum, I say go with your gut instinct and don’t listen to these insensitives when it comes to your family and what is best for them. There is something very wrong with this smart meter plan when people such as yourself are up against IGNORANT ‘ know it alls’ who think they have all the answers. To hell with them … and smart meters!!!

    • CFLs are a problem says:

      Aussiemum – Maybe you should change your compact flurescent lights (CFLs) if you have them as these contain mercury and have been known to leak.

      • Danielle says:

        2 years ago due to a huge electricity bill I turned off all our lights (CFL’s). After a while we just got used to not living with them and never bothered to turn them back on. Interestingly I have a indoor fern which had been growing beautifully but then for no reason (though I know now) started to die. After turning the lights out this fern has gone back to being its lush self. Now I’m not recommending going without lights but I would certainly get rid of the CFL’s.

  39. Kathy says:

    I already have a digital meter installed as I had Solar installed 3yrs ago , is this the same thing as a smart meter. My neighbors have smart meters installed and it doesnt appear to be the same as what I have,but I am unsure as to why they havent installed at our house.yet. I do not want a Smart Meter and are thankful that I have found this Website as I am far better informed and understand my rights. I have commenced the advice from the Stop Meters Kit and will continue to follow this site with interest and passion to contribute in some way to put a stop to these meter rollouts or at the least be given the choice .
    If anyone else has solar and has had smart meter installed could they let me know what the differences were.

    • Peter G says:

      Hi Kathy,I’d hazard a guess that you either have a EM1200 or a Neilsen meter,which aren’t smart meters.I’ve posted 2 links to 2 photos of the above meters.

      Another tell tale sign that you don’t have a smart meter,is if you have a meter reader coming around to read your meter via a probe attached to a handheld device.
      They will try and install a smart meter,Good luck!

  40. Sezer Behlul says:

    I stood infront a 2 smart meters for approximately 2 minutes trying to reset the timer of a hot water service and I walked away with a thumping head ache which lasted all night.These things emmit dangerous levels of emr I don’t care what anyone says.I have put a padlock on my own meter box and have rejected jemena twice so far.If legal action is taken against me I wil scream loud enough to make sure every anti-smart meter citizen hears my voice.

    • Eric says:

      Sezer, this morning I stood on my property boundary holding an emr reader towards my neighbor’s meter box who has a smart meter installed. I was getting huge readings of emr given the distance to the meter box and on my emr reader I could see the spikes in the readings occuring regularly with some double/triple spikes occuring within mere seconds of one another. Sezer I know people who physically feel being struck by those double/triple spikes and I know that the specific pain they felt just from that one particular incident remains with them for a number of days.

      • geoffrey says:

        since the dogs installed “smart” meters in our neighbourhood i cant get to sleep because of the constant ringing in my ears, my meter box is still locked but i know my health is being impacted on 24/7 by these awful devices

  41. Julie Murchie says:

    Jemena sent a letter today saying they are going to install a Smart Meter here. They will never get
    through my front gate. They will never get past me or my male dobermann, Hunter. Just let them try. Smart Meters are not smart at all – they don’t work properly & my electricity costs will rise. I’m going to lock my electricity box, as if I need to with my dobermann, pedigree name Kaila Jet Hawk!! Julie Murchie, Melb, Victoria, Australia

  42. smileanyway says:

    I have become directly sensitive to my computer and mobile phone since a smart meter was put in next door 19 months ago. It is the only one in our street so I surmise it is the Hub or Neighbourhood Area Network (NAN) or “Medusa” that I have heard it called. The rest are due to be installed next week. Thats when its going to “heat up” I guess. I have dropped 60 of the public awareness flyers around, got a doctors certificate and a signed consent form from my neighbour with the smart meter to have it removed for medical reasons. My neighbour also has serious health complaints also that can be traced to beginning at smart meter installation.
    The media is an option and a rebuke to last nights remarks of safety by Energy Supply Association Victoria representative is seriously required – quote “immeasurable iradiation…”
    “perfectly safe 21st century technology.. no evidence of any issue…”
    Studies done by the American Academy of Environmental Medicine call for “an immediate holt on “smart meter” installation until these public health issues are resolved. Continuing their installation would be irresponsible”. As we all know, thats just one of many credable studies.
    If you are at all unsure, I can only say, this is a very real and in my view,a catastrophic health disaster of our time. Solution? Fibre optic cables for clean energy. Come on people. Rally together and make it go away. From little things, big things grow. That is why Jemena is working so slyly and quickly before we all catch on. Imagine thousands apon thousands of “pro fibre optic replacement of wireless technology” solution based protestors lining the streets in Melbourne. Bringing forward a solution saves face of those leading this greedy mess and brings about a better chance for positive change. Will you protest with me?

    • Freedom Rules says:

      Bring your signs to the protest march this Sunday 5th May. The Analogue meters work fine and will do so for many years. What we are protesting is Control of the masses and cashing in with TOU pricing, which is one of the main aims of the smart grid, as well as unwanted side effects such as EHS symptoms in previously healthy homeowners. Hands Off Our Homes!

  43. Denise Pelikan says:

    We do not want a smart meter put in and have a padlock on the box. We received a letter from SP Ausnet to say they were coming to install SM. When my husband rang them to tell them we did not want one and therefore did not want the installer on our property, they told him if he did not have it installed they would fine him and cut the electricity off to our home until we agreed to allow them to install one. This is our home, not theirs and we feel they are trying to bully us into having one installed. We are waiting to see what happens now, as the installer came and left without installing one. Will keep you posted if they take this any further. We seem to have no rights at all.

    • Eric says:

      Denise, what you seem to have, what they say you have and what you actually do have can be three different things.

      It’s stalemate. They themselves don’t know what to do. Others have received letters from S(ingapore)P(ower)Ausnet saying that the installation attempt won’t be continued until they receive further advice from the government how to proceed. That’s in writing and it conflicts with the thing that is coming out of their mouth and being directed at you. Motto of the story….what comes out of their mouth…..CREDIBILITY LEVEL ZERO.

    • Peter says:

      Hi Denise

      Keep your meter box LOCKED. They can neither fine nore disconnect your electricity.

      Do not not speak to them on the telephone, WRITE to them and DEMAND a copy of the legislation they refer to when they say they can fine you and/or disconnect you for refusing to have a smart meter.

      The only response you will get is that they own they meter, thats fine, you can give access for maintenance by apointment privided they do not install a ‘smart meter’. Make sure you are there when they turn up. They cannot by law ‘fine’ you for refusing one of their devices.

    • Melbourne Mum says:

      they wont – they are bluffing, the lying rats! This is the power co. being dragged through the courts because they contributed to the Black Saturday destruction a few years back. Never trust them!

  44. Anne says:


    I live in public housing (unfortunately; I have no choice at present). Inner-city Melbourne. I live in Unit 23. Next-door to me, Unit 24, the last unit in the block, has 24 smart meters on the outside wall. The elderly woman who lives in Unit 24, sleeps with 24 smart meters only a couple of metres from her bed. These 24 smart meters are approximately five meters from me – and I spend almost all my time here.

    The 24 smart meters were installed in April 2010. Since that time, the elderly neighbour’s Parkinson’s disease has become increasingly worse. More alarmingly, however, is this: during 2011 and 2012 (it is now near the end of December 2012), she has had three operations to remove cancer, from the left breast and under the left arm. The cancer keeps coming back.

    I read with alarm another comment on this site by somebody who experienced “left-sided symptoms” after moving into a house that has a smart meter.

    I myself have been having “left-sided symptoms”, and I am about to have some scans.

    Across the way from the 24 smart meters, in another unit in this block, approximately 5 metres from the 24 smart meters, lives a young married couple with two small children.

    • Well Aware says:

      Anne – That is too many meters for me to feel safe nearby and i would suggest you inform/enquire as to the unsafe distance, at the very least let them know about this website so that they get more information. I hope you get the all clear from the doc also.

      • Anne says:

        Thank you, Well Aware. I’m not sure who to contact. Most of the neighbours here are sick or elderly, I don’t know if any of them would have any interest in the smart meters. The Office of Housing is (in my experience, so far) a harsh and manipulative organisation, and i doubt they would care about tenants’ health unless there was a lawsuit on their desks.

        The smart meters are housed in a metal box/cupboard, with two doors on the front. This is the same metal box that was there, before the smart meters. It housed the old meters. There are small gaps around the edges of the doors on the front of it. Can radiation “leak” out of the gaps?

        It doesn’t look as if anything has been done to alter this metal box in any way, since the installation of the smart meters – except that the metal box is now locked. I used to regularly take a power reading, but found that, a couple of months after the installation of the smart meters, the metal box was locked.

        I can;t see any antenna on the outside of the box. I suppose the first thing I should establish is whether the meters are “activated”.

        • Peter says:

          Hi Anne
          The installation of a ‘smart meter’ is, according to your distributor/the government, to help you better manage your electricity usage, write to your distributor and ask how you are supposed to ‘better manage your electricity usage’ if they have put their meters behind locked doors?

  45. Peter says:

    I recently sent an email to the Victorian Human Rights Commission requesting information regarding ‘statements of Compliance’ as required by sect28 of the act, below is part of the response from ‘’, who ever that is.

    ‘In regards to your specific enquiry, ‘statements of compatibility’ with reference to the Charter are something that a member of parliament prepares when introducing a Bill into the House of Parliament. If a law limits the rights set out in the Charter, the Statement of Compatibility should explain how and why. In exceptional circumstances, the Parliament still pass a law that does not uphold human rights by issuing an override declaration. In short, a statement is not something that the Commission can readily provide in the form of a standardised template if that is what you are requiring’.

    The second last sentence makes it quite clear that the Victorian Human Rights and Resposibilities Act is not worth the paper it is writen on!

  46. Pete says:

    Well done George, you have convinced me this is a ‘must have’ surveillance and control device! Er, as this is supposed to be a ‘distributor lead roll-out’, how come this advertisement is posted on a government department website? Yet more freebees, free advertising?
    It tells us that the government has ‘mandated’ these devices, but that any complaints/questions should be directed to either the distributor or the retailer, if you ask the distributo/retailer questions about democracy, or the meaning of the legislation they refer to, they usually refer you to the DPI.
    I am over 70yrs old and a little hard of hearing, that damned back ground music makes it hard to concentrate on the message! I had to listen to it several times to get the gist of what was being said.

  47. Anonymous says:

    hi guys, have had a smart meter installed just on a month now. My question is can it change certain electronic things and their operation??? eg i record a show on foxtel iq and, when i play it back and go to fastforward and ad, the screen freezes and i have to reboot. This only started after the meter was put in. Already replaced the foxtel box once and first one started saying “powering up from energy saver mode”. Current box is only 2 weeks old.
    Any suggestions please?
    cheers nick

    • Eric says:

      I know someone who only since having the smart meter put in can no longer have both the toaster and the kettle operating together. The safety switch trips. It means tea and no toast or toast without tea. Not sure if there’s any easy fix or if it’s going to always be a problem.

      • Peter says:

        I don’t have a surveillance and control devise, but the houses on either side do, of late, my alarm system has gone off for no apparent reason, on two occasions and on one occassion we had to reset it, also one of my tele’s stopped working by remote, untill that too had to be reset.

  48. Peter says:

    I have just found this little ‘pearler’ (a draft document) . I only read the first few pages, as in my opinion this is just another ‘feel good’ document, when you consider that the Electricity Distribution Code, version 7, also dated May 2012 has already given the distributors the RIGHT to disclose our confidential information to third parties.(clause 9.4.2)

    Click to access Smart-Meter-Privacy-Impact-Assessment-Draft-Report.pdf

  49. Don Fitzpatrick says:

    The foregoing are copies of the first and second letters I have sent to Powercor regarding my objection to a Smart Meter : Subject: Re Smart Meters

    I have been reliably informed that there is no law in existence in Victoria that requires a Smart Meter to be fitted, so on the grounds of learning that emissions from Smart Meters has already affected many peoples health, I do not wish to be anywhwere near one for I have already found through testing with an appropriate instrument that my current Meter Box is emitting a strong Magnetic Field in the vicinity of my wifes and my head when in bed, also a giant Transformer in a Metal Enclosure in my neighbours front garden is only 2 metres away from where we sleep and this is also emitting an even stronger Magnetic Field, therefore any attempt on anyones part to fit one will be met with the Local Police being called, together with a charge of Tresspassing on Private Property.
    I have therefore padlocked my Meter Box and displayed signage to support my strong objections
    Regards, Don Fitzpatrick. 14 Tarrango Drive Mildura, Vic, 3500. Ph:50 211 652
    To whom it may concern, Since I sent you the above letter I have had Installers employed by a company named Skilltech arrive at my home at 10.37am on 12.10.12 and one of them attempted to bully us (my wife) into changing our mind by threatening that we will be charged $160.00 each time the Meter is read if we do not consent to have a Meter fitted.
    These tactics I do not much care for as especially as I am an aged Pensioner and my wife is a disability Pensioner also and so I have already reported the following to the appropriate authorities and also to This Day Tonight and A Current Affair : That when I approached one of these installers and charged him with bullying my wife he replied that it was not him it was the other bloke. I then asked him if he was really a qualified Electrical Mechanic to which he replied yes, but when I showed him my own REC ID Card and my Electrical Mechanics ID Card and requested to see his he flatly refused, therefore I must assume that when your representative gets on TV spouting that these Installers are qualified then he must be telling lies when he assures people that only qualified Installers are used.
    I also took photographs of the two vehicles involved in this invasion and one was a covered in Ford Utility Vic Registration bearing the name of Skilltech on it’s passenger door and the other was a Holden Wagon Vic Registration.
    Sincerely, Don Fitzpatrick.

    • Mereana says:

      Hi Don
      I also live in Mildura. Is there a Stop Smart Meter Awareness Group here in Mildura as I would love to be a part of it.
      Yours Sincerely

      • Peter says:

        Hi Don and Mereanna

        If there isn’t a group, why not start one, a letter box drop in your area is a good start, with a contact number or email address

      • Don Fitzpatrick says:

        Hi Mereana, I wonder if you still look at this site for it is some time ago now that I wrote the above Message and since then I have been out of action and just now coming good again. Just thought I would take another look and found your response, so all I can say now is, if there was ever a Stop Smart Meter Awareness Group in Sunraysia I have never heard of it and not sure if it would now be too late to start one anyway, not knowing how many residents may or may not have been against it, however if you do hear of one still going please contact me as there are only two D. Fitzpatrick’s in the Local Phone Book.

        • Peter says:

          Hi Don

          Might I suggest it is never too late to act, even customers who have had these devices installed without their consent and against their wishes; should continue to harass their distributors and the government and the government departments. To go silent because you have been blackmailed, harassed, call it what you will; into having one of these devices is to admit defeat. The undemocratic behaviour of the distributors MUST be accredited to the inaction of the government, it is their so called ‘mandate’ (which ever government is in power) so they MUST be held accountable for actions being carried out on their behalf.

  50. Anonymous says:

    Here is something you might want to post on your site about smart meters and privacy:
    and the video for that event:

    I am writing to the privacy commissioner in NSW and will be taking the same letter to my local member both federally and state. This kind of blatant privacy intrusion is unacceptable, these hackers state quite clearly.. “Unfortunately, smart meters are able to become surveillance devices that monitor the behavior of the customers leading to unprecedented invasions of consumer privacy. “

  51. Anonymous says:

    Does anyone know of a doctor I can see asap that recognises this and please give me their details.

    Paul 0433674602 I need one as I have waisted 12 months getting fried and only now worked out by what.

  52. deb says:

    Hi , I thought I’d share my email to citipower and sp ausnet, Dear Sir /madam, I have recieved you letter informing me that it is mandatory for me to have a smart meter installed at my property in the near future. I am writing to inform you that i do not want the smart meter installed at my property ..due to the lack of scientific evidence on the effect on human health when wireless devicess are run 24 hour a day, nor has there been a human study. Your letter states that this device is safe to my families health. I am now informing you that if your company instales a smart meter against my will, the day it is installed I will be documenting all my families health conditions especially my childrens, if there any any changes in my childrens or families health I will hold your company responsible, as this meter was installed with out long periods of study into health effects and against my will.
    Send this to citipower or sp-ausnet or who ever has informed you this is stating if in the future it is proven that this device causes ill health or cancer. THey said it didn’t and was installed against your will..which will make them liable. thankyou

    • Sharron says:

      Good on you, Deb! I feel this way also.

      • N. Harrison. says:

        That is so smart! What an excellent idea, great letter.
        A question zto anyone. How do I know if my meter has 2 aerials? The ariel is enclosed in a tamper proof case, so I don’t really know what’s in it.

  53. Anonymous says:

    On the evening 29th of March 2012 we received notification in our mailbox that Ausgrid was going to be installing a smart meter on the 30th of March 2012 as part of some trial. There was no information about how to opt-out, just that some electrician was coming to do the work.
    I promptly dispatched the letter that evening and put up the relevant signs that no smart meter shall be installed.

    I had a response from Ausgrid that no smart meter will be installed as per my request.

    On the 7th of September 2012 we found that our hot water was not working as expected, I enlisted the services of an electrician who came out and noted that the issue was with Ausgrids off-peak relay not switching over. I paid my electricians bill for $154.00 to identify their “faulty” relay.
    I raised a call to Ausgrid who came and verified that there was indeed an issue with the off peak relay who subsequently left with it on so we then had hot water again.

    On the 4th of October my wife received a visit from an Ausgrid (Metering Technician), my wife called me to speak with him. He informed me that he would be replacing BOTH meters with a “digital” meter. I asked him numerous times if this meter was in fact a smart meter to which he replied it was not. I pressed further to understand why both meters needed to be replaced since neither meter was faulty just the separate relay on the off peak service, a proper explanation was not really achieved.
    I then asked him for the make and model of the meter so as I can confirm that it was in fact not a smart meter, he gave it to me, I looked it up on the internet and lo and behold it is a smart meter. I told him he could not install it and that Ausgrid would have to replace the relay or install a non-smart meter solution on the off peak service. He told me he could / would not and gave me his bosses name and number to talk to.
    I spoke with his boss and requested Ausgrid’s standpoint in writing that it is in fact unwilling to replace the faulty relay (I have not received this yet), he did say however that even if they replaced the relay it would probably not work either as the fault is probably associated to Ausgrid not transmitting a signal that is received by the relay (either intentionally or not, seems a bit convenient though). I even nearly capitulated to allow them to replace the off-peak meter and separate relay with an off-peak “digital” meter to which they refused as they want to replace both meters with one smart meter.

    I arrived home this evening to find that the Ausgrid technician had in fact switched off the off-peak circuit in the relay so as to ensure that we will not have hot water by tomorrow morning.

    Now as you can see, this does not look very good on the part of Ausgrid, I am calling EWON tomorrow morning when they open to lay a complaint in this case with regards to the knowingly switching off of our hot water service and these bully-boy tactics being employed to attempt to force a smart meter on us by refusing point blank to replace the “faulty” relay.

    I called the Ausgrid out-of hours service to report that the fault with our hot water service was now another call due to the fact that their electrician switched the off-peak circuit switch off and that by morning there will be no hot water, she raised it to his supervisor (whom I assume is the same fellow I spoke with who told me that replacing the relay probably won’t make a difference).

    So here is what I assume is the new tactic to force smart meters on everyone, I am posting this to see if anyone else has experienced the same thing.

    1. Implement a “trial” in an area, install meters everywhere where people haven’t objected or had time to object (considering the less than 24hr notice you’ll get)
    2. Intentionally stop transmitting to the off-peak relay switch only once it is off of course.
    3. Wait for the calls to flood in about their hot water off-peak service.
    4. Claim that it is a “faulty” relay and the only way to correct it is to replace both your regular meter and your off-peak meter with one privacy invading smart meter.

    • Ms Rebel says:

      They are dodgy and not to be trusted. Only care about their ‘agenda’ , NOT their customers! You were right to stand your ground – Good for you! What area do you live in if you don’t mind me asking?

  54. Anonymous says:

    Jemena United Energy GO TO HELL !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  55. Isabel says:

    We bought a house , 8 weeks ago, which unbeknown to me, had a smart meter installed with a huge external arial on the outside of the meterbox. Within days ( or nights, I had all sorts of left sided tremor type symptoms, left eye sort of twitch, lymph nodes up under my arm, heart tremors and mostly a feeling of an internal ‘shake’ and irritability that can not be calmed.

    I called the electrician to ask about the possibility of it being the meterbox on the back of the bedroom wall and lo and behold, he told me to check if we had a ‘smart meter’. Well, guess what? We did. I feel entirely tricked, both my the real estate agent (who has an anti-smart-meter sign next to the poster of the family who sold us the house – saying how wrapt they were to sell – not surprised!) and the people in power who are supposed to have some sort of ethical thread running through them as decision makers.

    To cut a long story short, we removed the exteranal arial, instant relief for me, within the hour, lymph nodes came down, crazy sort of irritabilty left entirely and left eye stuff stopped. 6 weeks on we have moved the horrible meter to the front fence ($3000 later!) and when they have re-installed the meter, they’ve put the eternal arial on again. INSTANTLY, I am having the same symptoms. Despite it now being on the front fence!

    Apparently , they plan to install the arials on all meters (although I see most still don’t have them). The power company woman told me that the arials were not yet switched on, well ours was and is. What worries me is what sort mass health reaction are we asking for as a society once all these high powered arials are switched on in every home?

    Also, we have very young children and no one has been sleeping since we moved. We are all having nightmares.

    It’s a fight that’s clearly going to be entirely suffocated by government and the the energy providers. When did they have the right to play God like this with peoples lives and their health. I’ve written everywhere but to no avail.

    I find the whole situation gut wrenching. Legal battle will come , sadly , in the form of a mass liability suit for all the men, women and children who develop cancer in Victoria as a result of this mass error. But when? 5 , 10 years from now? Who wants to risk it?

    What do we do? Change state?

    • Sarah says:

      Hi Isabel, I’m so sorry to hear your story. This whole smart meter roll-out IS an absolute nightmare. I was thinking it would not be an easy thing moving house these days as these things are being installed EVERYWHERE! It is so wrong and terribly sad when you feel trapped by circumstance beyond your control. Agents will be dealing with this all the time now I reckon and I have even seen homes for sale with nothing in them! That just doesn’t happen, really makes you wonder why they are vacant? Smart meter refugees! Maybe they are trying to drive us out of our homes? Anythings possible at this point, I fear, so many lies by government and distributors … my head is spinning with all this stuff going on at the moment… just shouldn’t be happening here in our beautiful country. Do whatever it takes to protect your family!

    • Tamara Hicks says:

      Isabel’I have just emailed my story re smart meter to the PM as obviously the amountof letters received by O’Brien has not been relayed up the chain and Julia is being paid to hear about all our problems and work with ministers to find a solution.Tell it how it is and raise the issue od info not being passed onto Julia.Our votes count.

      • Peter says:

        Hi Tamara
        Don’t hold your breath, I wrote to her about 12 months ago, got a reply from one of her office people, ‘it’s a Victorian issue and my letter had been sent to the Vitorian DPI’.

  56. Don Fitzpatrick says:

    I will refuse the installation of a Smart Meter on my premises on the following grounds: 1. Due to the hundreds of accounts I have read reporting illness from exposure to them and as I am now 83 and already at the wrong end of the life scale but reasonably healthy at this stage, I do not wish to take risks with any of the time I may have left.
    2. We ( my wife and I) already sleep with only 300mm separating our heads from our Meter Box and even though we still have our original Meter a recent Instrument test revealed there is already the presence of a strong Magnetic Field in the area of our heads at night.
    3. In addition we also sleep approximately 2metres from a giant Transformer housed in a Metal Enclosure in the front garden of our neighbours property and this was checked out with the same Instrument which revealed a much higher and I feel more dangerous result.
    I have therefore printed the signage available re No Smart Meter and affixed it to my Meter Box which is now also secured with a padlock.

    • Pete says:

      Hi Don

      I hope you have also included a window in your meter box so your meter can still be read

      • Don Fitzpatrick says:

        Thanks Pete for the reminder I forgot to mention that I had done so and also that I am still a Registered Electrical Contractor who is very aware of what is going on here, and I am sorry I have only just answered you but have only just returned home a couple of weeks ago. Regards, Don Fitzpatrick

  57. Rob Guy says:

    I understand that, because smart meters are the property of the electricity supplier, they themselves are not subject to electrical wiring rules. However, because that part of my house wiring between the smart meter and the fuse block is re-routed during installation, I am concerned that this re-work might not conform to the requirements of AS/NZS 3000:2007—CLAUSE 1.9.3 ALTERATIONS, ADDITIONS AND REPAIRS as legally required. Accordingly, I intend to arrange a conformance audit of the installation by a properly qualified electrician. Of particular concern is the possibility that rework might open fissures in the insulation of re-dressed wiring thus permitting leakage from an active wire..

  58. Anonymous says:

    I had a Smart meter installed yesterday 1/8/12 in Mildura, Victoria. I had previously contacted Powercorp and asked for them not to install the meter until after I had moved to SA which I plan to do next year. I explained that I was sensitive to radiation and had Chronic Fatigue Syndrome, Fybromyalgia and I am in remission from Non- Hodgkins Lymphoma.However I received a phone call telling me I was going to get one installed on a particular day then they just came and did it yesterday. Last night I could feel the current while sitting down watching TV, then all night I could feel it while I was in bed trying to sleep (I was awake most of the night) then this morning I could feel it sitting at the breakfast table and can feel it now as I am typing this on the computer. I rang Powercorp and was told it couldn’t happen and that no I could not speak to the CEO and no I could not get a Powercorp electrician to check the meter but I could pay to get one myself (I am on a pension and this is not a viable option). I am so upset that this thing was forced upon me and that Powercorp did not have the decency to wait as requested until I moved interstate. Last night I had heart palpitations and I am not happy about staying in my house but have no alternative. Linda S

    • Peter says:

      Hi Linda S

      I, and I’m sure all contributors to this and all anti-smart meter sites, are very sorry to hear of your situation.

      it is now VERY clear that the ‘kid gloves’ are off; as far as the distributors are concerned.

      Might I suggest that you have your doctors write a letter explaining your medical condition, send a copy to your distributors CEO, stating that if he/she is not prepared to replace your surveillance and control device with the original analogue meter, then you will be holding him/her personally responsible for any changes to your condition including stress, loss of sleep etc over the time between now and the time you move to SA,

      The distributor CEO’s have the DISCRETION as to what action their companies take with CUSTOMERS concerns with these devices.

      Best wishes, hope this is helpfull.

    • Ms Rebel says:

      Dear Linda, if I were you I would try not to spend too much time at your house. You say that you have no alternative but you must go see a doctor and get this on record. You have become another victim of electro-pollution in your own home… this IS dangerous to your health! Is there somewhere you can stay while you work it out? Family or friends perhaps? These electric companies are The Enemy and will NOT help anyone in this matter once they have managed to install their corrupt slow death meters. I feel so bad for you and I know others will also. Best wishes, Chel

  59. Anonymous says:

    I cannot live with the smart meter close to my head in the wall of my bedroom. I am Hypersenitive to Radio Active Frequencies. The power company installed a smart meter in my meter box without any authority which was installed when i was not there.

    I called the Power Company explained how i had these side effects from the emitting Radio Active Frequencies. They were quite rude and more or less called me a liar I was very hurt so i wrote to the CEO and asked him to remove the smart meter they bluntly refused.

    I have now made inquiries about purchasing a anologue meter and with the help of a professional Electrician we will gently remove the smart meter and hand it back to the Power Company and reinstate the anologue.I have been living away from my home as i cannot and will not risk these genuine and positive health disorders which I am subject too and Michael O`Brien believes is not true, if Michael was Hypersensitive to these Radio Active Frequencies then he would not be so ingorant when referring to these Health disorders in certain people as bring fictitious.

    Can anyone tell me if ever a smart meter was removed from a meter box in Vicroria and would this be against the law. I would greatly appreciate any info; and help as I find the Power Company have a one track mind who are only concerned about how many smart meters they can install per day and they certainly do not had the interest of the public at heart.

    I have pleaded with them to remove the meter, they bluntly refused [ said it was approved by the Government and nothing we can do about it,] Why are we been punished for something when we have not committed a crime, People who are genuinly Hypersenitive to Radio Active Frequencies [ radiation ] cannot be held responsible for having this health condition from birth and why will they not even try to listen to the people. The Government have now made it manitory for smart meters to be installed in every home in Victoria and are not taking into consideration a percentage of people DO HAVE HONEST AND GENUINE COMPLAINTS and are suffering from [emitting radiation] health disorders,along with addittional stress and fear factors given to them directly from the Power Companies saying they must accept a smart meter the rest of their lives.

    The continuity of these smart meters directly next to your brain or close by, will most certainly become carcinoginic in the humam body and may/will cause an early death.

    • Pete says:

      Alass annonymous, that is one piece of legislation that is quite clear, it is an offence to interfear with their equipment.

      In my case I informed my distributor that if they installed one of their devices in my home, I would remove it. I recieved information that it was illegal and dangerous. Being very much against these things I then advised them, if they don’t want their equipment interfered with, DON’T INSTALL IT! As far as I am concerned if the only way to protect myself and my family from this blatant abuse of power; is to break the the law, then so be it.

      In my oppinion, if the government/distributors have the right to ignore Human Rights legislation and circumvent existing privacy laws, yet make it illegal for a Victorian to protect their home, family, privacy, health and democratic rights from corporate buisinesses bullying, then Victoria and Australia are starting down the dictatorship trail.

      • Ms Rebel says:

        Correct! Uphold the rights to protect ourselves and more importantly, our loved ones from irreversible damage… a no-brainer I would have thought!

      • Anonymous says:

        Well said and so terribly true, this is becoming a dictatship Country we are having our freedom taken away, still tempted to remove the meter, i would love to know what would be the outcome,However, if I thought court would be sympathethic to this disorder EHS I would most definately take the risk. Thank you for your thoughts.

        • Pete says:


          I keep saying to Victorians in your position, write to your distributor and DEMAND its’ removal. They will almost certianly try to waste more time by quoting all the legislation yet again, my advice is not to be drawn into what the legislation says or does not say, simply keep replying and DEMANDING its’ removal.

          Depending how strong your resolve is, if my home is broken into for the purpose of the installation of one of these devices, I will inform the police that my property has been damaged, (this is a separate issue) then I will turn off my power supply and demand its removal. I am informed by The Essential Services Commission, it is then the distributors DISCRETION as to what action they take.

          The distributors MUST be FORCED to make a decision one way or the other, either declare Victoria a dictatorship by physically disconnecting our electricity supply, AN ESSENTIAL SERVICE, or conceed that we HAVE THE DEMOCRATIC RIGHT to refuse the installation of a device WHICH WE ARE PAYING FOR, but will never own any part of and do not want,

          In my oppinion, the time for arguing about the ‘why’s and wherefores’ is gone, neither the Victorian government nor the Victorian distributors are remotely interested in our concerns and simply ‘press on regardless’.

  60. Brian Mitch says:

    addendum to brianmitch comment: I still just got a bill,so maybe shielding their meter from transmitting didn’t work. not sure yet how much it worked. Also,put a mobile phone inside shielded meter box and it still works.Looks like heavier shielding of meter box enclosure is called for.Doesn’t anybody else have a working idea or sensible theoryThese meters have got to be stopped.Your daytime power bills will triple or more,and you’ll have to do your washing and electric cooking at 2 am in the morning when power will be cheaper,when it’s all set up in a couple of years.All to give bigger profits to foriegn companies who own our system.

  61. Anonymous says:

    I received a letter from Powercor telling me that my smart meter is about to be installed so I rang to tell them that I don’t want one and that the gate would be locked. I was told by a nice lady that I had no choice and there was nothing she could do. I told her I knew about the mandate and asked if she could tell me where the law stated that I was forced to have one against my will and what right they had to enter my property without permission? Her reply – “we own the meter that’s where we get the right”. She asked my concerns and I said ‘amongst other things they have not been proven safe in the long term’ she directed me to a website I am yet to find anything on there that makes me feel better about smart meters!! So now, Powercor are being emailed, the no trespassing sign is going up, the meter box is being locked, letters will be in the mail shortly. I’m not usually a protester but this is a joke!!

    • Tamara Hicks says:

      Dear bring” back the power” and” anonymous” and all others. Sixth Avenue Rosebud Rebellion.We’ve locked up meters and put signs up in ten houses.The leader has taken our pictures and are putting a story about our concerns ,especially health. Ages of protesters range from 40’s to 90 and were not being told what to do by Jemena which is owned by Singaporean company. Evidently installers aren’t coming near our properties and also if you have more than one analogue and a timer they havn’t figured out how to put the smart meter on with all this and where to put it in the meter box as theres no room.Also never get electrical work done under there advice as they are giving incorrect advice and the list of complaints with the Ombudsmen is so big it will take ages to get your case heard.
      We didnt have to read about the hub houses but are working to start identifying them so that families know they are getting an even bigger dose of RF EMR and other types that do not heat tissue. Also threats that if you dont get a smart meter and something goes wrong with your power then you will be charged 180??? to get power back on with a smart meter. Of course they wouldnt be offering to deduct any expenses from what you have alreasdy paid for this Surveillance Meter And Radiation Transmitting device that you dont want.
      We figue the next tactice will be shutting of our power enmass somehow and making out its an accident. Complain immediately to the Energy and water ombudsman if you are threatened with cutting off power. If it wasnt so cold I would get it cut off !!! The other issue is the sneaky solar meter version which a neighbour has but as they didnt have signs up they also have a smart meter. Lock em up and put em up and keep a look our for installers. I speak to them about the issues and give them the Stop Smart Meters information sheet .Talk about your neighbours concerns using their names and point out that elderly people do not need further worry and ask about their children. An important question for them is who owns Jemena??
      Take information sheets down your street explain about the signs and help people without computers and printers. A high lockout rate can be achieved if you have some time and cheaper copying at the local newsagent. Nobody has been rude to me nobody wants the meter and those that have it have health and other concerns. People want help and information that is not power company rubbish.
      Meeting 9th August Station Sstreet Seaford. Keep an eye out for details in the Mornington Leader or SSM sites and once there is a flyer ask to put it up in shops etc.
      Everybody has to do what they can, fillout the go petition especially the comments section where you can complain and the ARPANSA health complaints register so that eventually our concerns about levels will need to be forwarded to the commonwealth government to create pressure for them to be lowered. Include levels in your home read by an independent person or buy your own meter,Also you can ask your doctor for a medical certificate especially if you have previous/current illness and send to power company.
      Get a letter from your electrician stating that you intend to have your meter box moved away from your house ( if possible) but avoid the” get smart” meter at all costs. The risks to health and damage to human DNA for future generationsare huge. Tamara for
      Sixth Avenue Rebellion.

      • Sharron says:

        Hi Tamara, I live on the peninsula and like you, have refused installation. Have you considered requesting to meet with Greg Hunt re smart meters. In the public survey recently that I filled out i strongly opposed the idea of this roll-out and asked that he raise the issue in Parliament. I think there needs to be a National Referendum on this as people are not being given a chance to say NO! It’s ridiculous. Better still, get him to the Stop Smart Meter meeting as he seems like someone who values his own health!!!

  62. Brian Mitch says:

    I have an enclosed metal meter box into which they recently installed a smart meter.They had to fit an external antenna onto the metal door to transmit their signals,presumably because the meter cannot transmit through an earthed metal enclosure. So I fashoined an aluminium cover to fit tightly over the doughnut sized antenna and earthed it with a wire and a clip to a pop rivet on the metal enclosure. Presumably this defeats all radio transmissions and therefore defeats the purpose of the smart meter and also any health risk radiation. It was simple in my case,but everyone should do similar if possible,thus defeating the nefarious purposes and consequences of the whole meter system.

    • Anonymous says:

      Hi Brian

      I was away and Jemena came without consent and put in a killer meter,it is 2 ft from my head, i like what you did but i do not see any antenna anywhere and i have a metal box and a plug where do i find an aluminium cover maybe if i put it over the front and side of the box. Did you check the kw with a meter monitor after you did this?

      • Pete says:

        Hi Brian and Annonymous, have you check the area with an ‘electro smog meter’ after protecting yourselves? That should tell you if you have protected yourselves from the harmfull radiation, but maybe not from the invasion of your privacy.

        I would also draw your attetion the the item which says Powercor will NOT guarantee the safety of these devices, therefore I would suggest this is good grounds for DEMANDING its removal. Without a doubt they will continue to quote all sorts of legislation, but as I have said time and again, there is no law which states they HAVE to insall these devices, and there is NO LAW which specifically states that Victorians cannot refuse the installation of these surveillance and control devices.

        In my oppinion, the power companies continue to THREATEN to dissconnect their customers, while they continue to bully more and more Victorians into believing what they say is LAW when it is not.

    • Beatrix Vant says:

      Oh, THANK YOU! We have been trying to sleep a mere 2cm!!!!! apart from the damned thing since December 2011. It is installed on the other side of the plaster wall: the meter is attached to the plaster board, not even on the brick veneer outside!!! So shall I get my husband make a nice aluminum box around the thing? How do we earth it?

  63. Ken says:

    Hi All,

    For those who are searching for the AMI Order in Council (OIC) which was published in the Vic Govt Gazette S200 of 2007, the document can be found at:
    type in your browser: Gazette Archives – Victoria Government Gazette: Home Click on this page and the Gazette Archives page will appear. At the top right hand corner, in the search field, type S200 2007 and click the quick search button. Archives page will appear and starts at 2012 on page 1, go to page 87, scroll down to the bottom of the page and click on:

    S200 Special 28-Aug-2007 Special Gazette Number S200 Dated 28 August 2007 1 23872. This will provide a copy of the OIC in pdf which you can save. The relevant section regarding “using their best endeavours” is on page 16 of the document. If only that page is wanted, printing the first page also would be a good idea.

    Also, for those who are interested, have a look at the following Vic. Acts:

    Summary Offences Act 1966, S9 (wilful destruction, damage etc. of property – includes trespass); S23 (common assault); S50A (Trespass-land used for primary production)

    Crimes Act 1958 S36 (Meaning of consent); S76 (Burglary); S196 (Definition – property); S197 (Destroying or damaging property); S198 (Threats to destroy or damage property); S199 (Possessing anything with intent to destroy or damage property); S201 (Lawful excuse); S321M (Attempt); S321N (Conduct constituting attempt); S323 (Abettors in indictable offences triable as principal offenders).

    These Acts are available on the Austlii web site and the sections mentioned above can be individually downloaded. They may be useful to know and quote when encountering problems with installers, and others, to deter any bullying, threatening, intimidating or other type of unacceptable behaviour. NOTE: This is not legal advice.

    I am sure that there are other pieces of legislation that can be used however, I have not yet had time to look further. Any other pieces of info found will be passed on.

    Also, a good reference for “bullying and trespass” is The Law Handbook, Fitzroy Legal Service. This is an interesting site and worth the time to have a look at.

    Hope this info is of assistance.

  64. GlennS says:

    We’ve been fighting not to have a smart meter installed at our property in Pascoe Vale. Two sets of letters have been exchanged between ourselves and Jemena.
    We’re due to have a Solar Panel system installed at our property in a week. Jemena has told our solar installer that because we’re in a “communicating area”, a bi-directional interval meter cannot be installed – only a smart meter.
    Any advice would be appreciated on how we can proceed from here. Thanks.

    • Kathleen says:

      I was told by a solar panel company that smart meters were automatically installed with solar panels. Why would you have a solar panel system installed anyway?

      • GlennS says:

        Yes smart meters are usually installed with solar panels, but a bi-directional interval meter, which does not transmit wirelessly, is a feasible alternative the power companies are be able to provide, but are not willing to do so.

        Why would we want to have solar panels – to generate our own green power of course! We can generate excess which will be fed back into the grid as well to cut down on generation of dirty electricity.

        Anyone have any ideas on how we can proceed with trying to get the power company to install a bi-directional interval meter instead of a smart meter?

        See you all at the rally in Melbourne on the weekend.


        • Pete says:

          Hi GlennS

          I think it all depends on what you want, it seems that if you want to REDUCE your electricity bills using the feedin tarrif, then you have to have a smart meter. Be very carefull about feedin tarrifs, customers have been conned into thinking they are getting a particular rate, but in fact find themselves on lower rates than agreed on. It also stands to reason that feedin tarrifs will be reduced as more and more people go solar. If you do not want a smart meter, then you can either go ‘off grid’ or simply refuse to have a smart meter on your property. The government and power companies will try to kid you that ‘you cannot refuse to have a smart meter’ but they either cannot or will not, say what WILL happen if you continue to refuse, they simply THREATEN what COULD happen. Just my oppinion for what it is worth.

          regards Pete

          • GlennS says:

            Thanks Pete.

            As far as I’m aware, a bi-directional interval meter is effectively the same as a smart meter, except that it doesn’t transmit wirelessly. This would allow us to feed the excess solar generated power back into the grid and claim the feed-in tariff, without being exposed to radiation.

            Off-grid would be fantastic!!!! We did briefly consider this 🙂

        • Kathleen says:

          Wondering why GlennS describes coal generated electricity as “dirty electricity”? My question about why a person would want solar panels is a general one, for instance, I have friends who have installed them because they had a “spare $14,000” to spend! Electricity production by solar panels is very low in Victoria overall. The rebate is currently 25 cents per kwh (which the public subsidize) and soon to be zero. Dirty electricity is produced by wireless devices such as smart meters, wind turbines, mobile phones and their ilk. This is the kind of electricity we should be fearful of. This is the dirty electricity which is causing people to be sick.

    • Jennifer says:

      Go off grid and you can tell them to throw the meter in the river where it belongs and you will not have any bills, look for a country off grid installer they are much cheaper. good luck

  65. Anonymous says:

    I received my letter from United Energy last week that I will be having a smart meter installed by Service Stream. I definitely do not want one, I live up the road from Rosemary and Vic who have been having to sleep in their van. Another friend of mine has been having ringing in her ears since having one installed. I have downloaded and sent the form letters to United and also to Michael O’Brien and also put window in my meter box and padlocked it, and displayed no trespass signs. My elderly next door neighbour is doing the same thing. Here is something interesting though, my neighbour told me that when they came to install a smart meter at a house nearby they said they could not install it because there was a power point in the existing meter box, not sure why this would be the case, but maybe you are safe if you have a power point in your box?.

    • John Smith says:

      That is a very good comment indeed.
      I have hear that they are finding it ‘unsafe’ to install smart meters if you have a power point in your meter box, can someone please answer me why?

      I have had a power point in my meter box for the past 35+ years, ever since the electricity was installed at the property, back then they would always put one in there, and might I add, they still should as they are incredibly useful when vacuuming the car, or using garden blowers, or my personal favourite use, christmas lights.

      I have also heard that they will put a defect notice on your property if they find that you have a power point installed, and then WE will have to have to pay to have an electricitian come out and have it removed, before they will install a smart meter.

      If this so, can someone answer why they are so dangerous with smart meters?
      Everything works fine with analogue meters and there are no regulartions saying that you cant have a power point in that same meter box as an analogue meter.

      ….. would be nice to have this question answered by some form of authority.

  66. tim says:

    Always had some trouble sleeping but in approx the last year it has been to the point i might get 1hr sleep each night. This has started about the same time our smart meter was installed which lives on the other side of the wall where my head is at night where i try to sleep in my bed. Its seriously 1 foot away from my head.
    Besides this there is still the point of why they didn’t hold off for the nbn and run on off a line??? That would have been the SMART thing to do. These things will be out dated in the short future anyway but they refuse as always to admit they are wrong and push on anyway at tax payers expense just like miki.

  67. Stand up for our Rights says:

    Reply to Power Distributors letter on Meter Ownership and rights to install a smart meter.
    Today I have forwarded this reply to my Power Distributor and I am posting it for anyone else who may be interested.
    In reply to your letter dated / / , we require further details to support the claims you have made.
    1. We challenge your comment in the opening paragraph re “an electricity distributor is obliged by law to install meters at all installations in its distribution are by 2013”. This law in fact does not state Powercor is obliged, it states “Each distributor must use its best endeavours to install a remotely read interval meter”. So we are confirming Powercor have used their “best endeavours” to install a remotely read interval meter, and we are happy to provide a statutory declaration to this effect as under the Order in Council it also states that

    We have never refused to have a “meter” replaced with a “like meter” which is what would be required for maintenance, nor have we refused to have our power metered and to pay for our power used. Our current meter is a simple meter which is simply to measure power usage and needs to be read manually and hasn’t posed any threat to our home, safety, privacy or health So please supply the chapter and verse of any Acts or Codes which allow you to replace my “meter” with a “device” which is what a Smart Meter is and which, following our research, we believe poses a threat to the safety of our privacy, health, our home, appliances and finances .

    2. We are also confused by your quote from clause 6.2 as we are not claiming to have any of your equipment or assets as part of the land or premises. We are quite simply refusing to have a “meter” replaced with a “device”. Although it does pose an interesting question how you claim ownership to a meter we have paid for, and to the smart meter you have been aiming to install, since we are also paying for that whether we have it or not.

    3. You mention the Deemed Electricity Distribution Contract. We have never seen or agreed to any contract with Powercor, with the terms that you mention clearly shown, so please supply us with a copy of this contract and a copy of our agreement to this contract.

    4. You also stated that “Powercor owns the current meter on our property”. Please supply legal documents showing that Powercor has proof of ownership of our meters, NMI…………. and NMI …………………………… as we believe our current analogue meter is owned by the State Electricity Commission Victoria and as the SECV is still in operation , we need to see ownership of what you claim is your asset on our property.

    5. As we have a “Trespass Applies” sign installed on our property, you need permission to enter and you need our permission to do any work on our property. Therefore we require you to show us the legislation that disconnects that and gives you, the power company, ownership over our property rights under the Constitution.

    Yours Sincerely

  68. Simone says:

    Well the news is out, many countries are now against the “Smart Meters”. and are returning them.
    Can corporations be that arrogant, that they do not see the problem? If our health is at stake not to mention privacy issues, high billing risks of damage to the properties, is it then not therefore time to get this thing off our homes and properties? We do live in a ‘DEMOCRATIC’ society don’t
    we? The secret is” POWER IS IN NUMBERS” and guess what, that is us, the other 99%. Can you think what would happen if we all showed at the same time? All I am trying to say, is we need to go on and fight this with as many people as possible.. Our group is very strong and getting stronger
    by the day, because we believe in the future of our generations and not in umbrellas of corruption

    • Anonymous says:

      Well said Simon, why not all of us find an electrician to remove the killer meter [professionally] and return to the energy people and take the chance, as you say there is power in numbers. Anyone out there think the same.Lets do it.

  69. When will they get it, we are refusing to have a smart meter installed says:

    To those people who are receiving replies back from their Power Distributors after you have sent the “Prohibition to install a smart meter” letter, If you receive a reply from your first letter of No consent to install, it will probably have strong words and contracts, codes etc listed re Meter Ownership, the Power Distributors entitlement to access your property etc, and a paragraph suggesting you raise any further concerns re the Victorian Government policy to the Dept of Primary Industries , DPI.
    So, now many people are then sending the Prohibition of undue harassment letter to the Power Distributor and also sending a letter to the DPI and their Member of Parliament, saying that:

    No matter how many times it is stated that Smart Meters are safe, WE DO NOT BELIEVE THEY ARE.
    •WHO SAYS ARPANSA and other Australian standards being used are right AND ALL THE OTHER REPORTS ARE WRONG.


  70. Take the Power Back says:

    Despite what is happening to the Citizens of Victoria who do not want smart meters, I still like to believe that we all have good inside us, despite the fact that it may not show at a particular time. So I sent this letter to Minister O’Brien.
    Hon. Michael O’Brien,
    Minister for Energy and Resources,
    GPO Box 4440,
    Melbourne, Vic. 3001.
    13th March, 2002.

    Dear Minister,
    Please see my attached letter sent to Powercor prohibiting the installation of a smart meter. I don’t believe I need to revisit all my individual issues re this issue as I have made them known to you and others before, but I will say, that I do not believe that yourself, and other Members of Parliament would have voted in this legislation for “each distributor must use its best endeavours to install a remotely read interval meter” if you had really investigated research and stories overseas following the installation of smart meters elsewhere. (But I ask, did you vote it in directly? Was it in fact buried in the passing of the Electricity Act 2000 in a clause that allowed further directives under the Act to be done via an Order In Council, without the voting Members really understanding just what that left the Citizens of Victoria open to? )
    It saddens me that the Australia that I have always loved and adored has come to this level of attempted centralised control and power. It breaks my heart to see all the overseas ownership and control invading my beloved Country and I will fight it to the end.
    However, I do thank you and the others trying to force the AMI ie smart meters onto us, for “awakening me”.
    I have grown up believing and trusting in the elected Governments in Australia, and in my elected members, that they will always honour the Constitution and democratic and human rights of the citizens of Australia by truly representing them. My steep learning curve and research of the last ten months, since I received my Powercor letter in the mail, has enlightened me and I believe that I am now a more empowered citizen as a result.
    Since starting an awareness campaign locally to inform others of what I have learned, I have been shocked at the response of others. I have received so many letters, phone calls, hugs and messages saying thank you for what you are doing. The comment which has shocked me the most and which may or may not shock you too, is “I’ve had enough, I’m sick of being told what I will and will not have or do.” Comments such as this have come from so many people.
    I believe you are a good person who may be out of touch with what I and many other citizens want in our State. My understanding of the Constitution is that the whole system of Parliament, and the SOLE reason for its existence, is to make laws for the people, with the clear Implication that those laws will reflect the WILL of the people on the subject matter of those laws.
    Hence I have decided that I must honour what I consider to be my duty under The Constitution and inform the Parliament of “my will” with regards to Smart Meters. Therefore, I have attached a copy of “My Will” letter which I am taking to my local Member of Parliament so that I am doing my part and notifying the Parliament of my will, so that they may take this into consideration when making further considerations re Automatic Metering Infrastructure.
    Since looking into our Constitution, it is also my understanding that the true and legal function and duty of a Member of Parliament in legislating is that, his SOLE LEGAL DUTY is like a judge entering his court, he shall enter his House of the Parliament, each official Sitting day, and with judge-like dignity and decorum, he shall honestly, impartially, and searchingly examine all matters that properly may be placed before him and, with unbiased judgement, vote according to his conscience and his sense of legal responsibility.
    I implore you, please listen to what the people of Victoria are saying, and honour your duty as a Member of Parliament under our Constitution.

    • Ryan says:

      Take the power back, Welll I wish you luck with that, do you know how many people have appealed to Michael O’Brien and me being one of them, I have appealed for the safety and health of my child, for the animals, for nature, for everyone and this good man has ignored mine and everyone elses pleas, if you feel the need to grovel to these monsters then you are welcome to it, let us see where it gets you…

      • Lets take the Power back says:

        Not sure if you fully read ALL of my letter, no grovelling from me, just speaking from the heart. I won’t be having a smart meter AT ALL – TOTAL, and I still believe there is good in everyone, but I cannot believe any rational person in a Ministerial position like Michael O’Brien, can just not see the risks to us all and STOP IT & REPEAL THE LEGISLATION.
        I actually believe that none of the mail from all of us is even being read anymore. It’s a bit like the 400 or more public submissions to the AMI review which have not been published and after we kept asking why, why, why and answered everything they came up with, they finally admitted this month in writing (8 months after they were submitted} that the public submissions weren’t posted because they were all against the installation and had similar reasons. Many of us spent hours doing our submissions and had a lot of information in them. But all their actions are saying they just don’t care about the Citizens of Victoria.

        • Vickie says:

          Take the power back, I know you like to believe there is good in everyone, unfortunately the Goverment including Michael’OBrien, have put money ahead of the safety and Health of all of us, I believe they all know the Scientific and Medical Evidence proves that these devices are extremely dangerous, I have sent them numerous Health Reports and Studies, all my letters and communications have gone ignored, they are simply turning their backs on all of our pleas, while they are sitting back there getting their huge salaries and at the same time making decisions that are ruining people lives, they will stick together as a group, even if they agree with us they wouldnt have the guts to stand up alone and say what they know is wrong. Our only hope is to keep trying to get stories public, this will result in more people refusing installations which I really think is happening now, this is causing problems to their Big Brother plans, as many say here, there is power in the numbers and the more people that object to this violation of Human Rights all the better.

    • Vickie says:

      All I can say regarding appealing to “good man” in Michael O’Brien is good luck with that, the man has been ignoring the appeals of all of us, I know what you are trying to do but I dont think it will work, the health implications of this forced Smart Meter rollout will affect babies, children, even the unborn and all of us, could a good man live with this on their conscience ??

    • Ryan says:

      Hello Take the Power Back, hmmm although you believe Michael O’Brien to be a good person he has completely ignored the pleas and concerns from so many people, how has such a good person remained so silent on such an important issue, maybe you can plead a case that no one else has been able too and I hope you can.

      • Lets take the Power back says:

        No I can’t plead a case that no-one else has been able to, its just that I have always believed there is good in everyone.
        But I now wonder how that works with Michael O’Brien and the rest of the Government who won’t listen to us. They just keep repeating the same rubbish which they obviously believe, or pretend too. I really don’t get it, they are going to be living amongst it all too. How come they don’t want to protect themselves and their families even if they don’t care about us? Have they looked into anything themselves or just believed those who tell them what to think and say? Are they all so stupid that they think ordinary citizens want to spend many of their waking hours trying to protect themselves from smart meters instead of getting on with living and enjoying their lives. I don’t believe they realise just how serious we all are.

    • Fiona says:

      I think your letter is really well constructed and well supported. If it was to me I would stop and think. I imagine someone who comes from a stance of ignorance does not want to be told that they are wrong and coming from this angle is worth a try. I also like to think there is good in everyone.
      However I think there is sooo much ego involved here. To back down now and admit to making such a poor decision that is endangering the health of so many people takes alot of courage. I am not sure the Minister has this in him. Ignorance is still bliss to many.

  71. Fighting says:

    It time to take legal action against this government, time to all organise a lawyer because there is massive amounts of evidence used against them. We need a fund for legal action to take these corrupted people to court and get them (Smart Meters) removed. The only way is to take them on and use what they do to us against them. Human rights broken, Australian constitution broken, treason all has been going on and to say there is too much costs to stop now is a lie. We are paying for them ourselves and they say they own the meters. Many violations broken.
    Time to take it up to them in court. Time to make them listen.
    We also need to call for an audit of State members of parliament and see where the donations have come from.

    We have means to make them listen and switch off your TV and start using them.
    Now this site needs to start a fighting fund for legal action. Lets begin.

  72. Bob Whidon says:


    I hear what you say. It is an unfolding tragedy worse than the stolen generations. Much worse because we are neither poor nor inartulilate and they will still not listen to us.

    My very own grand-daughter, who sits no further than 10 meters away from the smart meter (installed against my will) when she visits is suffering from these effects. She tells me she is unaware of how she got pregnant or when. As far as we can work out, it must have happened about the same time as the damned meter was installed.

    Now, I don’t want to be painted as a religious nut. I know that the meter could not have impregnated her, but I am sure that without some form of mind altering affects, such a devout and innocent flower could never have allowed such a beastly act to have been committed, and even if it had, she would have remembered!!!

    I fear that the effects are not limited to our youth. I too am experiencing strange lapses of memory since the smart meter was installed. I fear that the effects are not limited to our youth. I too am experiencing strange lapses of memory since the smart meter was installed.

    Bob Whidon

  73. Fiona says:

    I am having heart palpatations, racing heart, head pain and experience a serge that goes through my body making the whole of my insides shake-it stops and then it serges through again -all in the middle of the night. Why? Because my smart metre is on my bedroom wall. Some of us are more sensitive to these frequencies than others. I have heard some people can be pregnant and reach the birth without knowing they are pregnant! If I hold a mobile to my ear for 5 minutes I have experienced agonising burning inside my head which can last over an hour. I don’t need to read research because I know my body and I know how it responds when I feed it right and when I don’t. I know what is good for it and what is not. I know how it responds when there is interference in its electrical field. Why don’t we have a choice?! Who will pay the medical bills? I need mine removed sooner rather than later.

  74. Joe M says:

    They say they are mandatory, however……

    I have written to both the Energy Minister and United Energy telling them in no uncertain manner that they will not be installing one at my place.

    My street had meters installed at other properties last week but they could not get into my house.
    I am yet to hear back from UE or the minister.

    I would suggest you lock your meter up, write to your electricity supplier and the minister and stand your ground.
    Don’t let them install one!

  75. Joe M says:

    Received notification from United Energy today saying a smart meter was going to be installed soon.


    I will be writing to United Energy, Michael O’Brien and my local member advising all of them to forget trying to install a smart meter at my house.
    My meter box is locked up and inaccessible to everyone except my family and I.
    How dare they think they can come on my property and install a radiation emitting, invasive device like a smart meter.
    I am prepared to do whatever it takes to protect my family and myself from harmful radiation and unlawful surveillance of us any time United Energy or anybody else for that matter feel like it.

    I am really surprised that there isn’t more uproar about this here in Victoria. Australians are being taken for a ride with the current governments in charge, and the “she’ll be right mate” attitude needs to be eliminated once and for all before this country is no longer what we all love it for, THE BEST COUNTRY IN THE WORLD.

    We need to really unite and flex some muscle with a class action against both the government and the electricity companies. NOW!
    We have the biggest reserves of coal in the world but at the rate we are going will have the most expensive electricity in the world, because of scheming governments and incredibly greedy electricity companies.

    The citizens of Canada and the US are fighting like hell and getting somewhere, lets follow their lead.
    Stand up Australia, don’t let this happen, the most important thing we all have, OUR HEALTH, is at serious risk.
    Despite what they say we have absolutely nothing to gain and everything to lose from smart meters.

    • Anonymous says:

      I do support your view.
      I declined its instalation, but my health suffer from naighbouring one ever since it was install there.
      We have no escape places anymore! Where ever you go to nature (parks) you find high power lines ( which did not cause problem for me till I was sensitized with very high radiation) and new TelstraG4 towers.!!!
      Health care?
      Medical doctors here are not prepared for this “New Plagues” .
      Symptoms – if you are sensitive person – you are told are “all in your minds” you should seek psychiatric care…
      At present, the mechanisms causing a hypersensitivity to novel electromagnetic fields are unknown
      Incidence of this syndrom is icreasing.(according to Robert O. Becker M.D. “Cross Currents”)

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