How to use this site

There is a lot of excellent information on this website but it needs to be shared with the public urgently. For this we need your help.

  1. First enter your email address in the Email Subscription box on the right-hand side in order for you to be emailed post notifications as soon as they are published.

2. There are a number of ways that you can share posts and comments with your contacts.      You can print the article, email, or share it via Facebook.

    At the bottom of every article there is a Share option (as shown below). Hover your             mouse over the way you want to share this story. If you want to use Facebook simply             click the Facebook icon and the story will be automatically shared to your Facebook           wall for all your friends to see.

Leaving Comments

We encourage you to leave comments on any articles of interest to promote discussion        and to share information and experiences. If you prefer this can be done                                  anonymously. At the bottom of posts and pages which have not currently been                  commented on you will see the option to Leave a comment, as shown below:

When you click on this a Leave a comment box appears:

You will also find the Leave a comment box at the bottom of other posts and pages.

Enter your comment along with your email address (which is never made public) and         name (which may be an alias, if you prefer). There is also an option to enter a website         address; if this option is filled in your name will be linked to the nominated website.

  •  If you want to make an anonymous comment simply leave the Email, Name and      Website fields blank. Enter your comment and then click Post Comment.                      Alternatively, you can log onto your Twitter account and post the comment that way.

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