New documentary on 5G and health premieres: ‘Something is in the Air’

Is radiation from your mobile phone or telecommunication towers harmful for your health?  Or the environment?  

Are scientific conclusions tied to the interests of those who fund the studies?  How do governments make sure the radiation stays within healthy limits?  What happens to insects when 5G is fully rolled out?

These questions and many more are explored in Something is in the Air.  Interviewees include scientists such as Dariusz Leszczynski and Martin Pall.  This outstanding documentary provides a comprehensive overview of many of the important issues around the increasing saturation of our environment with pulsed radiofrequencies.

The 28-minute video can be accessed for free below or at the following link:

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3 Responses to New documentary on 5G and health premieres: ‘Something is in the Air’

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  2. bonzer says:

    I’ve been thinking about this a long time and I want you to consider it;
    We know coronavirus surfaced in Wuhan. Same place that 5G was rolled out. I’m not one for striking conclusions off coincidences but…is it beyond the bounds of probability that COVID-19 was the result of a weaker virus mutating due to it being zapped by 5G?
    Has anyone done any studies on the effects of EMR s on viruses?
    Just wanting to put this out there for comment.

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