Environmental sensitivities have made it to the second round of the disability access to premises review!

Congratulations to everyone who submitted feedback, during the discovery phase of the Disability (Access to Premises – Building) Standards review, about the difficulties that people living with environmental sensitivities have in accessing public buildings.  It paid off – we’ve been heard!  

The outcome of the discovery phase, which concluded on 30 November 2020, is a consultation paper that draws on the findings of the initial stage of the review.  This paper asks for more detailed feedback.

Environmental sensitivities have been included as one of the seven themes identified in the consultation paper.

The Premises Standards review consultation paper defines environmental sensitivities as ‘Adverse effects or chronic condition whereby a person has symptoms when exposed to low level of chemical or other environmental and communication agents, such as Wi-Fi, in the built environment’.

Appendix A (p. 20) of the consultation paper provides a graphical representation of the seven key themes: it shows that environmental sensitivities were discussed by ten per cent of submissions in the discovery phase.  According to a more detailed breakdown on p. 23, which identifies sub-themes, electromagnetic hypersensitivity led the way at 5.3%, followed by cognitive disability (2.9%) and multiple chemical sensitivity (1.3%).

The Premises Standards team is now asking for feedback on the consultation paper.  This is due by 16 April 2021.

We need to identify changes in order to improve the Premises Standards!  This will assist the team to write a report by mid-2021 for the Australian Government.

As pointed out in SSMA’s post on the initial phase of the Premises Standards review, the existing Premises Standards make NO provision for people who are electrically sensitive.  They also make no allowance for people who have multiple chemical sensitivity, which often goes hand-in-hand with electrical sensitivity.

This means that the National Construction Code, which contains these standards, fails to take into account the needs of people living with these conditions.

There is currently no requirement for public buildings to provide safe access for people living with environmental sensitivities – despite Australia having a Disability Discrimination Act which provides a very broad definition of disability.

We need to ensure that the Premises Standards provide people living with electromagnetic hypersensitivity dignified, equitable, cost-effective and reasonably achievable access to public buildings.  We also need to make sure that people working within the building industry have a clear understanding of their legal obligations in this regard.

Again, the Premises Standards team has made it easy for everyone to participate in this review.  It’s up to you if you want to take an online survey, upload a written submission, video or audio, talk to the team on the phone, send your feedback by email or mail.  You can choose to make your submission confidential.

The consultation paper asks you to consider questions about each of the themes that have been identified, but you are welcome to only provide input on your preferred topics – even if these haven’t been included in the scope.  Three of the questions are specific to the environmental sensitivities theme.  Please provide examples of issues that you have encountered and give possible solutions that might be addressed through better design and construction of public buildings.  Let’s work towards making our schools, libraries, hospitals, auditoriums, holiday accommodation and other buildings that fall within the ambit of the Premises Standards accessible to all people living with disability!

To find out more and participate in the Premises Standards review, go to the consultation hub at: https://consult.industry.gov.au/premises-standards-review-team/2020-premises-standards-review-consultation-paper/.

If you would like to view the Disability (Access to Premises – Buildings) Standards 2010, which are currently in force, go here.

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5 Responses to Environmental sensitivities have made it to the second round of the disability access to premises review!

  1. SSMA says:

    The date for submitting feedback has been extended to 30th April 2021!

    The consultation hub webpage now says:

    “Due to strong interest from stakeholders, the department is extending consultations to run until 30 April 2021.

    You are welcome to submit new or additional responses, even if you’ve already submitted input during the consultation period (which ran from 22 February to 16 April 2021).”

    If you haven’t already had your say, or want to add to it, please do so!

  2. Rik says:

    This goes along with 5G and covid19 findings which are linked.
    From what I’ve found out and seen, the symptoms of covid19 in china, where the people were falling down dead was actually 5G sickness. They turned 5G up to 60hz and that kills people. They blamed it on covid19 but its actually 5G at 60hz.
    THATS why people aren’t falling down dead around the world, wuhan was the first place in the world to enable 5G at 60hz. The rest of the world is starting 5G but at 12hz I think it is, its really low compared to wuhan.

    I cant handle smart meters, there is no way I will handle 5G. My sickness is getting out of hand, and I’ve tried to get help and its all failed and I’m classed as “untreatable”. BUT it looks like its just everyone around here is getting 5G phones and they are putting up 5G towers and thats why I’m getting worse. The more 5G is in the air and the more towers get put up the worse I am getting.
    I really need to get away from the city/suburbs for a few days/weeks and see what happens. Will be symptoms stay the same or get better?

    Problem is the governments don’t care for 2% of the population, but the 2% gays can change anything but us, the 2% sick are ignored. The governments are also paid to ignore us and let it happen, let the 5G towers go up and enable the 5G network even that, just like the covid19 vaccine, its untested, unsafe, PROVEN to be bad for our health but they get paid so they let it go ahead.

    • TL says:

      Rik, follow the money. Certain demographics, which political correctness says I am not allowed to name, have greater spending power than others, so their voice is more readily heard.

      Plus, the govt knows the benefits to them of 5G, 6G, 7G, etc and they couldn’t possibly share that info with us because it is a MILITARY secret. But they overlooked marking it top-secret back in the 70’s when they did their naval research. Since then, they have realised just how useful it is, and by extension, the need to hush it up. This is why the diplomats in foreign embassies get negligible support from their government when they get deliberately irradiated.

  3. pcwwp says:

    Really great work – thanks to all who have worked to make this happen – this unnatural radiation and Geo Engineering are, in my view, clear and present threats to all biology.

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