Why are Victorians discriminated against?

Premier Daniel Andrew’s dictatorial approach to COVID-19 has made international headlines. He is responsible for inflicting upon Victorians some of the most stringent pandemic-control measures on Earth; 115 days of lockdown, longer than the 92-day lockdown in Manila, 76 days in Wuhan, China, 58 days in Italy, and 33 days across New Zealand. In Melbourne, public life essentially came to a halt, and people were only allowed to leave their houses for one hour of exercise per day, or to buy food, care for others or seek medical attention. Police asked cyclists for identification to ensure they were not breaching a rule allowing exercise only within five kilometres of their homes, and they also harassed old ladies siting on park benches for taking a break from their walks. 

Dan Andrew’s justification for his draconian COVID-19 laws was ‘health before rights’.

Ironically, what is less known, is Dan Andrew’s approach to the forced installation of smart meters, and his arrogant refusal to assist people whose health is severely affected by the pulsed electromagnetic radiation constantly emitted by these devices 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. 

While other states have a humanitarian approach towards the installation of smart meters, Victoria refuses to permit the disabling of the radiofrequency communications module of smart meters, even for people with compromised immune systems and who have medical conditions and certificates delineating their sensitivity to microwave radiation. 

Other Australians can choose not to have an electricity meter that emits pulsed microwave radiation, but not Victorians!

Recently a friend of SSMA living in NSW, only a few hundred metres away from the Victorian border, had a smart meter installed after purchasing solar panels. He asked to have the communication module disabled, and Origin Energy said “No problems”; and it was disabled right in front of the property owner (who happens to be an electrician). This person had no medical condition, but was knowledgeable enough to know of the dangers posed by pulsed radiation.

Yet in Victoria Dan Andrews will not permit this to happen, even for people severely suffering, just like Sergio Casagrande of Reservoir.

Dan Andrews’ callous disregard towards people who have become severely ill, and sometimes been made homeless, due to pulsed emissions from smart meters, makes a mockery of his justification of putting health before rights in the fight against COVID-19.

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8 Responses to Why are Victorians discriminated against?

  1. Desmond Naylor says:

    Whatever good things Dan Andrews may have done in the handling
    of the Covid pandemic means nothing. His credibility has been lost by his most
    undemocratic act of not allowing Victorians the free choice to have
    the wireless microwave transmitter removed from the electricity meter that’s
    been placed on their own private property. And in failing to do so
    he has forced Victorians to have their bodies VIOLATED by electromagnetic
    radiation without having given their explicit consent to allow this to happen.
    This also is a violation of Victorian’s democratic rights and serves as a disgrace
    to this nation.

    When it comes to health you can’t have it both ways Dan. That is
    what you call hypocrisy.

    And in my opinion, it is for these very reasons also that I consider his Energy Minister
    Lily D’Ambrosio to be a cold hearted cruel and callous person without genuine care
    to her fellow human beings.

  2. Wendy Rice says:

    Thank you for the update! Keep up this essential good work, SSMA!!

  3. Hilary Taylor says:

    Well said! It is absolute hypocrisy. They should not be forcing people to do things! They have given us reason to be alarmed! And in the end they want to use all this as leverage to make sure no person can refuse a vaccine that is poorly tested and most likely an even bigger danger to health than Corona Virus.

  4. Compassionate says:

    I agree with this view 100%. In fact, Sco-Mo’s knee-jerk lockdowns of the economy made me suspicious that there was more to this than meets the eye, because the various levels of government have never reacted like that to protect people from the health effects of EMR from smart meters, mobile phone towers, public wi-fi, never mind properly regulating personal EMR emitting devices such as mobile phones and baby monitors.

    In an ironic way, I welcomed the covid lockdowns because it gave me a reference point to help others understand what it is like for Electromagnetically Hyper Sensitive people struggling to navigate the dangers to their health in the environment. You can’t go near someone because they might have covid? EHS persons can’t go near them because they probably have a mobile phone on them. You suffered being locked up inside your house? EHS persons struggle to leave their home because of all the EMR out there. You lost your job temporarily due to lockdowns? Many EHS persons will never be able to work again because of the high levels of EMR in the workplace, never mind while travelling to work. You’re scared to use public transport because of covid germs everywhere? EHS persons are scared to use public transport because of mobie phones and ipads everywhere.

    The health impacts of EHS are generally life-long and yet no authority gives a damn. The impact of covid is usually of a more temporary nature and yet everyone, covid patients and non-sufferers alike, have had their lives turned upside down for the sake of protecting a few more vulnerable members of the community. Where is the protection for the vulnerable EHS sufferers? EHS persons can’t even get the microwave radiation disabled from a smart meter on their own property, never mind demanding that everyone else have the radiofrequencies turned off on their smart meters.

  5. Lance says:

    Yes. We are discriminated against regarding our rights with (not so) smart meters. But you have written this post in the comfort of a state free of new corona virus infections for over 52 days and looking forward to a relatively normal christmas with few limitations apart from common sense. It was only a few short months ago that Victoria had over 19,000 cases! If it wasn’t for ‘Steely Dan’ and his fortitude (you call it dictatorial and draconian), Victoria would be in totally different mess of covid! Look at Sydney right now, the UK, Spain, India, DSA (Divided States of America), etc. Covid is spiralling out of control. I wonder if they might just envy Victoria right now?

    • Peter says:

      Hey Lance, if you recall, at one stage earlier this year NSW had more COVID infections than Victoria but NSW was able to nip it in the bud through great contact tracing and properly organised state government, while Victoria used extreme measures resulting in mass unemployment, ruined businesses and vulnerable immigrants being locked up in towers. Yet both states had the same result in reducing COVID to nil cases. What has happened in NSW a few days ago has noting to do with bad government policy or the state’s increased freedoms. The same thing could happen in Victoria today…. Also, from your comment, I have no doubt you didn’t lose your job or business, nor your house, because of Dan Andrew’s extreme measures! Just remember, Dan Andrews always used “health” as the reason for his harsh lockdown, but as we found out, this was often not the case – For example, the curfew had nothing to do with “health” according to Victoria’s Chief Health Officer, and neither was banning lawn mowing businesses, but at the same time allowing council gardeners to continue to go about their business cutting lawns….

    • Anti-Dan says:

      And Victoria had over 19,000 cases because of the incompetence of Dan Andrews’ hotel quarantine scheme. And who pays the price for his incompetence? Not the guy who supposedly the buck stops at. He and his cohorts have all denied knowledge of who decided to use private security guards. So where is the buck stopping? BEFORE Dan Andrews. He threw Jenny Mikakos under the bus. And Dan can rely on the short memory of people who will vote for him again at the next election.

      So many people have committed suicide or have mental health problems as a result of these lockdowns and economic destruction. Where were the concerns for the mental health of those people? Suck it up folks and wait for the months of lockdowns to end so that you can go and see a mental health practitioner.

    • Andrea says:

      Unfortunately Lance, Andrews was the reason why we were in this situation in the first place without even taking any responsibility for it. Sadly as I work in the public health system, supports were withdrawn and many vulnerable people were left on their own. Now desperate families trying to remedy what has gone wrong. Steely Dan was definitely being steely to the exact people we were supposed to be protecting “the elderly” and “vulnerable “. Got nothing to do with health unfortunately. Sorry to burst your bubble.

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