Petition | Stop the 5G Rollout in Australia

The following petition, started by Jessie Reimers, is to the Minister for Health, the Hon Greg Hunt MP:

“Most people think that 5G is just like 2G, 3G and 4G and that it will just mean we have faster internet.

Unfortunately, this could come at a great cost to public health and safety as 5G technology is very different to anything we’ve had in the past.

Why are we rolling this technology out without a single, independent test for biological safety on not only our own health but our children, animals, the environment ……..”

To read the complete petition, and to sign, go to:

Let’s help Jessie Reimers keep up the momentum on this petition.

Over 50,000 people have signed – it’s on track to reach the 75,000 mark!

Previous petitions against 5G in Australia that SSMA has featured include:
Ban the 5G network in Australia to the Minister for Health and
Please test 5G technology BEFORE it is rolled out, which was delivered earlier this year to the former Communications Minister.

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16 Responses to Petition | Stop the 5G Rollout in Australia

  1. Didi says:

    this has to stop NOW We should have a say in this , we can RUN , but we cannot hide from the deadly microwaves that we can’t turn off 😫😳

  2. Anonymous says:

    I live in Melbourne city and am sure the 5G is affecting my well being, headaches,brain fog, trouble
    sleeping and you know something is causing it.cant prove it though.

    • Anonymous says:

      Hi Carl, I live in South Melbourne and have been experiencing the same troubles since 5g was rolled out in my area. I feel terrible all the time.

  3. Jannette Unwin says:

    I would ask this question? Why do the people of Australia / the world not question and investigate the real truth about 5G. IT IS A KILLER TO BEES, ( HOW WILL OUR FOOD CHAIN SURVIVE ), ANIMALS, and …..HUMANS….US ALL KILLED OFF.
    What is our Government doing about this. to date NOTHING.
    Scientists from around the world are all in agreement….THIS MUST BE STOPPED!!!

    • di frawley says:

      It’s all part of agenda 21/30 & their plan for de-population. Research it…. it’s one of the ways to kill off people & make it look like natural causes 😦

  4. fiona says:

    Funny, when I go on the link and try to sign all these other petitions come up-I am unable to sign. Is it finished?

    • Cathy says:

      I couldn’t see any problems just now when I clicked on the link in the post. The person who started the petition has also been keeping everyone in the loop as I’ve had quite a few updates since I signed. In the last update she also gave this link for the petition:

  5. 5G Concerns says:

    Excellent Lecture by Arthur Firstenberg (from 2018) explaining mobile phones, 5G, and where this is all unfortunately heading:

    Also, please visit:

  6. 5G Concerns says:

    Please check out this excellent, informative link revealing all the 5G tower locations across Australia, with detailed information about each tower.
    (488 towers currently).
    Look up what’s being proposed near where you live…..

    When you travel down the page, it lists all the towers firstly for Victoria, then NSW, then SA, then NT, WA, TAS, ACT, then QLD.
    Click on blue number to the left for more detail about particular tower location, and what type of tower it is. When map comes up, click on “Environment EME Report” for test information, comparing the difference between the “existing configuration” and “proposed configuration” at each site.
    The results are a real concern.

    In the Victoria list of towers for example:
    3133007 | 495 Burwood Hwy — VERMONT SOUTH, 3133
    In existing configuration (3G, 4G and 4GX) power density (mW/m2) at 0-50mtrs has been measured at 6.18 mW/m2.
    With the proposed 5G configuration, the power density (mW/m2) at 0-50mtrs will be going up to 506.044 (mW/m2).

    6.18 mW/m2 – 506.044 mW/m2
    That’s alarming!!!


  7. Jo Donnelly says:

    Yes I knew it was coming and would mean great suffering and likely the end to many and detriment to everyone’s health in one way or another. However, fighting for the last few years to avoid Wi-Fi and in particular smart meters kept me a little ignorant to when the devils newest and most evil device would be released. I have been staying in the Central Coast areas near the ocean, ironically mainly to avoid RF EMR and was ok until mid to late May this year. When I began feeling extra radiated and knew something extremely unhealthy was lurking in the air. I kept checking my meter boxes to ensure no smart meters had been stealthily deployed, or activated and regularly using my meters, doing lots of readings trying to find out what was now more widely a problem. Even heart pain and tinnitus which I only ever suffer mild and sometimes moderately near the strongest RF EMR and which I could usually manage in my home environment by avoiding dirty electricity/solar panels and their inverters/smart meters, etc.and I only ever use a totally wired computer/email system. But strong heart pain began in the last week in May and the tinnitus is now almost constant and very piercing since same date. While looking on the map of the Central Coast areas last week for somewhere else to stay, as I always check the distance of sub stations, etc. I fell upon the information that 5G had been released in Niagara Park Central Coast nsw and others the last week of May. Tracking back it was to the day my tinnitus and other EHS symptoms flared and intensified uncontrollably. How many of us will suffer and fall and have our illnesses exacerbated horrendously, before this diabolical health stealing, torturous, callous,, insane, genocidal practice is stopped.

    • anon says:

      Yes, I have been wondering if they have been putting new frequencies out of the cell towers lately due to an increase in symptoms. Can anyone elaborate on exactly what is going on?

  8. SSMA says:

    SSMA has been informed by a stop smart meter member who lives on the Mornington Peninsula that they had a knock on their door yesterday from a United Energy installer saying they were there to replace her meter. She has a locked meter box with signs & told the UE person that she did not consent to having a smart meter installed. The fellow left but said she would eventually have to have one.
    So the message is to please be vigilant!

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  10. Mr Allen Salter says:

    I attended a Rally/March in Melbourne on Saturday 22/6/19, organised by.” Stop 5G Melbourne “.
    It would be really good and Benificial if all groups who are opposed to 5G could form a ” United
    Group on this “.
    It would have been great if all Opossing 5G groups could have had a United Rally/ March!.
    My thoughts, anyway.

    • belnofry says:

      Yes I am seeking the same. Lots of good people to contact for now. The information and meetup groups are being sabotaged in my view. Seems Dr. Karl is in their pocket or one of the bloodline, or Masons. Very disappointed with that twirp and will tell him. He is Liable for spreading Dangerous information (mis) that will ultimately make people feel ok and Apathetic, and it will harm if not kill the young ones. The Biological web of life in full swing. The condescending Narcissists that are living a lie will be so sorry they behaved this way and left the research to us, if the mass continues with head up ass syndrome ❤

  11. Lucy says:

    I strongly support banning the roll out of 5G.

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