Petition | Stop Mobile Towers Staining Australia’s World Heritage Landscapes

The saturation of mobile phone towers proposed for Wollumbin (Mount Warning), Border Ranges, Nightcap Ranges, Mullumbimby, Byron Bay and surrounding Hinterlands is staining the integrity of these landscapes.

Mobile phone towers are being placed in environmentally sensitive areas within the calderas and corridors of these magnificent places of complex and ancient biodiversity.

“These rainforests hold half of Australia’s plant species” (National Geographic).

The regions also have significant ongoing cultural and ceremonial heritage for the Bundjalung Nation.

If you support stopping massive towers going up in these World Heritage-listed parks and surrounding landscapes, and would like to sign the petition, go here.

This petition has the support of the International Society of Doctors for the Environment (ISDE), a professional organisation made up of professors, doctors, scientists and researchers representing 26 countriesISDE supports this petition based on medical evidence and the Precautionary Principle.

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2 Responses to Petition | Stop Mobile Towers Staining Australia’s World Heritage Landscapes

  1. Gwen says:

    Phone towers have been going up around Geelong. In the new development area towards Torquay,
    Vodaphone wants to put one that is very close to a school. There is already an existing Telstra one that is even closer to the school. i asked the representative from vodaphone if they intend to use 5G from the new tower. response was ” not at this stage “. I asked if that was because 5 G won’t be released until next year and if they did use it would the community be informed. He said there would be community consultation. I made him aware that I am EMR sensitive. His response was that I am just one whereas so many will benefit from the towers installation. As a member of the school community, I sent documentation regarding the dangers of EMR exposure, especially to children. The tower proposal is now before the Geelong Council who will look at the submissions of parents.

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