Reduce Microwave Radiation (Antenna Towers, Wi-Fi, mobile devices) Exposure Limits by a Factor of 100

A new petition has been organized by Benjamin Nowland, author of the book “Playing God”. Please click on the link below to add your signature to this very important initiative. Reduce RF exposure limits by 100 times

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9 Responses to Reduce Microwave Radiation (Antenna Towers, Wi-Fi, mobile devices) Exposure Limits by a Factor of 100

  1. dana says:

    Can not a petition be used to raise a question in parliament? If a petition is directly addressed to a house of parliament and has enough signatures I think that the parliament may be obliged to consider it. I don’t know whether it has to be hand signed or not. I think that this matter about Australia having slacker RF/microwave standards by a factor of 100 times would make a good strong question to raise in parliament because rather than getting bogged down in a debate about the evidence, which may lose people, we can simply ask: ‘Why doesn’t Australia have the best”?

    • Paul R says:

      Sadly, most of the governmental members are either in the pockets of the industry or are genuinely ignorant about the reality of the dangers of wifi. So, even if a petition got through. it would not be taken seriously or it could even be ignored. You could probably stand in parliament and scream in pain and many members wouldn’t even flinch. Rather they’d probably find you an annoyance.
      That being said, there are very few politicians who are good and decent people but they are stuck in the same system of oppression as we are.

  2. Hammer Mann says:

    To Andre,
    One one way, when sufficient people are driven to even greater anger than now, you will find that they will gang up in hundreds if not thousands and do as was done in Italy some four and a bit years ago to forcefully remove these filthy SICKNESS making Microwave Cell Towers.
    After these Italians had warned the Telco’s to turn off the Microwave Radiation that was causing so many people and animals in a very small town in Italy so much Microwave sickness, such as tinnitus and violent headaches and lassitude and buzzing in their heads and or burning behind the eyes etc., which none of them had ever had before these SATANIC Microwave Cell-Towers had been erected.

    Finally these Italian people sick of the Telco’s and the Parliamentarians failing to listen to these people who were being so poisoned by all of this Microwave Filthy Radiation Smog wrecking their lives, the people finally turned upon these same towers and using steel chains and very powerful tractors, they ripped down a number of these towers and cut the electric feeder lines to the towers. Then they cut up the steel towers and the Microwave Dishes and wrecked the control boxes thereon and carted away all of this Junk and fed it into large Steel Furnaces to be turned into Scrap Metal.

    This is what is needed to be done here in Victoria Australia and every State of Australia and world wide right now. Unless this is done, more and more gullible people with an Unhealthy Penchant for all of their Cell Phones and Baby Monitors and Wi-Fi will contract more and more brain cancers and other forms of cancers. Men will get cancers eventually in their TESTICLES and their spermatozoa will be irreparably damaged and women will also get terrible DNA damage and cancer in their OVARIES and in their female eggs, and Breast Cancers and Lung Cancers etc will abound in time.
    Developing boy babies in their mother’s wombs will possibly become sterile, and baby girls still in their mothers’ wombs will very likely become sterile as well.

    No longer will the babies of the near future come into a Brave New World, but into a Poisoned world from now proving to be Microwave Poisoning, and into an actually Cursed New World choked with Microwave Smog even worse than now and a Cursed generation of mutated babies, with more and more “Still Births” that is DEAD Babies.

    Your Australian and morally bankrupted Victorian Labor Government and your past Victorian morally bankrupted Liberal Party Government did not and still does not care how sick you and your babies become. For the making of Money or Filthy Lucre is all they and the Microwave Industry cares about. They the Government in Canberra could if they really wanted to, stop all of this poisoning of the Australian Population, but they don’t really care about you and your children or your grand children’s health at all, for they have become totally corrupt and their Spiritual Souls are now fast withered away to NOTHING.
    What a terrible day some say that will be ! Sadly, that day is already upon us and what is really needed is the Mass SACKING of those Parliamentarians who are responsible for all of this now Life Wrecking Microwave SMOG and increasing Microwave Illnesses now getting worse every day.

    It’s time to get rid of all of this Microwave Madness Folks RIGHT NOW !
    Every accursed and Filthy Microwave Tower and its Microwave broadcasting and receiving equipment needs to be TORN DOWN RIGHT NOW and thrown into industrial furnaces to be melted down as scrap metal and to build a new World fit for Human and Animal and Bird life etc., where the Healthy balance of Nature will be restored once more as God our maker desires it to be !

    • Andre says:

      I prefer not to use violence (if possible), but if it needs to be, it needs to be, in order to bring these tyrants down & to face justice (when possible)!

      It’s all part of their NWO agenda and unless the sheeple wake up & fast, desto more the psychos will be able to get away with it, at least while on this plane (of existence) anyway.

      Once a critical mass is reached, there will be a turning point, once people say & demand “ENOUGH IS ENOUGH !!”

      Plz be on guard & aware of “Controlled Opposition” incase they are using it !

      In addition to the so-called smart meters, with all their wireless NBN crap, it’s only going to get worse…

  3. Paul R says:

    I’m currently in Europe in a country with lower exposure standards than in Australia. I am a sufferer of EHS and I can tell you that those standards don’t count for much for me. I still suffer on a daily basis. Do those standards account for accumulation? Or consideration of multiple sources? I hardly think so. You could lower the standards to ten thousand times less but if there are thousands of wifi devices pulsing, even at low levels, then it is STILL going to have an effect on people and cause suffering. The damage may take longer to occur but it will more likely occur anyway. Don’t forget what Barrie Trower said about microwave radiation exposure: “There is no safe level”
    I think what Benjamin is trying to attempt is a good thing but, ultimately, people will suffer unless a safer form of energy is used in the end, one that doesn’t interfere with the functioning of ANY biological lifeforms.

    • Hammer Mann says:

      Well said Paul R.
      In fact at radiation levels even less than here in Australia at Lichtenstein where Microwave levels are actually 10,000 times lower than here in Australia, if you play that very low level of Microwave radiation upon Aphids, they hop around vigorously as if they were terribly tiny kangaroos.

      As you say correctly repeat, Paul R. “There is no safe level” for life from even the very lowest level of Microwave Radiation as stated by Mr Barrie Trower the foremost English Scientist and Microwave Scientist seemingly in the world today.

  4. Hammer Mann says:

    Interesting news regarding news Benjamin Nowland’s book.
    I have read excerpts of it as well, very clear and logical thinking on his part.
    What we really need is to get the Microwave power levels down some Ten thousand times = 10,000 times lower than where it is now. It’s far too high in Victoria and all States of Australia with these Microwave Radiation (Antenna Towers, Wi-Fi, mobile devices) Exposure Limits. Then the Microwave Level of Victoria in Australia would be where we are equal to Lichtenstein’s sensible and far lower limits than in Victoria Australia.
    Switzerland at present has Microwave radiation levels which are one thousand times lower than here in Victoria and all States of Australia and America and Canada etc.

    I’d like to see Victoria and all States of Australia copy Lichtenstein’s far lower levels of Microwave Radiation. Better still would be to get rid of all of these Poisonous Microwave Cell towers and dopy and far from Smart Electric Microwave A.M.I broadcasting and receiving machines which are also Incendiary Machines which have burnt down homes in Northcote and here in Ararat as well as in other country areas of Victoria and other States of Australia and in other countries as well and which are making ever more people sick from this poisonous Microwave Radiation.
    Fifty (50) years ago and more we did not have all of this JUNK and we had more time to relax and not worry about our health to the degree of nowadays with all of these Mobile Phones and I Pads etc. People waste so much of their time with all of this JUNK and it’s making more and more children sick and costing heaps of money as well.

    • Andre says:

      We are ‘electromagnetic’ beings. So it should not be surprising, that people are sensitive to the electromagnetic radiation, that we are being bombarded with, round the clock!

      I think that this is being done ‘intentionally’ in order to suppress spirituality, to keep people dumped down, cause illness over time, to control & keep the population at bay!

      IMHO, those at the top do not care for the sheeple, they care more for their pockets & being in power & control over the masses.

      Do you know, that some of them have ‘trillions’ at their disposal ?
      That’s true, this is how wealthy they are, so it is no problem at all for them, to fight off any lawsuits against them, paying only a few millions thereof, when needed…

      • Dain says:

        Some of the key figures setting global policy are obsessed with depopulation. For instance the man who writes the policy for the Pope wants to drastically reduce the population. Also John Holdren, Obama’s science adviser, literally wrote the book on depopulation – it’s called ”Eco-science”. The stuff that was in this book was horrifying enough – like maybe putting something in the water to keep the population down, can you imagine what the globalists left out of this book? Like maybe a plan to feed everyone GMO food and microwave the population while doing geoengineering. They are probably surprised that the population even cottoned onto the GMO food because, as they know, the population usually doesn’t figure anything out. Also see Georgia Guidestones.

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