Playing God

Playing God guides us through the invisible

Benjamin Nophotosmallwland moved to inner city Sydney in 2013 and soon after experienced acute symptoms of electromagnetic radiation pollution sickness. His physical, mental and spiritual health were profoundly affected. The only place he functioned was away from Wi-Fi, Cell towers and mobile devices in a Zero EMF Sanctu2ndEdCover3Dary.

In his search for truth, Ben questioned the suppression of scientific evidence. He asked why adverse health effects of Wi-Fi, mobile devices, and telco and NBN microwave towers are not shared with the public? Microwaves are altering our DNA 24/7. What don’t telcos and mobile manufacturers want us to know?

For more information on Benjamin’s book Playing god please go to Vivid Publishing

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6 Responses to Playing God

  1. Early days experience.. In ’55 I was an RAAF radar technician working on H2S on Lincolns. 3 cm. WW2, low power vintage. The bench-mounted rotating radar scanner in the workshop used to worry us as it flashed the flourescent light tubes on the ceiling. We would jokingly says “Watch out it will send you sterile.” It didn’t do that, but I have been aware of this problem since then. We lost a son conceived and born there at Townsville. He died of Leukaemia at four and a half. British nuclear tests were taking place at Maralinga and a radio-active cloud floated over North Queensland at about that time. Who knows cause and effect ever?

    • Anonymous says:

      Laurie, you are correct. Who knows cause and effect ever, but that is why we take precautions. You might crash while driving on a wet road and you might never crash, the point is you might also take precautions so you don’t crash.
      Not everyone is going to have a heart attack and not everyone will get cancer.

  2. Anonymous says:

    Robert you say you were not affected, not everyone will be affected and not everyone will get sick at the same time or even have the same sickness. You might never be affected.
    Why is that some people bake them selves in the sun for many years and don’t get skin cancer?
    You claim you were not affected, not yet anyway.But you also stated that you worked with microwaves for 6 years, perhaps it will take longer for some to get sick and its not just cancer that you should be concerned about, its other health problems as well.
    I think the problem is we are saturated wherever go, we have no respite from wi-fi. you were exposed for 6 years you stated. Was that 24 hours a day?
    I am assuming you were not exposed 24 hours a day and wherever you went.
    Were you exposed to this radar when you ate, slept, showered and did other tasks?

  3. Robert Scott says:

    As a RAAF electronics tech I worked around microwaves for 6 years repairing the Cyrano Fire Control Radar II fitted to the Mirage III. Now this equipment radiated .4 uS of 200 Kw power in air air mode and 1.6 uS or 200 Kw power in air ground mode. The focus point was some distance in front of the antenna but there may have been some back scatter. The frequency was in the X band , 3 cm waveguide and about 6-7 Gigahertz . Now this is quite a bit higher that the one Gigahertz sighted for WiFi and smart meter telemetry. I was not effected and didn’t hear of any other techs working with me with problems, but that’s no reason to suppose some people are not effected in some way. It’s quite possible that somewhere down the track some person working with microwaves will be effected by cancers.

    • Steve says:

      Hi Robert, thanks for this interesting contribution. As an electronics technician would you be required to stand in front of the radar while it is operating? You are talking about some significant energy levels which could exceed the thermal safety limits set by ARPANSA – although you mention a very short exposure time how often would the radar send these bursts of energy? If you do exceed the thermal regulations you could experience shock and burns. I would be surprised if the air force did not have safety regulations in place to prevent the operation of the radar in close proximity of ground personal (at least require people not to stand in front of the beam).
      I know of some Telstra cell phone base station installers who seem to have a higher incidence of cancer than one finds in the general population – of course this is not being mentioned in the public domain.

    • geoffrey says:

      rob, check out the work of prof barrie trower, a ex military microwave expert about the scientific proof of the dangers of rf and microwave radiation

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