Electromagnetic Hypersensitivity in the News

Electromagnetic Hypersensitivity has been featuring in the news  recently.

TripleJ HackSSMA’s Vice President, Mr Steve Weller, was interviewed recently on the TripleJ program “Hack” on the topic of Electromagnetic Hypersensitivity (EHS).

The recording can be accessed via the following link: TripleJ Hack Podcast

Once again, Australian psychologist researchers from Wollongong University are weighing in on this contentious topic by suggesting that EHS is likely to be a “Nocebo” effect. They often cite studies performed by other industry paid psychologists such as Dr James Rubin to support their case and continue to ignore evidence to the contrary which links EHS to electromagnetic radiation exposure. Researchers in this country appear to be either unwilling or not competent to judge current scientific evidence that wireless radiation is likely to be harmful to our long term health.

It is indeed a sad state of affairs to see that Australian science (compared to other more socially responsible countries) is always the last to recognize syndromes for what they really are because of vested interests interfering and controlling the message.

Also in the mainstream news, an EHS article entitled “Brain on Fire” written by journalist Mark White appeared in the Sydney Morning Herald Good Weekend magazine.


Bruce Evans with his smartphone-sized digital meter.“Hellish headaches are just the start for people with electromagnetic hypersensitivity – and in our wi-fi world, there’s almost nowhere to hide.

After an hour of measuring radio-frequency levels around Benalla, the north-eastern Victorian city of 9300 deep in Ned Kelly country, Australia, Bruce Evans puts down his smartphone-sized digital meter.

He says he wants to demonstrate how badly cordless phones leak radiation, and there’s one in the Benalla bookshop he can test. He strides off with intent on a sunny Sunday morning, a burly man with a shaved head, like a friendly bouncer you nonetheless wouldn’t want to mess with.

Evans, a 50-year-old web designer and former Australian Army commando, is showing me where he can go without falling ill. He says he has a controversial condition known as electromagnetic hypersensitivity (EHS), triggered by electromagnetic fields (EMF) emitted by power lines, devices such as smartphones and laptops, by wireless routers and towers pumping out telco and NBN signals – the building blocks of the modern economy; indeed, of modern living as we know it.

Symptoms range from a mild headache through to tingles, tinnitus and heart palpitations to incapacitating migraines, fatigue and nausea. Being EHS puts a huge mental strain on sufferers, both from their symptoms and from not being believed.”

The full story can be found here Brain on Fire

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17 Responses to Electromagnetic Hypersensitivity in the News

  1. Anonymous says:

    The AMA Code of Ethics articulates and promotes a body of ethical principles to guide doctors’ conduct in their relationships with patients, colleagues and society.
    The AMA accepts the responsibility for setting the standards of ethical behaviour expected of doctors.
    If the Doctor’s are not taking EHS seriously then they have no ethics.
    Consider first the well-being of your patient.
    They might want to stop blaming everything on mental illness
    Continue lifelong self-education to improve your standard of medical care.
    If we can find information on EHS so can they.
    Respect your patient’s right to choose their doctor freely, to accept or reject advice and to make their own decisions about treatment or procedures.
    Respect my right to reject ignorant advice.
    Regardless of society’s attitudes, ensure that you do not countenance, condone or participate in the practice of torture or other forms of cruel, inhuman, or degrading procedures, whatever the offense of which the victim of such procedures is suspected, accused or convicted..
    Denying EHS is real and is caused by EMF’s is participating in the practice of cruel, inhuman and degrading procedures.

  2. sdjm says:

    Controversial ??? No. Vested interests and greed over peoples health…that is controversial. Unfortunately, it looks like we are all in for a long, frustrating ride on the B*** $h** train.

  3. Anonymous says:

    What can the AMA say? They can’t deny EHS is not caused by EMF’s anymore. The evidence is there for all to see. If they admit that EMF’s are causing harm, what will happen to the corporations? To deny the cause of EHS could result in lawsuits in the future. To admit that EMF’s are harmful could result in the wireless industry toppling.
    When enough of us get sick and its starts costing alot of money, they will have to do something. The corporations that are pushing these devices will eventually have to remove these devices as they will also have lawsuits in the future.
    The Corporations job is to make money, nothing else matters.
    Corporations don’t think as a person thinks.
    Externality is a transaction between two individuals, the third party has nothing to do with it.
    We were the third party in the smart meter rollout, we were not involved in the decisions. Basically two individuals get together and decide they don’t want the problem, so they pass it on to the third party.They want someone else to deal with the problem.
    Corporations can be held accountable and that day is coming soon..

    • Darren Tillburn says:

      Anonymous, to these people we are a non entity, we don’t even exist. I can tell you from first hand dealings that organisations like Jemena and Co do not even acknowledge the existence of their customers. Their only customer is the retailers and the only people they give account to is their shareholders and the government who grants them their licence to operate. Their Metering Department operates as a complete law unto itself even at distance from the rest of their own organisation. We are talking about a type of organisation that uses decent ignorant people as fodder, using them as the face of the organisation whilst being totally oblivious to the criminal deeds of the inner sanctum.

      • Anonymous says:

        Darren, a friend of mine recommended i watch a documentary called “The Corporation” i did watch it. It was disturbing, but it gave me an insight into what we are dealing with.They are required to make money for their shareholders and that is all that matters.
        In the documentary they went over the WHO’s manual for mental disorders.
        Failure to conform to social norms with respect to lawful behaviors
        Reckless disregard for the safety of others.
        Sound familiar?.,

  4. TL says:

    I find it concerning that the AMA declined to comment. Amidst rumours that they are instructing doctors to refuse to acknowledge the link between smart meters and ill-health, and some pretty hysterical responses from GPs that seem to bear this out. Why does the AMA not have an opinion on an ’emerging’ illness? Same reason the Health Department was at pains to reassure the public that the Hazelwood coal mine was not endangering public health, perhaps? And now we are hearing that many people died and others suffered significant health problems during the mine fire. Smoke and mirrors coverup (pun intended)?

    • Anonymous says:

      My Doctor tried to convince me that stress was the instigator that had caused the sensitivity to radiation. I disagreed and she did not like it. Bad luck, it’s my body. She did not like it when I told her we were heading into medical negligence territory.
      She told me I had taken up too much of her time and to go and take care of the issue myself. I am the only one that knows what is going on in my body, not her, not psychologists, nor anyone else. The Doctor’s can do regular testing to eliminate other causes and this is a good idea, but then they would have to stop testing as they are not non ionizing radiation experts. A local Doctor cannot perform surgery unless they are medically qualified, this also applies to radiation sickness. It does not matter what the psychologists say, as they would have to have first hand knowledge to prove the nocebo effect. This means that they have witnessed themselves that your EHS is caused by a psychological problem unless they have first hand knowledge then its hearsay.
      Start asking for factual evidence, they then have to provide it.

    • Hammer Mann says:

      Those doctors of medicine in the A.M.A and I allege that the past Dr Rosemary Lester has been definitely one of them under the past Victorian Premier Denis Napthine Liberal Party Government seemingly couldn’t have cared less about their medical patients it seems.

      I saw Dr Rosemary Lester on T.V a number of times during the Morwell fires in 2015. She looked as if she couldn’t have given a ”Continental Stuff” I allege to be hard, cruel and frozen face of seemingly ‘no concern for the poor smoke affected people of Morwell’.

      They the so-called Victorian Government of the past Labor and then the last Victorian Liberal Party medical doctors of medicine tied to the cruel and dopey roll-out of the Electric and far from Smart Microwave A.M.I broadcasting and receiving machines are, I allege Clearly Breaking their Hippocratic Oath of knowingly not to do any harm to their medical patients. I allege that they these seemingly corrupt doctors of medicine are a disgrace to the Victorian Government Medical Profession and every one of these I allege to be cruel and uncaring doctors of medicine. Each of them needs to be struck off the Medical Board Register and barred from practicing medicine for the rest of their I also allege to be CORRUPT lives.

      • Anonymous says:

        Hammer Mann, you have to remember we are probably dealing with sociopaths and they don’t care. Also i think some of these people think they will never have to answer for any crimes they have committed. Some will get away with what they have done, while others won’t.
        Some of these things we are dealing with would have psychological problems. Greedy, selfish, narcissistic, they would have dreams of grandeur. Bullying has played a huge part in this rollout. Bullies are cowards and many people are bullied not just in school but also work.
        THESE PEOPLE NEED TO MAKE OTHERS UNHAPPY TO MAKE SURE THEY STAY HAPPY. This is what parasites do, feed off others to stay alive.

  5. Rik says:

    I agree, “Not being believed” is the worst as I’ve got tinnitus from Smart meters. It started the day after they were installed and nobody believes me. Nobody knows as they cant see it. Doctors don’t believe me, my parents don’t believe me and because of my symptoms I now have no friends as nobody believes me of my condition and symptoms.

    I cant work, I’m a permanent disability pension recipient so a drain on the government because of these smart meters. I find it a drain on my life and mental state to have this condition. If I could move interstate I would just to get away from these damn smart meters. Its taken my life from me and nobody cares.

    • sdjm says:

      Agreed Rik, not only a drain on your life but depressing as well. If someone does not take you seriously then they are not worth your time, move on in my opinion because the trust is broken. Unfortunately we find ourselves surrounded by these non- humans more often than not these days…It was sad reading your post.

  6. Jacob says:

    Sarah Loughran is…..

    “……. an elected member of the International Commission on Non-Ionizing Radiation Protection’s (ICNIRP) Scientific Expert Group.”


    Also, Sarah Loughran

    “….completed a PhD in cognitive neuroscience/psychophysiology at Swinburne University of Technology in Melbourne under the guidance of Professor Rodney Croft……”


    Well, well, well…………

  7. SickandTired says:

    I faced a similar package, sensitivity to perfumes, smoke, woozy, brain fog, joint pain, muscular spasms, dizzy continuously, heart palpitations, nausea, fatigue and a very exotic term doctors called fibromylgia, chronic fatigue syndrom and I thought it was just ‘sick building syndrome’. Tracing back when it all started, when I had internet installed, i owned a mobile phone, then the smart meter, then the wifi over our heads smacked in the small office space. There would be a certain area at work where I would not even be able to climb up a flight of 10 steps without feeling woozy, yet I would be fine out in the open park.

    • Paul R says:

      I suggest you do some research into grounding or earthing. I bought a number of Earthcalm products over the last year and, while I still suffer the symptoms of EHS, they are not as bad as last year. Earthcalm may be pricey so I suggest you look into cheaper alternatives or even making some grounding devices yourself. But be careful because creating grounding devices may be tricky. You have to make sure that if you are grounding to an electrical socket that it is grounded properly. I wish you luck here because it may be a long journey for you. But know that grounding/earthing will help you over time.

      • TL says:

        Be careful with using earthing products and start off with inexpensive options to trial them. Most of us live in built up areas where there are ground currents. These ground currents travel up the earthing wire into the earthing product, zapping the user. This ‘zapping’ effect may only be noticed while sleeping. So using the earthing product during waking hours may not give the warning that you are being zapped.

  8. Concerned Australian says:

    Sorry to say, very amateurish reporting by Triple J, but it’s the norm I suppose. Dr Sarah from Wollongong University talks nonsense (completely ignores the peer reviewed science) as per the usual industry protocol. Cognitive behavioral therapy is nothing more than ignoring the real physical condition of EHS. Dr. Sarah also recklessly misquotes the Interphone Study. No known health effects she says, that’s an absolute lie. Lie, lie, lie, and industry is not accountable for their cancer causing devices. Educate yourself FULLY, take care of your health and resist the cancer emitting devices that are everywhere without our consent. Stand strong in unity.

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