Smart meters can be hacked!

In two recent international reports it is claimed that the smart meters being installed can be hacked to achieve various goals.  Aims of hackers could range from under-reporting a property’s bill, fooling the system into billing one property for the neighbouring property’s electricity consumption, shutting down a smart meter, or shutting down the electricity to an entire city.

As one report states, the consumer is legally helpless to do anything about their meter being hacked because the power distributors have exclusive rights to install, service and remove the meter.  Customers are at the mercy of the power distributors having the motivation to investigate alleged hacking.

And since the smart meter is located some distance from the power distributor’s site, for all their talk about being able to remotely fix supply problems, it seems that fixing hacking from a distance is not necessarily something that the distributors can brag is in their skill set.

‘Security flaw found in mandatory smart meters’, Consumer Affairs

‘Smart meters can be hacked to cut power bills’, BBC news

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21 Responses to Smart meters can be hacked!


  2. I got a call from my gas company today as they got contacted by a supposedly other company stating we signed up with them & they have been charging us for gas & need the bill paid, We haven’t signed up with anyone else.. Some guy a few months back came here & told us he was with our gas company & wanted to test the meter (sent by our gas company to check the gas use), Our gas company has stated they did not send anyone over. Is it possible our gas meter has been hacked by this person that did not work for the company & if so how do I sort this out?

    • Paul R says:

      The only thing I can think of is to get as much information from these people as possible regarding your account and their details on you (to verify if they are legit) AND all the information about them (so you can verify if they are legit as well). Don’t let them stump you by making claims that SOUND legitimate. Get the info and MAKE SURE that they are legitimate. If a guy comes around next time, get their name and ID reference number AND other relevant info. Try to also get things in writing if they try to be official. If they DON’T have proper or legit looking info then don’t trust them unless you can prove that they are legit. Take note of info about meetings such as when and how that contacted you (exact times and dates are best) and any info you can remember such as what they say and how they look (if this is a physical encounter).
      But even if the info and company is legit, the company may be using some shady tactics against you.
      Just try to get as much info because it can be used against them if there is an issue in the future. Don’t trust anyone unless you can TRULY prove that they are legitimate.

  3. Citizen for Democracy says:

    Not to be missed talk by Mike Mitcham from SSM UK:

  4. PirateCitizen says:


    Anyone who touts the security of ANY system is a FOOL.
    Anyone who touts the security of ANY wireless system is the king of FOOLS.

    FACT: There has NEVER been and NEVER will be a system designed that cannot be hacked – PERIOD.

    FACT: Despite the many security enhancement technologies employed at banks and military installation they still get hacked even today.

    FACT: Most recently celebrities cloud accounts were hack and data accessed.

    FACT: Many/most hacking incidents are NOT reported.

    FACT: Information and documentation for protocols used in Smart meters (mainly SCADA, EMS, DCS, AMI) are available on the net. This almost makes it an open protocol making it extremely easy to hack into. There are even lectures on youtube explaining the protocols used

    Forget anything dumb politicians say – they haven’t got a clue.
    There is no such thing as a secure system and there never will be…..


  5. Rik says:

    Another reason why I’m glad I don’t have one. And hopefully another reason to get them all removed.

  6. Paul says:

    Could be hacked, can be hacked and will be hacked – by criminals only.
    Oh! government (=criminals) and power companies (=criminals) too.

    • Cedar says:

      Nice to know that a disaffected foreign power could immobilize us very easily. Our government has got rocks for brains in it’s head!

  7. Citizen for Democracy says:

    ‘Despite this hurdle, Mr Aziz said that an attack on critical infrastructure was bound to happen.’

    The state of Victoria will be a prime target for a terrorist attack on our electricity grid on the part of IS supporters or other groups. The wireless infrastructure is easy to hack. The smart meters themselves are labelled by the power industries as being ‘THE PORTAL INTO THE HOME’. So now, thanks to the incompetent decisions of both major parties, we have given terrorists around the globe PORTALS INTO OUR HOMES! Who will take responsibility when the worst inevitably happens? How dare Dr Napthine claim that he is working at protecting Victorians from terrorist attacks!!

    • sdjm says:

      But, it is up to the individual to THINK with what they were born with and reject such technology in the first place. See it as the invasion of privacy, health & safety risk that it is and all this tyranny would not have happened. Where there is not much resistance – criminals take over…and they certainly are trying hard.

  8. Rob Guy says:

    Malicious hacking of smart meters harms everyone, but, properly conducted, can serve a useful purpose whilst remaining inside the law. Emerging enterprises in the USA offer a small monitor equipped with an internet address to be placed near the meter box. The USA householder is informed of ;
    (a) any unauthorised accesses to the usage data.
    (b) the time of day when the distributor reads the meter – (helpful when interpreting time-of-use tariff changes),and,
    (c) differences between meter readings taken by the electricity distributor and meter readings appearing on the invoice received from the billing authority.
    If just a few Australians take up this service, an element of transparency will be inserted into a system hitherto plagued by political manipulation and outright dishonesty.

    • Gwen says:

      Rob do you mean the Australians who aren’t mentally and physically disabled from the EMR of the smartmeters who can still function for a while longer, to take up this service?

      • Rob Guy says:

        Hi Gwen, I did not intend to imply any reduction in health risks to either the community or a class of individuals. These emerging enterprises are based on highly technical and specialised knowledge so are expensive and therefore limited to government organisations or wealthy individuals. Community benefit comes from Electricity Safe Victoria, (ESV), being able to monitor security weaknesses in the software used to transmit data collected by domestic smart meters. At present, I believe that ESV lack the organisation and technical know-how to meet their responsibility to ensure that the electricity distribution network is safe, (from hacking).

    • Paul says:

      Rob, let’s just get rid of smart meters!

    • Peter says:

      “Emerging enterprises in the USA offer a small monitor equipped with an INTERNET address…”. So it too can be hacked. Back to square one.
      What will they think of next? A monitor to monitor the monitor that monitors the electricity meter?
      There is only one way to stop a meter from being hacked – don’t connect it to a WiFi network at all. An analogue meter is the safest meter.

    • Cedar says:

      Unfortunately the small monitor can’t remove the EMRs that are damaging people’s brains.
      They told us that tobacco and asbestos did no harm too!

  9. Hammer Mann says:

    After reading Smart Meters can be hacked above, that is both attachments above, then the SMART thing is folks, to have one’s electricity meter box padlocked so you keep your safe and passive Analog Electric Meter.

    Just as smart will be the day the dopy Incendiary microwave and far from Smart A.M.I so-called Smart Meters are all removed and replaced with the safe and passive Analog Meters which have been stolen or coerced from electricity customers here in Victoria Australia and as well as from electricity customers in other States of Australia and other countries world-wide.

  10. Chris says:

    (in a Gomer Pyle voice) “Surprise, Surprise, Surprise!”

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