Stop Smart Meters Australia AGM and launch of People Power Victoria – No Smart Meters Political Party


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11 Responses to Stop Smart Meters Australia AGM and launch of People Power Victoria – No Smart Meters Political Party

  1. Samuel Yusef says:

    This is just so worrying. It seems that even with the communications card removed these smart meters devices still present many risks to home occupants. The risk of harm from dirty power and the risk of house fires cannot be eliminated other than by the complete removal of these horror devices from homes.

    [ What is disconcerting, however, is how quickly the utility company will dismiss a smart meter as the cause of a fire even when fire department investigators will simply state that the cause is “undetermined.” ]

    [ Fire investigators confirmed today that the smart meter may have played a role in the fire. ]

    [ However, investigators also found evidence of a legal marijuana growing operation in the basement of the home. Additional circuits may have been added for this grow operation]

    So these people may have been growing dope.
    Makes you wonder about the possibility of house fires that can be somehow caused by a smart meter in the case when too much electrical current is being drawn on home circuits.

  2. Graham Winzar says:

    Hi Guys, We are unfortunately are unable to attend on Saturday the 11th October 2014 due to family commitments.

    Would you please keep us aware of latest developments as we are keen to participate.


    Graham and Janice Winzar

  3. David says:

    Check this out…. as if we needed more electro pollution.
    Telstra are nuts.
    I wouldn’t be at all surprised, if they eventually become the James Hardie of the future.

    • Carer of Humanity says:

      David Thodey, what guarantee will you give regarding the effect on peoples health ?
      Your sexy WI-FI is radiation.
      What give you the right to “blanket” a whole population in this shit ?
      Telstra ought be wiped off the face of the earth for this.

      • Warren says:

        COH, The bastard is prepared to transmit radiation through people’s bodies but not prepared to give those people any actual guarantees about whether that radiation will or won’t cause any harm to human health. Telstra really must not be allowed to go ahead with this insanity which in effect constitutes nothing less than an experiment on human life and effects the whole population. This is the work of mad men and Telstra need to be sued. I also see Malcolm Turnbull to be a very dangerous person in his position as Communications Minister, a deluded man who clearly thinks that Wi-Fi Radiation is the best thing since sliced bread.

        • Hammer Mann says:

          I Hammer Man say that these people wanting to irradiate us all are only doing it for the money, and that is really criminal. Don’t they realise that they are also irradiating their children and grandchildren with these now proving to be Deadly to All Life Microwave and Toxinous Filthy Rays, or don’t they care a Brass Razoo.

  4. acma fries people says:

    No smart meters or microwave transmission towers – they are both causing unimaginable health issues and need to be eradicated. The aim should be to lobby the ACMA with concerns as the NBN will make it impossible for those already living with ES. Electrical Sensitivity is sadly a growing trend globally, to which we are all vulnerable. The only answer is LESS wireless, not more!

  5. Ada says:

    Fantastic opportunity!
    I’ll be there.

  6. eremophila says:

    Reblogged this on Eremophila's Musings and commented:
    People power!!!

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