People Power Victoria – No Smart Meters party to contest the next state election | Herald Sun Leader

THE growing movement against the compulsory rollout of smart meters in Victoria has sparked a new political party.

The People Power Victoria — No Smart Meters was started last week and spokesman Marc Florio said it was growing fast.

“We have 250 members join within a week of publicising it. We need 500 members to be registered and we will get that no problems,” Mr Florio said.

He said the party was formed because there was a growing concern about how the public was being treated by corporations, major parties and state government departments.

“The major parties don’t seem to be listening to the public about the problems out there. They don’t care about the issues — and in particular the rising cost of smart meters,” Mr Florio said.

“The party is a focal point for voters who are frustrated by the lack of action by politicians.”

The party is centred on opposition to the rollout of wireless smart meters for electricity, gas and water and aims to get fair and affordable delivery of essential services.

Mr Florio said the party would contest the state election in November.

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6 Responses to People Power Victoria – No Smart Meters party to contest the next state election | Herald Sun Leader

  1. Say no to Smart meters and say no to Australian commodities being owned or taken over by foreigners.

  2. Cedar Wilde says:

    I am wondering if the towers have been turned on in the Churchill area yet as I have been having headaches for the past fortnight or so?

  3. Frank Carleton says:

    Reject the ALP and Coalition parasites: join and contribute to People Power Victoria.
    Volunteer to help the party’s information distribution now and during the Victorian election.
    When it comes, if there is not a People Power candidate in your electorate, vote for an independent whom you’ve contacted to discover his/her stance on smart meters and to whom he/she will preference and why. NO PREFERENCES TO THE COALITION/ALP party political duopoly. For them every election has no relation to the public interest but is merely a competition between two party oligarchies to win or retain the spoils of public office.

  4. Informed Choice says:

    It is very welcome news for those of us who care enough about democracy and a fair go for everyone, not just corporate interests and control freaks.

  5. Paul says:

    To the Labor and Liberal parties: You cannot say you were not warned. Remember the power the independents had when federal Labor was in.

  6. Roger Adams says:

    come on everyone! get your family and friends to sign up so we can make a difference! Lets not be bullied by corporations and get fair costs, and a safe environment,

    sign here –

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