British Columbia (Canada) backs down on wireless smart meters

The B.C. Government does a back flip on their smart meter mandate by suggesting that they won’t force people to accept a wireless smart meter after 60,000 people objected to having one installed on their property.

It was reported on CBC News “The B.C. government won’t force people to get a wireless BC Hydro smart meter if they don’t want one, but they are likely going to pay an extra fee for the opting out of the system.

Energy Minister Bill Bennett says the details are still being ironed out, but it is clear someone will have to pay the extra cost and it won’t be those who have agreed to have the wireless meters installed…..

Opponents concerned about health

The $1 billion plan to install 1.8 million smart meters across B.C. has met with opposition for several reasons, including the cost of the program, concerns about privacy and hacking of the systems, and possible health effects of the wireless technology……

The complete article can be found here CBC News B.C. Smart Meter

A video covering the same subject can be found here

It is interesting to note that right at the end of the linked video it was mentioned that originally both the Government and the Power Company insisted that all customers will have to have the meters installed because the system won’t work if not everyone is on board. Now that the B.C. Government has backed tracked on this requirement, critics will question whether the billion dollar program will still be worth the money. It is important to note that the very same excuse that everyone “will have to have a smart meter for the system to work” was made by the previous energy minister Michael O’Brien in correspondence to those who challenged him on the need to have a smart meter. And so the lies begin to surface and the mandate begins to unravel. Time to put pressure on our local Government to come clean.

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16 Responses to British Columbia (Canada) backs down on wireless smart meters

  1. ssilrf says:

    Unfortunately, our new Minister of Energy & Mines, Bill Bennett, announced on July 18 that ONLY the BC Hydro customers who still have their analog meters can opt out:
    – smart meter with transmitter removed or
    – retain analog meter UNTIL:
    a) it breaks down and needs to be replaced (with a smart meter, of course)
    b) Measurement Canada deems that it needs to be checked for calibration (analog removed and replaced with smart meter)
    all of the above will have a 1-time fee + a monthly meter reading fee.

    Therefore, this “looks like” an opt out but isn’t.
    Smart Meter options are NO choice at all –

    We now continue down the road to the courts:,25,3106

    Our Human Rights case will be heard by the BC Human Rights Tribunal in November.,96,0#Update-re-Human-Rights-Tribunal-Proceedings

    We are angry and frustrated but determined!

    There is no need for a meter reader. Many people in remote rural areas have been sending in their meter readings to their utilities for decades. Therefore, no fee to read is necessary.

    We have been sending ours to BC Hydro online –
    It can also be phoned in – Customer Services: 1-800-224-9376.

    A smart meter of any kind – wireless, wired, with transmitter removed – these are not safe for many reasons (higher bills – fires – health – interference with other appliances – privacy – security – time-of-use billing – etc.).

    The only safe opt-out option is an analog meter. And they can still be purchased, contrary to BC Hydro statements.

    Our analog was paid for years ago and we will not be using a $555 smart meter. Therefore, no one-time opt-out fee is necessary. In fact, we should get a refund for saving BC Hydro $$!

    • Sharron says:

      Yes, you should . Keep fighting this injustice as it is destined to become a global issue that we all will face in the future. Thanks for posting!

    • Anonymous says:

      Every stinking smart meter already installed must also be removed

      • 1vimana1 says:

        To Anonymous,
        Yea Yea Buddy! my sentiments entirely, This I have been saying for nearly Three years now here in Victoria Australia or Kanga-Land. These rotten Victorian Governments here in Australia are sucking up to, or CRAWLING up these five foreign owned Electric Power Companies BACKSIDES, to steal more and more money from us already Cash-Strapped Victorian people.

        These same two governments of firstly Labor and now the Victorian Liberal Party don’t Give a Rat’s Arse about our Health and Welfare, so thousands of us have had our Electricity Meter Boxes locked for some two and a bit years. I keep telling people, “Firstly to padlock your Electric Meter Boxes and only then get up your Legal from our Head of Government in Canberra Common Law $167,000:00 Dollar Anti Trespass and Do Not Install a Smart Meter Signs.” If one does not first use a good quality, or as I have done, a good Industrial Padlock to secure one’s Electricity Meter Box, then more often than not the Sneaky Smart Meter Installers will STEAL the Safe and Passive Analog Electric Meter you have had for years. These older Analog Electric Meters don’t have any dopey health wrecking stupid Microwave Transmitting Radio in them.

  2. Jay says:

    Yeah, get set up so you don’t need them. Same with gas. The gas companies will be wanting to put their own SMs in soon too and so will the water companies. What the gas companies are doing to QLD is crazy. Fracking is fundamentally insane. If you don’t become independent you are putting your life in hands of greed-driven criminals.

  3. John Macey says:

    Considering that there has always since day dot been a component inbuilt into your electricity bill to cover the costs of employing meter readers they have some cheek trying to effectively double dip and charge you twice by adding additional fees for retaining an analogue meter and continue doing what they have been doing for the last 60-100 years. In fact, I’m yet to read of an instance where they have been taken to task over the costs saved reading remotely and passing those savings on to the customer. If courts still worked impartially for the people instead of being in bed with government and big business I’m sure this would be an effective point to argue.

    • Alan Burke says:

      Great point you make John M., I would also add that since so many flats// units have their meters located together,why is it that their meter reading fee is the same as houses? What I mean is that for say 50 houses the meter reader would cover a whole block of ground,but for a block of flats he would stand on one spot & read them all! Flat / unit dwellers should NOT be charged the same as house dwellers,simple logic.

  4. Elizabeth says:

    Why do those who “opt-out” have to pay a fee? The power companies should be saving money, not paying someone to attend your property and install the smart meter. And aren’t the power companies going to make enough money from the smart meters and also on electricity bills.

    These corporations and the CEO’s behind the corporations, are all about “squeezing” money from you to pay for their luxurious lifestyles.


    • 1vimana1 says:

      These Foreign owned Electric Power Companies are all a bunch of Crooks, Bullies and Thieves. Its that simple. The British Columbian People in Canada are now at long lasts having a big win over these Liers and Thieves and so should we over the crooked C.E.O’s of the foreign owned Electric Power Companies here in Victoria and this now proving to be just like the last Labour Victorian Government, these present incumbent Criminal Liberal Party Government and their equally Criminal Department of Primary Industry C.E.O in charge of the Deadly Microwave so-called Smart Meters.

  5. Gil says:

    Now more than ever the message needs to be sent out here in Victoria. Now more than ever we must take a stand against these uncaring imbeciles.

    • 1vimana1 says:

      I agree with you Gil,
      Do as I and many of us are doing and write polite and powerful letters to these Criminals in the Victorian Government who are siding with the Five C.E.O’s of these foreign owned Electric Power Companies in Victoria. PowerCor City Power, S.P Aus. Net and Jemena and United Energy Distribution to make you all puppets to being made Medically Sick from the Constant Microwave Smart Meter Radiation and the often damage to your private Electrical Goods.

      Play this Video tape below for a real Eye Opener to the Wickedness of the above mentioned Criminals using the M/Wave so-called Smart Meter to rob you even further of your money and your Health.


      Richard Leschen.

  6. Rob Reiken says:

    Gee , how about that, If you opt out of getting scammed with a Smart Kill Meter then they scam you for not getting it with higher costs. Dammed if you do, & dammed if you don’t get it , it sure is a scam. it’s a win win for the government & the power companies to screw us over.

    Not a matter of if, but when the next Solar Maximus happens we will no longer have a grid so this is a huge reason not to get The Smart Grid setup.

    • Informed Choice says:

      I agree with you, Rob. It is unacceptable to me to have to pay a price in order to ‘opt out’ when I already pay for the disadvantage of having a so-called smart meter, without even having one! C’mon people, they already extort enough money from us.

      • Jason says:

        Again and again and again:- DON’T PAY!
        And get a stand-alone solar-system as a get-out-of-jail-free backup.

  7. joe m says:

    Yes it was always only a matter of time in Canada, as it will be here.
    Stand your ground people, the clowns in Government and the thieves from the power companies can’t win, they are simply too dumb.

    A smart meter will NEVER EVER be installed on my property.

    People power will always prevail.

  8. Mei Lin Li says:

    What a sensible decision!

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