Switch off and get paid

CONSUMERS will be able to cut their electricity bills by agreeing to companies remotely switching off their appliances during spikes in demand.

The proposal is part of a package of federal government reforms expected to back ”cost-reflective pricing”. This will allow consumers to avoid peaks that occur for fewer than 40 hours every year but account for about 25 per cent of retail electricity bills.

Under the proposal, households and businesses would be able to cut their bills by choosing to switch off during peak demand times when power costs soar.

The system would be compulsory only for big users, with medium-sized users allowed to opt out and small users required to opt in if they want to switch off at peak times to reduce their bills.

The power pricing package is designed to tackle the price drivers that account for 42 per cent of projected NSW electricity cost rises from 2010 to 2013 on top of the average 9 per cent impact of the carbon tax. It will be put to the premiers on December 7 and is outlined in government-backed recommendations from a special inquiry to be tabled in the Senate tomorrow.

The ”opt in” recommendation could avoid big price rises for households that do not change their usage.

The change would require a national distribution of smart meters and would be accompanied by intensive public education and special protections for low-income households.

The report will recommend accreditation for companies offering to pay businesses and possibly households if they agree that non-essential power – for things such as pool filters, deep freezers or air conditioners – can be remotely switched off during spikes in demand.

The report is similar to the package to be put first to energy ministers on November 3, to a special business advisory forum on December 6 and to the Council of Australian Governments the next day.

They recommend more funding and clout for the Australian Energy Regulator, new rules to determine reasonable price rises for network businesses and a consumer advocacy body to scrutinise costs at every stage of generation and transmission.

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13 Responses to Switch off and get paid

  1. Melbourne Resident says:

    Smart meters are horrible! Why? because for one – they have spent billions on this – we as consumers have to pay for this. 2. you are forced to have one (which just makes me furious). 3. they emitt electromagnetic radiations – which most honest and independent scientists agree is NOT a safe technology at all, and we could all end up getting really sick and even end up DEAD from it (as it has not been properly researched – the effects of EMFs).

    All this for what??? so that they can turn off your air conditioner when you are boiling hot? i’d like to see them in their offices turn off their air conditioners!!! as if they will, hypocrites… the people implementing these rules and indulging in hypocrisy.

    First the governments and electrical companies should turn off their air conditioners when they are at work and its hot and lead by example instead of forcing the poor to sweat and perspire like little pigs.

    Simply put – Smart Meters – not a good idea at all!

  2. No Fascist Rules! says:

    There is nothing right about this proposal. We are all heading down a VERY BLEAK road for them to even suggest any of this nonsense in the first place! Society needs to wake up to the lies and deceit that these politicians are peddling on an almost daily basis hand in hand with the gluttenous energy companies. I have a pool. the filter has to be ON for my children to enjoy healthy swimming water while in peak use over summer months. Now, who gets to decide what is and is not essential when we are all of a different opinion? If I was utilising a deep freezer for instance, my stockpile of frozen goods NEEDS to stay frozen! Furthermore, we are paying far too much with the carbon tax added – that should negate the need for them to rip us off even more. Enough of the Crap!!!

  3. Peter says:

    Hi all

    ‘TheBthings’, I beleive the ‘B’ things are capable of identifying indevidual house hold appliances, so I guess you MAY be able to tell them which to turn off. As far as I am concerned the ONLY solution is not to have one of these devices unless you are happy with all the other capabilities, Direct Load Control, Direct Response Enabling Device, AS4755 etc, etc.

    Pam, I suggest you hang onto your analogue meter!

    Lindsay, bear in mind the distrubutors are spending BILLIONS of dollars on this technology which will give them complete control of your electricity, and we customers are paying for it all! To me, the obvious answer is to build more generators, but that would cost too much, so they will try to ration what they have, untill it is no longer viable, and they will simply walk away with all the profit they have made.

    Just my opinion for what it is worth.

    • Pam says:

      Peter – Thanks I have no intention in getting rid of my analogue meter. I have fought too bloody hard to keep it. They and the Govt. are money hungry who won’t admit they have made a BIG MISTAKE. This Website keeps us all up-to-date and even tho I don’t know you all personally – your Comments help make this nightmare bearable……Cheers Pam 🙂

      • Peter says:

        Hi Pam

        Keep fighting the good fight!

        I see on todays news that the water companies are jumping on the bandwaggon and now we are all going to be brain washed into accepting higher prices for water.

        By 2020, the Victorian government want gas and water surveillance devices (smart meters) installed as well!

        Baillieu could stop this rip off at the drop of a hat, he is the Victorian government and could change legislation, IF HE WANTED TO. But all he does instead, is to blame ‘the previous government’ in the hope that it will turn people off ‘the previous government’. This is dirty politics at its worst, making the people of Victoria suffer (unnecceserally) just to try and gain a few votes at the next election. Make no mistake, it doesn’t matter which of the major Victorian parties you vote for at the next election, as far as the AMI is concerned, they both have exactly the same agenda

  4. 1vimana1 says:

    What a lot of Spin this Video is,
    The persons reading it does not sound at all convinced of what she is saying, and nor am I.
    In truth the Federal Australian Government has now dipped its hands and feet into this Stinking Barrel of PITCH of the so called, and now proving to be Dangerous to All Life Microwave Smart Meters. Truly Canberra has gone. ” BONKERS !” With all the negative publicity on Microwave Smart Meters, read ( not so smart meters), now out in the Public Domain, does Canberra really believe that the general public will be duped by their latest Patent Lies. No, I won’t be, and nor will the mounting masses of the fast awakening public.

  5. TheBThing says:

    It would be interesting to know how they plan to distinguishing appliances. Are they considering only turning off water-heating, or plug-n-play smart-meter compatible devices? Example there would need to be a high amount of discretion before turning off someone’s computer or oven remotely.

    • 1vimana1 says:

      In answer to ” The B Thing,
      For these now Foreign Owned Victorian Electric Power Companies to turn off Victorian Electricity home owner’s and small business’s private electrical machines i.e…….say Toasters and or televisions and or printers and or computers and or fridges and or deep freezers etc., each of these electrical appliances would need to have embedded in them a micro-chip, as are the very latest of these electrical appliances being made in America and Hong Kong etc. Only when those standards apply that each fridge or washing machine or any brand new electric appliance must be fitted with, ” Said Electrical Chip.” As I understand it the Electric Power Companies here in Victoria cannot turn off individual personal electrical items until the brand new fridges, toasters, T.V.’s, washing machines etc are all fitted with these microchips.

      It is Imperative that you lock up your Electric Meter Box with an Industrial Padlock for those of you like me who still have your old Safe and Passive Electric Analogue Meter/s. Whatever you do, don’t let these Foreign Owned Victorian Electric Power Companies and the Smart Meter Installer-Men take your Analog Electric Meter under any circumstances. Remember to first padlock your Electric Meter Box/s then get up your Legal Anti-Trespass Signs by the ( Australian Constitution Act 1900-1901 and still Legally Effective ) with a $167,000.00 fine you can impose upon anybody illegally entering your property without your written permission. Next write a polite letter to the C.E.O of your Electric Power Company telling him or her that your refuse to accept a now proving to be Dangerous Microwave Smart Meter for reasons of your health concerns and the damage that the Smart Meters can and often do to customers’ electrical goods as aforementioned.

      Send this letter by Registered Post to the C.E.O of the Electric Power Company for your area and another like it to the Minister for Power Mr Michael O’ Brien also by Registered Post and keep a copy of both letters for Legal and possible Court Appearances. At the bottom of each letter before you sign it state in bold Capital Letters the following. ” SHOULD I FIND THAT A SMART METER HAS BEEN FITTED TO MY PROPERTY IN MY ABSENCE AND AGAINST MY WILL AND BETTER JUDGEMENT I SHALL JOIN THE COMMON CLASS ACTION TO SUE.

      Then sign the letter with your name and normal signature and send it to both parties as aforementioned by Registered Mail and record the Number of the Registration Slip on all copies of these letters and on your copies as well.

  6. TheBThing says:

    Just remember people technology is supposed to make our lives easier, but yet again the Internationalists are making it a means to suppress functionality and happiness.

    The solution is a future where major utilities are mandatory acquired from private hands and put back into public ownership from once they were more or less stolen. System upgrades then can be proper and profits will be passed back into the community.

  7. Pam says:

    What does that mean as far as we are concerned with analogue meters???????? Cheers Pam 🙂

  8. Lindsay smith says:

    If the meters are so smart why don’t they make it optional to everyone at the time.

    Householders needs are apt to change on occasions and you can bet if you had a sick elderly person staying over who needed the A/C on, you would not easily and instantly be able to reverse your opt in preferences.

    Also, regarding the intermittent loads that have been said to be the reason for the householders grossly increased billing amounts….
    IF the power companies were losing money hand over foot with analogue meters then we could understand the need for some sort of revision. HOWEVER as the reported cost of each smartmeter is something like $150 plus fitting as a once only expense, this in no way accounts for the monstrous bills emanating from the smartmeters on a continuous basis thereafter.

    Therefore, the governments continued deceptive campaign is simply fascist in nature.

    Thank goodness for organisations like Stopsmartmeters for reminding the government that they are public servants and not our rulers.

    • Pam says:

      Lindsay – I don’t think they look at this Website and if they do they are not considering any of the Safety, Health, Privacy or Financial Issues that SMART METERS are causing. Talking to a man today – he hasn’t had an account since they installed a smart meter
      and that was well over 12 months ago. I have my annalogue and I have no trouble getting an account and I don’t have to open by box (perspex insert). A/c due again 5/11 so I have taken a reading and will do another 6 or 7/11 just in case the meter reader no longer has a job. …………. Pam

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