International Doctor’s Appeal 2012 – Physicians demand precaution now.

International Doctors’ Appeal 2012 – 10 Years after Freiburg Appeal: Wireless radiation poses a health risk. Physicians demand precaution now.

More than 1000 physicians signed the “Freiburg Appeal” in 2002. It was translated into many languages. As many as 36,000 people from all over the world support its warning about the dangers of wireless radiation. Today-ten years later-we as physicians call again on the international community. We are deeply concerned. Despite all warnings, more and more new wireless technologies are introduced into our lives: cell phone networks, TETRA, LTE, cordless phones, Wi-Fi, baby monitors, wireless meters, digital radio and TV, and many others. All of these wireless technologies overload the biophysical pathways of cell communication in living systems with increasing layers and densities of electromagnetic fields.

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5 Responses to International Doctor’s Appeal 2012 – Physicians demand precaution now.

  1. This is proof of the problem!!

  2. 1vimana1 says:

    Interesting reading,
    Looking into the ARPANSA site,it seems they are very worried about their IMAGE indeed,seems they are working with the developers of Smart Meters and Mobile Phones and Microwave Towers so how does that help or serve the now Common Present Microwave constantly being bombarded Public ? The answer to this is……….It doesn’t help us one bit, as it is crystal clear to me they just keep on sitting on the fence and cannot or will not do their job properly as they are clearly tied to the apron strings of these Microwave Manufacturing Equipment People.

  3. Informed Choice says:

    It saddens me that such an alarming report can go unanswered, swept under the rug for many years and here we are in 2012, cancer affects 1 in 2 people. This didn’t have to happen and most certainly governments around the world are to BLAME. The question is – what are they going to do about it? Keep allowing the multi-national companies to pollute our cities even more, so that nowhere is safe? What’s the point of the carbon tax? No safe water to drink from our taps as flouride is poisonous!!! Sickening, isn’t it??? This must be circulated to all doctors, everywhere because The World is at breaking point and about to be permanently DESTROYED BY TECHNOCRACY!

    • Cedar Wilde says:

      I agree with you about the world being at breaking point. It’s hard not to despair. The fact is that people are not being educated about the dangers, seems it’s up to us to inform them because by and large the medical information is just not being disseminated. I Think if all of us who are concerned can letter-box our own street with the information we have it could have a snowballing effect. Clearly the government are not going to help us, they are too locked in to these international deals with SPAusnet and the rest of them. People say to me “Oh you can’t fight city hall” but as I explain, if you don’t fight, you don’t even have a chance. If enough of us got behind it we COULD win. Every change for the better in the past has had to be fought for. “Maintain the Rage” as someone famous once said!!

  4. Pam says:

    This Article is going with me to my Doctor along with the others this Website has posted recently. Thank You Stop Smart Metrs Australia for all your hard work in reporting the Dangers of Wireless Radiation………. We have to WIN this – there is too much evidence against the installation of SMART METERS. We live in a supposed DEMOCRACY and we should be able to have a CHOICE when it comes to our HEALTH, SAFETY AND PRIVACY…………………… Pam 🙂

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