A must read for all concerned about smart meters

Just last month, 40  highly respected EMF and radiation experts (doctors and  scientists) from all around the world have co-authored an article on the health effects of smart meters. It is a powerful and urgent warning to all mankind, but it is governments that have a duty to inform themselves and take the necessary steps to protect their people. Failure to do so will inevitably have dire consequences.  See:

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8 Responses to A must read for all concerned about smart meters

  1. This has a lot of background plus a lot about resolutions from other countries, also very interesting reading. http://savedereel.com/2008
    Also check out east gippsland action group page for a load of reference information

  2. John says:

    Well this is the best site link i’ve seen yet linking to a treasure trove of others it would take a whole lifetime to get through all this proof as to how bad EMF/Smart Meters/Wireless Tech really is. Surely more people are beginning to WAKE UP to us being set up where we can be left without a power grid indefinitelly due to open Hacking & or EMP Attack. Which is Electro Magnetic Pulse that can wipe out the whole grid as most things in societys technology is computer run from our Grid to everything else such as Cars/Trucks/Planes Internal Computers could be knocked out. There are talking Video Presentation’s on this matter within the website of Bob Livingstone, but theres surely allot more info on it out there if people will just look.

    What is unfolding with all this wireless tech is nothing but a huge jigsaw puzzle thats being setup for an over regulated Smart Meter Power Grid Big Brother Spy , Hacking, Cancerous & Control Technocracy Grid that can send us back to the stone age cause it leaves us that vulnerable for open attack worse than any weapon you can imagine. In watching Season 1 of Doomsday Preppers i notice most of them beleive that this is the most dangerous threat that we face cause it would totally end our way of life due to a complete shutdown of all society within. Also the Sun can set this demise in motion if there is a Solar Promenince/Solar Flare/Mass Coronial Injection for whatever each of you refer to call it a leap of radiation hitting earth due to sunspots of which were probably long over due for it. So because of all this we wouldn’t want to be relient upon this System that is being set up to fail. Watch this vid & listen to find out more about it


    But surely getting back to the health safety issues of this matter with these Smart Meters with all the overwhelming evidence of so many tests concluded proven beyond the shadow of a doubt to these dangers, while Government authorities still turns a blind eye . But it’s worse than that cause these Authorities have a propaganda agenda to only con us with their misleading bogus lies for an agenda that most people don’t know about (Agenda 21 Wildlands Project) Sustainable Development Depopulation. Everything in our lives is all connected whether we beleive it or not but it takes allot of eduction to see the whole picture just to understand & realize this fact. If were to overcome & beat this madness then it begins at community level within society as it’s up to us as individuels to come together , raise our voice, & keeping loud n vocal about it chipping away at their hypocracys of denials to sell us down the river about it. We got the proof , our numbers are building, people are learning to wake from their slumber, it’s time to say we have had enough & not going to put up with this beligerancy anymore. We have the right to freedom of Speech so lets use it, Mass Class Action lets bring it on >YYEERR………………….<

    • Pam says:

      John – We have the numbers and all the information on the Dangers of SMART METERS but WHO WOULD TAKE ON A MASS CLASS ACTION???? and STOP THE ROLL-OUT OF THESE bloody things. ……………… Pam

  3. Pam says:

    This is another Article that will be going to my Doctor when I see him in a couple of weeks. Just goes to show Our government couldn’t give a DARN ABOUT US. Keep your boxed Locked your SIGNS DISPLAYED and check this Website Daily………………. P E O P L E P O W E R !!!!!! . Cheers Pam

  4. Brook Acklom says:

    An excellent article. Ignoring the health effects of Smart Meters by governments and denying health effects by SM proponents has alarming similarities to the Wind Turbine scene. Australian governments – mainly Labor/Green – are ignoring all warnings as are health authorities on both Smart Meters and Wind Turbines.

    The major proponents in both areas – Big Electricity and Big Wind – are happy to have useless technology forced upon the hapless consumer without accepting responsibility for current/future health issues.

    The SM movement may do well to check the “wind” movement regularly (and vice-versa) as both are battling proponents who use similar/identical despicable tactics.

    One small advantage for the SM movement is that they are battling only government and Big Electricity in the main (“only”!!). The Wind Turbine movement is also battling many self-styled “environmental” and “sustainability” groups that are frequently comprised of outright zealots who stop at little to promote their cause, and to hell with the community.

    A reprint of the article will go on my blog, and I urge any others who have blogs or personal email lists to circulate it widely.

    • Ms Rebel says:

      Brooke, I think your comments are spot on. Much of this new technology is masquerading as Green, Clean or Safe! It really bothers me that even with solid research into the dangers to present and future generations many people are still ignoring the facts and logical conclusions of the reports. The Smart Meter/Smart Grid movement is a direct attack on society and as such should be REJECTED by the masses, but I think the majority of the public just cannot be bothered and unfortunately it is up to the rest of us who REALLY CARE to fight for the innocent children who are going to be affected most of all. None of these governments, including the Liberals deserve our vote at the moment… they are all CRAP!!!

  5. Steve says:

    The author of the article David O. Carpenter has also written this Expert report –

    Click to access carpenter.pdf

    Some of the key statements he has made include:
    “Some effects are known to occur at several hundred thousand times below the FCC public
    exposure guidelines and the similar guidelines of Health Canada’’s Safety Code no. 6 (of
    6 000 000 uW/m2 for the 902-928 MHz bandwidth) which are set based on the assumption,
    which we believe is incorrect, that there are no adverse health effects at exposures that do not
    cause easily measureable heating.”

    It should be noted here that ARPANSA’s standards are based on ICNIRP and FCC standards are based on IEEE standards. There are many similarities between the 2 standards although the IEEE RF/MW standard is in many ways looser than that of ICNIRP.

    “Exposure to high-frequency RF and MW radiation have been linked to a variety of adverse
    health outcomes. Some of the many adverse effects reported to be associated with and/or
    caused by RF/MW radiation include cancer, neurologic, endocrine, immune, cardiac,
    reproductive and other effects.”
    “Human studies of comparable RF/MW radiation parameters show changes in brain function
    including memory loss, retarded learning, performance impairment in children, headaches and
    neurodegenerative conditions, melatonin suppression and sleep disorders, fatigue, hormonal
    imbalances, immune dysregulation such as allergic and inflammatory responses, cardiac and
    blood pressure problems, genotoxic effects like miscarriage, cancers such as childhood and
    adult leukemia, childhood and adult brain tumors, and more.”
    “There is consistent evidence for increased incidence of cancer and other adverse effects in
    individuals who live near to high-power short-wave, AM, FM and TV transmission towers. This
    is particularly relevant because, like WI-FI and smart meters, radio and TV transmission towers
    give continuous, whole-body radiation, not just radiation to the head.”
    “Prenatal EMF exposure has been identified as a risk factor for childhood leukemia, and is
    associated with miscarriage. Children are largely unable to remove themselves from exposures
    to harmful substances in their environments. Their exposure is involuntary.”

    “Standards setting organizations have until now generally refused to accept epidemiological
    and laboratory research findings linking RF electromagnetic fields exposure with various nonthermal biological effects, as being inconclusive and requiring further research.
    The difficulty stems from the fact that, although links have been demonstrated repeatedly
    between RF electromagnetic fields exposure and non-thermal biological effects, there is a lack
    of a comprehensive biological theory explaining why these effects take place, and therefore
    causality cannot, at the present time, be demonstrated with certainty.”

    • 1vimana1 says:

      Dear Readers,
      Even more Doctors of Medicine are slowly becoming very alarmed and more sure that the so-called Smart Meters are a real high risk for causing many types of Type 2B Carcinogens right now and into the forseeable future. See it’s just a matter of people being interested enough in this now proving to be deadly dangerous type of Microwave Electric Meter and studying all the frightening evidence and reports now coming in from so many countries to see that these Microwave Smart Meters and Microwave Towers and dopey Mobile also Microwave Hand Held radios are a very real threat to both Human, Animal and now Plant Life as well now as being also proven by the World Health Organization.

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