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I WAS watching a trailer of the movie Compliance, which is based on true events, when it hit me that most people just comply with authority figures and don’t raise the questions, even when its wrong

I mean, what is this world coming to? We need to stand up, stand proud and stand strong and say no smart meters.

That’s it, slam the door in the face of installers, lock your power boxes, end of discussion. We will not be bullied by private companies, or even the government.

We will not comply with health-affecting privacy-invading devices being attached to our homes which we worked hard to pay for.

Stand up, Australia, we have rights.

As for the government, we put them there, we can vote them out.

Don’t you ever forget that.

Stand united as one in the fight to stop this bureaucratic madness.

Stop smart meters, protect your property – smart meters are privacy-invading, health-affecting and cause financial damage by the power company charging you more for the same power with their time of use charging.

It’s wrong. Stop the madness.

Domenic Bartalotta,


via Stand up against smart meters | Sunraysia Daily.


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9 Responses to Stand up against smart meters | Sunraysia Daily

  1. Lindsay Smith says:

    These avenues of personal and national sovereignty are our only true defence against smart meters and many other issues that are thrust upon us such as fluoridation, coal seam gas mining, the attempted abolition of vitamin food supplements, natural remedies and alternative medicines and the threatened “illegality” of having certain native Australian plants in our gardens.
    All of this IS happening right now, right under our noses with the mass media and our politicians complicit in its execution. The more people know what is really happening the better.
    I thank you for all your work in setting up stop smart meters and for the opportunity for myself and others express their concerns.

  2. Domenic Author Of Above article says:

    Mildura Fought against The toxic waste dump & WON & if enough people make enough noise we can win this fight too we need a public meeting in mildura as ive found most people are seriously misinformed about the repercussions of having a smart meter then again most people dont care (i have 1 word for this attitude LAZY ) STAND UP dont be bullied they cant do a thing to you end of story

  3. John says:

    I totally feel the same way, were a zombie nation dumbed down by the Rat Sac Fluoride in the water, & a mainstream media that either blatantly lies to us or goes hush hush on concerning matters time to end this sheep mentality. Once any newcomers find out the real truth about these Criminal Meters that will spy on us all , go Wake others up about what there really about, cause we only have now as later will be too late to get rid of them. WiFi & mobile phones towers are also bad for our health just other tentacles of this big Maffia Octopus that will only ensure total decimation of the enviroment & our society that tinders on a fragile edge of existance. If they get away with this just watch it all integrate together to abolish all our freedoms through this Technocracy Power & Control Grid Takeover.

    I got my old Meter boxed & locked up & if they get a majority of these devices installed they may just say, oh well we now make it compulsory where we got no more choice but to have these destructive carcinogenic Meter contraptions installed. Enough people have led authorities to the truth to what there really about & outright they ignore it cause it’s those same authorities who are either on the payroll with invested interests to this matter or they are threatened by them in varous ways if they speak out against this matter. This is why we need a Mass Class Action cause they can’t silence all of us can they, for only then may it get more media attention for others to find out about it, so everybody finds out about it.

  4. Gwen says:

    You are right Domenic. We are compliant. We have been trained very well through our Education system to comply. I have a sign, a locked meter box and now a text message asking me to contact them. When I do, I will ask them to put their request and demands in writing along with any punishments. My local Politician hasn’t replied to my request as to fines, or actions that can be taken against those who do not comply. Yes stand strong, you are not alone. All the best.

    • Pam says:

      Gwen they sent me an SMS too and I got my Solicitor to draft up and reply and I sent it to them by Registered Post, paying extra to be notified when it was collected. It took them ages to reply. Their letter is a standard one they are sending out to everyone, telling me I can’t opt-out and also that they CAN NOT GUARANTEE MY HEALTH AND SAFETY. I got my Solicitor to write to them also, with a list of Questions I wanted answered. He got an Email by way of a reply ages after, with the same Blah! Blah! He is writing to them again wanting my questions answered in Writing – not SMS Not Email. This should be sent within the week. I will not ring them, write to them or reply to their SMS’S anymore. My Signs are up, Box Locked and by the way a Friendly Meter Reader read my analogue meter and I received an account from my Power Company, like I always have. (I have a perspex insert so it can be read). Other people in my area have smart meters and they haven’t had accounts since the meter was put in – I WONDER WHY????????????. They want us to give up by pestering us all the time, but they have picked on the wrong person with me. I have been on this now for about 18 months and I get strength from this Website. Look what Erin Brokovitch did in USA. Yes I just wish a Firm of Solicitors would take this on so all could be made aware of the Dangers of these darn things..STAY STRONG AND NEVER GIVE UP,,,,,,,,
      We need heaps of publicity, like ACA – QUESTIONS AND ANSWERS- TODAY TONITE – FOUR CORNERS ETC ETC. Check out U TUBE – ON SMART METERS – gives us more and more information to approach these shows……..Cheers Pam 🙂

  5. rocco howard says:

    Voting out the government is not a strategy. The former government introduced them, the current government reviewed the decision and determined it was too costly not to continue with the rollout.

    • Cedar Wilde says:

      It’s gonna be a lot more costly to the government when the Medicare bills roll in from all the health problems caused by the “Smart” meters.

      • Pam says:

        How very true Cedar. We are a huge Group, with a lot of reserarch under our belts and a fantastic Website that keeps us informed on just what is going on. I WILL NEVER GIVE UP Cheers Pam 🙂

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