Pensioner takes stance against meters – The Warrnambool Standard

By PETER COLLINS 18 May, 2012

PENSIONER Pam Densley is risking being penalised for her continued defiant refusal to have a smart meter fitted to her household electricity supply, despite a new top-level report saying they are safe.

The Warrnambool war widow has had notes stuck around her meter box for months highlighting her concerns and has chased installers off her property.

She’s written to her home insurance company and even considered locking the meter box.

“I shouldn’t have to have one,” she told The Standard.

“I don’t want one until they are proven safe. A lot of concerns have been raised.”

According to electricity distributor Powercor, rollout of the new technology must be completed by the end of next year for all homes and businesses.

Any property owners refusing installation risk having their power supply cut off.

Powercor spokesman Hugo Armstrong said people were required by law to give the distributor safe and clear access to meters.

“We will always try to work with customers to resolve their issues,” he said.

“They can contact us on 1300 783 882.”

He said smart meters had been fitted at two-thirds of Warrnambool region properties and installers were back in the district to finish the program.

Health concerns were dismissed yesterday by Energy Safe Victoria (ESV) which released its draft report on advanced metering infrastructure (smart meters).

It said the new meters posed no more risk than older electronic or electromechanical meters.

Energy Safe director Paul Fearon said much community debate on the meters was not based on facts or evidence and had alarmed the elderly and vulnerable.

However, the Electrical Trades Union later issued a statement urging consumers to read the report with “extreme caution”.

“This draft report in no way removes the need for continued scrutiny of the safety of the smart meter roll out and the rush to find that all is well in the face of contradictory evidence casts grave doubt on its credibility,” ETU Victorian branch secretary, Dean Mighell, said.

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11 Responses to Pensioner takes stance against meters – The Warrnambool Standard

  1. Melbourne Resident says:

    Remember…. there are a lot of us fighting this. Lets not give up. I will NOT have a smart meter!
    It is like having a machine gun at your front door. Electromagnetic radio waves are used for healing
    but are also a cause of destruction to our body if used innapropriately – as in the case of smart meters. I very much hope that this ends up in a class action! Hopefully there is some smart lawyer
    out there that will take this case to court! This is outrages!

    I am outraged and furious that they want to put a electromagnetic radiation device outside my house and everyones house! this is a crime against humanity!

    it is a criminal offence to invade our living space with radiation!

    and what about babies and children?????

    this is INSANE!

    • Sharron says:

      It sure is and we have to wonder about these people who pretend to know what is in our best interests- What gives them the right to ignore common sense and REAL scientific evidence ??? Michael Jackson sang “They don’t really care about us!” and you know what, they really don’t care about ANYTHING but MONEY$$$$$ GREED & POWER $$$$ Enough is enough and no-one should have their basic Human Rights stomped on, so we just need to FIGHT BACK and say NO MORE LIES!!! EYES WIDE OPEN! NO UNSMART METERS!!!

  2. fiona says:

    Well done Pam! I encourage anyone with research or measurements or any kind of proof of the smart meter being unsafe to bombard Energy Safe Victoria before they close their research in June. If they continue to ignore clear evidence, class action looks the way to go.

  3. Rob Reiken says:

    I’m so sick to death of this government’s/corporations push behind these dumb smartmeters along with their other measures they’re ramming down our throats without us having a choice about it. I’ve thoughroughly researched this whole matter only to find out it’s nothing more than an Agenda 21 depopulation Plan to control & kull society. Do they really expect some people who are seriously health wise effected by these control devices to put up with the sickness that they cause so that the only option left for some maybe suicide to escape this nightmare. Imagine when Cancer dramatically increases & then we’ll wonder why is this happening?

    I for one will surely be part of a class action , if it happens to eventuate which i sure hope it does. I sure don’t want to sing to the tune of being Singapore’s bitch so don’t let Australia become the white trash of Asia . I was at the protests when we had Carbon Tax rammed down our throats when 93% in the poles said no to it , which is all about sending us back into the stoneage. Do understand that Smart Meters are a part of that same agenda for them to implement a Technocracy World Control Grid for it all to be a Nanny/Police Controlled State where all of us you & I are classed the real terrorists for knowing this truth & getting up fighting for it.

    They implement an indoctrination system where to keep us in the dark this is why they want a kill switch for the internet to censor this medium that is playing a huge part for people to get educated & wake up to these matters.With all this government Beaurocracy& it’s souless Corporations always siding with & using smoke & screens to hide the truth cause they serve the globalists whorebags of the like such as The Rockefellers, Rothschilds,George Soros & The Bilderburg Group just to name some.

    If the first bankrupt state of the USA California was able to get choice freedom to not have SmartMeters then we surely should be able to get the same outcome if we wake our neighbors up to this tyranny & start the real bigger fight against this destruction to Humanity. I for one sure don’t want to live without electricity but rest assured of in the future if it all gets setup they will limit how much electricity were allowed to use while most will be without it cause they would be priced out to not able to afford it, as this is just a part measure to destroy the middle & peasant class. Remember that this is about Freedom & for if we no longer have it , well then we have nothing while they would own our sory asses if we let them win on this matter.

    While i was out one day & my wife was home when the sparkies came to put their meter in, she told them no but he still persisted to ignore No Consent even while i had a sign stating it. Well she grabbed his tool box & threw it out towards the footpath, he went collected them (Tools) & resumed again as he was doing, so she grabbed a hammer & threatened to smash his work van of which he buckled & left. She told me he had some young apprentice of sorts which seemed embarressed for what unfolded & at some point she had asked him if he had one at his home of which he had replied that is none of your business. “Well don’t that just say it all”. It’s none of our business while he thinks it’s ok to impose one upon us without our consent (what a hypercrite).

    Fight for our right to stay alive & not go down in the night, have courage to stand up to these thugs cause i bet when it comes to those globalists whorebags that impose these contraptions upon us they surely well won’t have one. You see there is a class for us & another VIP class for them of which we can never be part of. & i once used to think that we are all equal, how ignorant of me, & so then i got educated & so i WOKE UP. So now i say to to any of you sleeping sheeple out their “””””””WAKE UP””””.

    PS…….This is my first ever posting in this site, & for any of you out there wondering who i am , i was the one in The May Day Protests chanting SmartMeters SmartMeters while everyone everyone else chanted No No No during the marching parade through the city.

    • vickie says:

      Rob, thanks, said with passion, you expressed what we all are feeling.

      • Andrew says:

        I have to say, I am glad that people like Rob and many others are really pasionate in expressing their views (TRUTH).
        All we need now is the rest of Victoria to clog the web site with “no to smart meters”, only then the decision makers will take notice,- before its too late for them.

  4. ryan says:

    Sharlene, That is also what I was told, that all the people refusing will be revisited, if that person still refused, mediation will take place, if this fails then the person refusing may have their power cut off, in saying that, if what I believe to be true is and that is that there is a major cover up going on regarding house fires and smart meters, most likely the people who already know this information such as some firefighters and power company people, will themselves inevitably be faced with having what they know is a dangerous meter installed in their very own homes, maybe then they will have no choice but to come forward and tell what they know is really going on.

  5. John says:

    Keep up the good work Pam!

  6. Kathleen says:

    I phoned Peter Collins (author of the article) and he says that in a “worse case scenario”, Powercor said they’d cut off the power of recalcitrant property owners if they hadn’t complied by the end of the smart meter roll out date next year. He thinks it might end in a class action!
    Phoned Powercor about this threat. Ducking and weaving in a dripplingly pleasant way. Power cut off may happen, but “we hope it doesn’t get to that stage”!

    • Sharlene says:

      they are not allowed to cut off power just because you refuse a smart meter, it violates legislation, There is a process of mediation and trying to convince ppl who refuse that they are ‘safe’ before any power can be randomly cut off. This info is from the essential services commission who say its in the legislation that you cannot be cut off for refusing a smart meter. I have a lock on the box simply because a refusal list does not guarantee some moron from entering your property and ‘mistakenly on purpose’ installing one. They can read the meter which is all they have to do.

      • Sharron says:

        I applaud anyone who stands up to these bullies and am with you all , just wish more of the public would wise-up though and fight for their rights. There are too many fence sitters willing to be lab rats for the government at the moment! When the Service Stream installer turns up next week he’ll get a lecture from me also as my meterbox is locked and that is how it is staying! Happy to be part of a class action for such an important cause- BRING IT ON !!

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