Premier defends ‘safe’ smart meters – ABC News

By Alison Savage. PHOTO: A fire that damaged a Northcote home on the weekend is being blamed on the smart meter. (ABC: News)

Victorian Premier Ted Baillieu has again defended the roll-out of smart meters, amid concerns they are causing a growing number of house fires.

The meters will be installed in every home and business in Victoria by the end of next year, after the State Government decided to back the program last year after a review.

The smart meters measure electricity consumption on an hourly basis to more accurately reflect the amount used.

So far this month, there have been three fires in fuse boxes with smart meters.

Last year the Metropolitan Fire Brigade (MFB) was asked to review those fires.

The review concluded they were not caused the the smart meters themselves, although they could have been caused by issues surrounding installation.

Hamish Fitzsimmons, an ABC reporter for Lateline, raised concerns about the meters after a fire at his Northcote home on the weekend.

Mr Fitzsimmons says the fire, which started behind the smart meter, caused extensive damage to at least one room of the house.

He says City Power, which installed the meter, has denied responsibility.

The Premier has offered to have the home independently inspected.

Mr Baillieu says many of the issues are linked to problems with installation, rather than the meters themselves.

“The smart meter itself has been thoroughly examined and they are, in my view, safe,” he told ABC local radio.

However Mr Baillieu says there are known service use connection issues in older houses affecting the addition of extra electricity loads and heat.

He denies it is similar to the Federal Government home insulation program where incorrectly installed insulation led to a number of fatal fires.

“There is a requirement for training and qualification for anybody installing a smart meter,” he said.

Meanwhile, a smart meter installer is facing a possible fine of $30,000 after being charged with using dodgy equipment.

Energy Save Victoria has charged an Ormond man with installing equipment that is unsafe and not testing it.

The charges relate to an installation at Highett in January last year, which is believed to have caused a fire in March.

via Premier defends ‘safe’ smart meters – ABC News (Australian Broadcasting Corporation).

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4 Responses to Premier defends ‘safe’ smart meters – ABC News

  1. ryan says:

    Does anyone know how we can find out if smart meters were installed at the houses that have caught on fire? 3 people have died that I know of in house fires this year, we never heard the results of the investigations, I just discovered a person died in a house fire today, originally claimed as suspicious but now not, so what caused it? will we ever find out? here is the article

  2. Anonymous says:

    How much off reserch has been conducted by known scientists to this date and negative effects EMR and EMF on living organisms proven on both sites superpower ( USA x SSSR )

    (Robert O. Becker M.D. author off “Cross Currents”, “The Body Electric”)

    No worry young generation with damaged DNA will take care of ageing population of politicians who approve this desaster to happen

  3. Anonymous says:

    There are also concerns that the high frequencies transmitted by smart meters may couple on to household wiring, given the close proximity to conductive wiring. Sage and Biergiel stated in a paper in July 2010 that household wiring is simply not designed to carry the high frequency harmonics generated by ‘very short, very high intensity wireless emissions’. The higher frequency means higher energy, equating to higher heat, which could lead to a fire situation if there is compromised wiring at any point within a house (Sage & Biergiel 2010). But from a health perspective, the possibility that household wiring may carry these high frequencies, is even more alarming. A number of people are sensitive to high frequency harmonics, experiencing headaches, ‘brain-fog’ and other biological symptoms such as stomach upsets, when exposed to them. The prospect that all the wiring in a residence may effectively act as an ‘antenna’ and radiate high frequencies, is of considerable concern.

    • Anonymous says:

      Reply to Anonymous Jan 31, 2012:
      What an enlightening posting! Of course smart meters will couple on to household wiring, seeing as how their microwave transmitters are connected at the entry point to the household electricity supply. How could they not? I am picturing the household wiring network becoming a giant “crystal radio”, just like you said, however, unlike a crystal radio, this is at microwave (gigahertz) frequencies, more like a microwave oven. How long can a human being withstand that, especially a child?
      Explains why so many people are being made sick, why household appliances are being damaged and why so many fires have been caused (three just this month) soon after a smart meter has been installed.

      This issue highlights why, in this age of high tech, we can no longer afford to have government members with no technical understanding. Their ignorance has become too dangerous.

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