Frequencies now similar to mobile and cordless phones!

What the? ARPANSA seems to contradict both the Minister and Jemena!!

The Minister for Energy Michael O’Brien says:

“a Smart Meter produces less radio frequency than other house hold items like a cordless phone”. “You receive far more radiation from other common house hold items like a cordless phone or baby monitor!”

“If you have a microwave oven in your home, if you have a mobile phone in your home, a baby monitor or a cordless phone, you will be exposed to a higher level of radio frequency,”

Jemena says:

Smart Meter radio frequency emissions are less than most other sources in the home such as those produced by mobile phones, microwave ovens and baby monitors. This means the radiofrequency of a smart meter would be at a weaker (and therefore safer) level than most other sources in the home.

But ARPANSA says:

With frequencies similar to mobile and cordless phones, smart meters and other wireless devices used for communication are regulated by the Australian Communications and Media Authority (ACMA).

So we have gone from less, to weaker to similar!

Who do we believe?

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1 Response to Frequencies now similar to mobile and cordless phones!

  1. But, of course, Smart Meters are “pulsed” radiation and microwave ovens are “continuous” as Dr. Karl Meret has written about. The “pulsed” radiation, the scientists say, is what causes the biological effects (which is not to say we can’t, of course, be burned from a microwave oven).
    Cell phones can be pulsed also–but we have a choice don’t we if we want one or not? Also, we can turn them off. Hirsch, though, who is a nuclear scientist found that Smart meters emmissions are not so weak–that the measurements that some groups have done aren’t taking into account the whole body exposure and it is his assertion (based on his analysis) that they are 160 times more powerful (in effect on the body) than a cell phone. . .
    Melissa Levine,

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