Widening Call for Immediate Return of Analogs; Disconnection of “Mesh” Wireless Network

Contact: Joshua Hart, StopSmartMeters.Org Tuesday, November 1st 2011 

SANTA CRUZ, CA.—Just as PG&E enters the final phase of its deployment of wireless “smart” meters in California, the largest of the state’s Investor Owned Utilities (IOU’s) has reversed course, quietly beginning to replace the ‘smart’ meters of those reporting health impacts with the old trusty analog version.  Consumer rights and health groups immediately seized on the news, demanding that millions of Californians unhappy with their new wireless meters get their analogs returned immediately at no cost.

‘Smart’ meters are new wireless utility meters being installed as part of the “smart” grid initiative, spearheaded by technology firms and backed by the Obama administration and the Department of Energy.  Promises ranging from lower utility bills to enhanced renewable generation capacity have failed to materialize, with widespread reports of higher bills, privacy violations, fires and explosions, and commonly reported health impacts such as headaches, nausea, tinnitus, and heart problems associated with powerful wireless transmissions.  Widely disparate political groups- from members of the Green Party to the Tea Party and Occupy protesters have attacked the program, and dozens of grassroots organizations have sprouted up over the past several months to fight what they call an undemocratic, unconstitutional and dangerous assault on people in their own homes and neighborhoods.  Dozens of people have been detained or arrested for peaceful civil disobedience and even simply speaking out against deployments.[1]

In California, more than 47 cities and counties have demanded a halt to halt installation, and a dozen local governments have passed laws prohibiting the controversial technology. [2] The ‘smart’ meter issue has further angered a public already seething at the utilities over repeated gas explosions, safety breaches at nuclear reactors, and an increasingly extortionate rate structure.  Word of California’s ‘smart’ meter nightmare has spread across the country and around the world, prompting some utilities to place smart meter plans on hold, and recently Nevada’s PUC to call for investigations into the health effects and other smart meter problems.[3]

Now in a dramatic turnaround that could signal the beginning of a widespread recall of wireless ‘smart’ meters, on October 28th PG&E re-installed a classic spinning disc analog meter on the home of Santa Cruz, CA resident Caitlin Phillips, who had been suffering headaches and other symptoms from her ‘smart’ meter. The move comes in response to verbal directives from the California Public Utilities Commission President Michael Peevey, who recently told members of the public that the utility “will provide for you to go back to the analog meter if that’s your choice.”  The CPUC has been slow to respond to thousands of ordinary citizens reporting health effects from the new meters.

When a Wellington Energy installer (contracted with PG&E) came to install a smart meter at her home, Caitlin asked the installer to get off her property and not install, because of what a neighbor had told her about possible health damage and privacy violations.   “When I returned home later, I discovered a smart meter on my house.   That night I awoke to severe anxiety, headache, and buzzing in my teeth, and realized the new smart meter was on the other side of the wall from my bed.”  Caitlin reported her experience to PG&E and the CPUC, who both declined to rectify the situation.  When the symptoms persisted, Caitlin sought the assistance of the Scotts Valley based group Stop Smart Meters! who provided an analog meter and referred her to a professional who could help her remove her ‘smart’ meter.  As soon as the analog was installed, Caitlin’s symptoms disappeared.

Frustrated and outraged about her treatment by the utility and the PUC, Caitlin travelled to San Francisco to speak at a commission meeting on Oct. 20th.   About a week later, PG&E crews were at her house replacing her temporary analog meter with a brand new official PG&E analog meter.  This is believed to be the first time PG&E have willingly replaced an analog meter on the home of someone suffering from health effects.[4]

An “opt-out” proceeding overseen by an Administrative Law Judge is underway at the CA Public Utilities Commission, yet those suffering (in some cases severe) health impacts have been stuck in limbo as utilities refuse to remove the harmful meters upon request- until now.

“There are hundreds of thousands- if not millions- of people suffering in their homes from forced ‘smart’ meter radiation,” said Joshua Hart, Director of the grassroots organization Stop Smart Meters!  “The utilities and PUC’s must respond promptly to all requests that analogs be returned.  The alternative is that people will increasingly turn to independent professionals to remove unwanted ‘smart’ meters from their homes, a reasonable action we assert is within our legal rights. Protecting your family’s health is not tampering.”

PG&E and other utilities have also been responding to health complaints by replacing wireless ‘smart’ meters with digital meters that are “wireless-ready.”  These digital meters have been associated with health problems from “dirty electricity” frequencies that pass into a home via the electrical wiring.  These “trojan horse” meters have been roundly rejected by those who report continuing health impacts after installation. Susan Brinchman, Director of San Diego based Center for Electrosmog Prevention. said “At this point, the burden of responsibility is on the utilities to demonstrate that any new meter they want to install on our homes is safe.  Communities have the right to retain analog meters at no extra charge.  Period.”


Joshua Hart
Director, Stop Smart Meters!

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  1. Anonymous says:

    I have noticed the high pitched squeal in my apartment and its very difficult to sleep for it. Its even worse when everyone on property are home . The noise sounds similar to radio frequency. If there is a wi fi running anywhere in building it will travel throughout even through television and a radio .I get away from home and the noise stops .It didn’t occur to me it could be due to smart meter. Will call electric company tomorrow and have it changed back. Thanks

  2. Miriam. says:

    Hi – governments in Australia are not subject to the ACCC but in VIC you can try the Victorian Equal Opportunity & Disability Commission.

  3. Anonymous says:

    Just musing as to whether it could be argued that the Victorian govt has gone against the free market philosophy in legislating mandatory smart meters? Could it somehow be an ACCC issue? I imagine that if it was possible for customers to change providers if they promised not to install the smart meters, that many customers would be lost from those companies that enforce them.There could be great competitive incentive for companies to distance themselves from the controversy and promote their commitment to protecting jobs. It would give whole neighborhoods power to campaign residents to change providers.

    • Hammer Mann says:

      Answer to Anonymous,
      Yes the Victorian Government has gone against the free market philosophy in Unlawfully trying to force Victorian private home and small business operators to give up their Safe and Passive Analog Electric meters for the now proving to be in increasing numbers
      ” Incendiary Microwave Electric A.M.I so called Smart Meters,” which are not smart in any way at all. See cases of Incendiary damage to a two-storey Northcote home of around $300,000 to $350,000 dollars after the forced and Unlawful fitting of a Smart Meter as well as other Smart-Meter fires in Geelong and in the Ararat region as well. I earlier published in S.S.M.A some months back. See also Smart Meter fires in America and Canada and England etc.

      This forcing of the so-called Smart Meters aka INCENDIARY Electric Meter is very much an A.C.C.C Issue. See the A.C.C.C Notice of Prohibition and Anti-Harassment or Coercion for Smart Meter Installation, for $1.1 Million Dollars below. You can use this same notice to fight these four as I allege to be CRIMINAL overseas electric power companies as well as SP AusNet now renamed AusNet Services and this also as I allege to be CORRUPT Victorian Liberal Party. I sent this notice to Powercor some time ago by registered mail. They had only fourteen (14) days in which to Lawfully reply to me. As they never replied to this A.C.C.C Legal and Lawful notice I sent them they had to accept the Terms and Conditions of this Notice which were that they could never communicate with me ever again, simple as that.



      (Insert name and
      Address of Power Distributor)

      This notice is provided to _______________________________________________ and any persons, entities,
      (Insert Power distributor name and ACN no off letter you received)
      Employees, associates, corporations, sub-contractors and agents of the fore mentioned (herein referred to as Your Company).
      Notice to agent is notice to principal.

      Note: This notice is provided in addition and following a NOTICE OF PROHIBITION FOR
      SMART METER INSTALLATION (date of your first letter) and NOTICE Your Company’s
      INSTALLATION NOTICE (date of your letter received from Power Distributor after) served on Your Company.
      Your Company is prohibited and forbidden from communication in any manner, with the intent to solicit for the installation of a “smart meter” or meter containing wireless communication function(s) at the following (service) address: (Insert your address). Such an act is herein referred to as a PROHIBITED ACT.
      I have lawful and legal standing and claim of right to make such a demand.

      Any PROHIBITED ACT will be considered an act of undue harassment or coercion with the supply or possible supply of goods or services as defined by the Competition and Consumer Act 2010 (CTH) Vol. 3, Ch. 4, PT> 4-1, Div. 5 Sec. 168; such an offence carries a penalty of $1.1,000,000:00 One point one Million Dollars. If Your Company is in any way directed by the Government (State of Victoria) and State of Victoria Corporation to perform such an offence, the Government and individual members are liable under tort may in addition be held vicariously liable.
      Any PROHIBITED ACT remains prohibited unless I provide a NOTICE OF CESSATION OF PROHIBITION explicitly annulling this notice, or following a sale of property and change of property title holder for the property in question.
      A copy of this notice will also be provided for their records to (via regular mail):
      1. Customer Relations, DPI,
      2. Minister Nicholas Kotsiras, Government in the State of Victoria.

      If a response to this notice containing any dispute of facts or CLAIM OF RIGHT based on lawful claim of right is not received within fourteen days from Your Company, it shall be fact that you accept as fact this notice and facts contained within, and will honour this notice; such requiring no further action on your behalf.


      ____________ __________________ _______________
      (Your SIGNATURE) (Witness to your Signature) Print Witnesses name)

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