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Prostituting Science – The classification of bona fide physiological disorders as psychogenic illnesses for political gain

A monumental and perhaps the most inclusive work ever on MCS and EHS.   Pelda B. Hyman, New York. In presenting a host of the non-communicable diseases that currently plague our society not simply as diseases of civilization but as by-products … Continue reading

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Do smart meters cause house fires? Evidence of Industry corruption in silencing this issue

In conjunction with the ‘Take Back Your Power’ film, Brian Thiesen explores in-depth how smart meters cause fires and the industry corruption silencing this issue. From manufacturer savings by using cheaper and fewer parts and four different causes of arcing … Continue reading

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Victorian Government releases farcical smart meter technical study

Last year, the Victorian Government announced it would conduct a health audit on smart meters. See: and This ‘health audit’ transformed into a “technical study”.  It is obvious that the Government came to realise that a health audit … Continue reading

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Can smart meters cause house fires?

In yet another recent house fire, the electricity distributor, as usual, wasted no time in racing to the scene to remove the burned out smart meter. What’s the rush? Gee, I’m sure the property owner is very grateful to the … Continue reading

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Mobile Phones and WiFi are a “Serious Public Health Issue” – Canadian Parliamentary Report

OTTAWA, June 18, 2015 /CNW/ – Cancer, infertility, and learning disabilities might be caused by our cell phones and WiFi, according to a new Parliamentary report. The microwave radiation from our little wireless devices is now a “serious public health … Continue reading

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Smart meter rollout is linked to a rise in disconnections

VICTORIA’s electricity smart meter rollout has been linked to a rise in disconnections. And fees to pay for the rollout have also pushed up power prices, putting a strain on low-income households, a state inquiry has been told. Annual disconnections … Continue reading

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Melbourne doctor fears link between mobile phone use and brain cancer

A leading Melbourne doctor is blaming mobile phones for an escalation in brain cancer. Dr John Tickell has fought his own cancer battle and claims radiation is the link. He says it should be a wake up call for anyone … Continue reading

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