Who should pay for extra smart meter infrastructure costs?

After a smart meter was installed on her house ‘Joan’ experienced repeated surges on the house’s wiring whenever she boiled the electric kettle.  This went on for over a year with no attempt by her power distributor to fix the situation.  Then one morning, a power distributor representative arrived at her door and said that they were doing a street check.  Shortly after, they told Joan they need to turn off her house’s electricity for 15 minutes to conduct further tests.  5 minutes later, they told Joan that she has to pay for an electrician to repair her mains and they will not restore the power until she does so.

Amidst howls of protest that she was not forewarned that she would have her electricity disconnected and that there had been no problems with her household wiring until the smart meter was installed, the power distributor workers expected Joan to be grateful that they had just prevented her house from burning down.  Never mind that it could have burned down any time in the past year or so.

Joan was left without any electricity at all for more than 24 hours.  Plus she was left with a hefty electrician’s bill for work apparently made necessary by the installation of a smart meter.  And meanwhile, the power distributor had held its hand out for a $362 after hours call out fee, which Joan refused to pay.

Who should pay for these extra smart meter infrastructure costs?  Everyone of us is already paying for the smart meter that the power distributors get to claim that they own.  Why should some people be required to pay thousands of dollars in order to enable their house’s wiring and mains to cope with a meter that places significantly more stress upon the wiring than an analogue meter does?

The National Smart Meter Infrastructure Report (4 Feb, 2013) reported on the rollout of smart meters across Australia.  While comparing the Victorian mandated rollout with the more voluntary rollout of other states, the report says on page 9-114:

9.3.2 Existing Infrastructure
One of the issues that smart meter deployments face is that they can highlight problems with wiring/ switchboards etc on the customer side of the connection. This is normally the  responsibility for the customer to maintain. However, where the only reason that this cost has emerged is the rollout of smart meters it is difficult to impose the cost on customers. This is more of an issue for a mandatory programme as voluntary programmes can skip some customers with wiring problems and meters required for Solar may be able to require customers to fix the infrastructure.


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In March 2014, Dr Erica Mallery-Blythe of the British Society of Ecological Medicine gave the following talk on EHS, targeted mainly at doctors and health care providers.

This is one of the most comprehensive lectures on EHS to date and a must watch for anyone working in health care or wanting to understand the nature of EHS and its management.

Dr Mallery-Blythe states quite clearly that ‘EHS is a physiological, not a psychological disorder’ and that it ‘is dangerous to advise affected individuals NOT to decrease their exposure to electromagnetic radiation, particularly as we don’t even know whether this radiation is safe for the general population, let alone for EHS sufferers.’

For more information this website contains a wealth of information http://www.emfanalysis.com/ehs-symptoms.html

Take this link to your doctor or other health care provider!

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Sofia Telemzouguer‘s power is reconnected!

Sofia Telemzouguer, a Melbourne woman whose details have been widely reported in mainstream media and on this site, has had her power reconnected after living 155 days without electricity.

The Victorian Civil and Administrative Tribunal (VCAT) ordered Ms Telemzouguer’s power distributor, United Energy, to reconnect her power as an Interim Order prior to proceeding to a full hearing in March 2015.  Ms Telemzouguer filed her application through VCAT’s Human Rights Division.

Because of Ms Telemzouguer’s sensitivity to electromagnetic radiation, VCAT also ordered United Energy to remove the radio frequency chip from the ‘smart’ meter so it operates like a normal digital meter, that is, a manually read meter that does not emit continuous bursts of radiation.

Stop Smart Meters Australia commends VCAT for directing United Energy to reconnect Ms Telemzouguer’s power via a non-wireless digital meter.


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Canadian utility company directed to remove all smart meters in Saskatchewan province – CBS News

SaskPower to remove 105,000 smart meters following fires

The Saskatchewan government has ordered its power utility SaskPower to remove 105,000 so-called smart meters installed at homes and businesses across the province, following concerns about eight unexplained fires associated with the units.

The minister responsible for the provincial Crown corporation, Bill Boyd, announced the move Wednesday.

“The concerns about safety are paramount here,” Boyd told reporters in Regina. “The concerns are significant enough that we believe that any time that families are at risk here in Saskatchewan, actions have to be taken. That’s why we’ve directed SaskPower accordingly.”

See SaskPower to remove 105,000 smart meters following fires for full story.

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United Energy fires its next missile of intimidation

Stop Smart Meters Australia (SSMA) has had reports from United Energy customers who have received the latest in United Energy’s series of highly convoluted notices concocted by its “clever” spin doctors. This latest notice from United Energy (aka Serial Corporate Bully) is entitled ‘RE: Non Complying Meter’. See: UE July 2014 letter

Desperate people do desperate things and one thing clear is that this notice has been made to come across as a threat to “deny” the essential service of electricity in the same vein as previous threats were made to “cut” this essential service. Clearly intended to intimidate, this notice is a familiar ploy of United Energy’s, designed to make more people cave in to their agenda to install their unwanted devices onto private homes.

Contained within this latest notice are the following statements:

“Your existing meter is no longer compliant with the metering standard in Victoria. This may impact your power supply in the event that your meter is damaged as the result of either a network outage or a localised fault.”

So none of this even applies if your meter is not damaged. It would have to be a pretty significant outage event to actually damage the meter. Are they trying to persuade people with hypotheticals or fictitious scenarios that they have deviously contrived? You would not want to be in the shoes of any party who might deliberately cause such a scenario. We certainly don’t wish to point the finger. And that word “may” does appear quite often in all UE notices.

“In the past we have supplied you with information outlining the benefits of installing a smart meter. This includes UE’s ability to identify and manage network outages more efficiently. As you do not have a smart meter installed, should an outage occur at your property UE will not be immediately aware that you are off supply. Therefore, we will not be able to utilise the capability of the AMI network to identify and rectify your restoration in the same manner as other customers.”

Yes, we have always had to call them when there has been a fault. That’s why there is a faults phone number. As far as not being able to rectify and restore in the same manner as “other customers”, that is exactly how we want it. What it also means is that they cannot cut off our power and switch off our appliances in the manner that they could do to other customers; it also means they cannot transmit radiation through our houses and our bodies against our wills in the way they are now doing to other customers and it also means they cannot intrude into our private activities in the home in the way they have the capacity of doing with other customers.

“If you encounter a fault with your existing meter that leads to it requiring replacement, either through a localised event or as the result of a network outage (e.g. a voltage variation) UE will be unable to restore your power until a smart meter is installed. It is the Victorian Government’s policy that smart meters are the standard meters in Victoria.”

The issue of what is going to happen if an analogue meter breaks down was always going to be a bridge to be crossed but United Energy must restore power if there is an outage. Electricity is an essential service that must be restored to all customers regardless of whether a customer’s metering is accumulation or interval and United Energy cannot be allowed to get away with using the threat to deny essential service as a means of blackmailing its customers into relinquishing their rights.

Victorian legislation was recently passed permitting power companies to set fees to manually read meters, clearly indicating and accepting that two metering systems exist and will continue to exist in Victoria. See: Victorian Parliament Passes Energy Legislation Amendment Bill 2014.

It seems, however, the Victorian government and the power distributors remain complicit in aggressively pursuing an agenda to install wireless smart meters.


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New Victorian political party standing for state election on platform of removing smart meters – Herald Sun/Leader

STATE Election voters will be able to make the switch to a party that is interested in more than one type of power.

People Power Victoria — No Smart Meters was registered as a political party last week and will contest every Upper House seat and some Lower House seats in the November poll.

The party was formed in response to the compulsory rollout of smart meters.

Party spokesman Marc Florio said the party had 700 members and was growing.

Mr Florio said the party was still looking for candidates.

“People Power Victoria is centred on opposing the mandated rollout of wireless smart meters for electricity, gas and water, and on the commitment to re-establish a healthy environment.”

Mr Florio said people should have the right to have the communication card removed from the smart meter.

“It should be people’s choice. We aren’t saying remove all the meters, we are saying to remove the communication card.

“Many Victorians have already been adversely affected by the compulsory rollout, be it financially or via deteriorating health as a direct result of exposure to radiation from smart meters.

“Many also see it as a gross invasion of their privacy.”

Although the party focused on the smart meter subject, Mr Florio said it was not a single-issue party.

“We are advocating for an Occupational Health and Safety ombudsman for Victoria and also we believe there should be social and health impact studies done before all major state government projects — these studies need to be done prior to any major investment.

“The government needs to do their homework because at the moment they are just rolling out the programs without consultation.”

Kylie Andoranti, July 29, 2014

Via: http://www.heraldsun.com.au/leader/news/new-victorian-political-party-standing-for-state-election-on-platform-of-removing-smart-meters/story-fnglekhp-1227005304403

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Smart Meters coming to Queensland!

Documentation from the Queensland Government’s ’30 Year Electricity Strategy Discussion Paper’ indicates that the Smart Grid will be turned on in South East Queensland on 1st July, 2015. See: Advanced Metering Discussion Paper – Australian rollout

“The Queensland Government supports a customer-driven rollout of advanced meters where a range of different service providers can compete to offer customers advanced metering services and associated product choices. Customers can choose to adopt the technology based on their own assessment of the benefits.”  (Advanced metering ‘What is proposed?’ P. 20)

It is all about the $$ – no care or concern for the public health.  Queenslanders beware, there is little doubt that this so-called “customer-driven rollout” of wireless technology will be pushed by the power industry and Queensland government through stealth and misinformation.

The only protection against a smart/advanced meter in your home is to NOT HAVE ONE  – ie. LOCK UP YOUR METER BOX.  Once installed it is too late to complain and/or have it removed.

The proliferation of EMR from wireless and smart/digital meters impacts many people, including unborn children: http://www.takebackyourpower.net/news/2014/06/10/the-babysafe-project-how-wireless-is-affecting-your-unborn-child/


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