PEOPLE POWER VICTORIA – NO SMART METERS: The emergence of a new political party


Stop Smart Meters Australia is launching a new political party for Victoria, with a charter centred on opposition to the mandated roll-out of wireless smart meters for electricity, gas and water, and on the commitment to re-establish a healthy environment for all.

The People Power Victoria – No Smart Meters party (PPV) also stands for fair and affordable delivery of essential services to all Victorians, respect for Human Rights and a safer, more ethical use of technology.

Victorian politicians of both Houses of Parliament are ignoring our concerns, happily leaving their constituents vulnerable to the whims of private corporations. Perusing this website alone, you will find countless examples of injustice enforced upon everyday Victorians, and essentially, our politicians simply DO NOT CARE. It is time now to play their game and create a new political force.

The community’s experience with rising essential services’ costs and disregard of customers’ rights and wellbeing is epitomised by the incompetent and aggressive roll-out of the Advanced Metering Infrastructure (smart meters) program in Victoria. This program is just one example of a broader frustration for voters who expect laws and processes that recognise and protect human and democratic rights of Victorians. This new Party aims to ensure laws and processes are properly introduced and implemented, and have as their aim genuine protection for all Victorians.

PPV will provide a focal point for voters who are frustrated by the lack of political action and feel strongly that much more needs to be done through our parliamentary system to protect the human and democratic rights of Victorians.

Our mission is to reclaim our state and set it on a new and better path.

We have a vision of a caring and compassionate society, where individuals and families have the freedom to be masters of their own lives and homes, and where every Victorian is given the opportunity to prosper and thrive.

This is your chance to have a voice, to reclaim your rights, your home, your state and to change the course of history.

We cannot do it without you. Please complete a membership form and encourage everyone over the age of 18 in your family and friendship circle to do the same. Applicants have to be enrolled to vote in Victoria. Party membership is FREE, and a membership form can be completed online or downloaded at:

We need at least 500 members to register our party, so spread the word!

To enable us to run in the forthcoming Victorian election, we are hoping to gain 500 members within the next six weeks.

Thank you. It is only together that we can make a difference!

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Electricity company plunges Cheltenham pair into darkness after smart meter removed due to health fears

A WOMAN who illegally removed her smart meter because she believed it was making her sick has been living in the dark for the past six weeks after her power was cut off.

United Energy cut off Sofia Telemzouguer’s power for “health and safety” reasons after learning she had replaced the meter with an analog version.

But in what United Energy is calling a “unique and sensitive case”, it says it continues to work with her to resolve the situation.

She said she has been in a year-long battle with the energy provider after they installed the unit at her Cheltenham home without her consent in March last year.

But in October, Ms Telemzouguer, who says she has been diagnosed with electromagnetic hypersensitivity, removed the smart meter after she claimed it gave her headaches and caused severe skin irritation.

She started to feel better but contacted United Energy in February with an inquiry.

She said soon after, her power was cut off without any correspondence and she and her 14-year-old daughter Larissa were now living in darkness.

“I have to throw out any perishable food if we don’t eat it immediately and my daughter has to study by candlelight,” Ms Telemzouguer said.

“It’s very stressful (and) I don’t know what to do ‒ wherever I go it’s a stone wall.”

But United Energy spokesman Stuart Allott said, with the Energy and Water Ombudsman, they had been working with Ms Telemzouguer for months after she told them of her health concerns.

He said they tested the radiofrequency exposure limit, which was “well below” safe levels and offered to lower it further but that had been so far been rejected.

He said in February, they requested a meter inspection due to the inability to read it remotely and after finding out the meter was illegally removed, a defect notice was issued and an inquiry launched by Energy Safe Victoria.

“Due to health and safety concerns, supply was disconnected,” Mr Allott said.

He said the company had tried to reconnect the supply since March, but Ms Telemzouguer refused the installation of “our now standard digital meter”.

He said it was State Government policy that smart meters were the standard meters and they continued to work with the Ombudsman to resolve the issue.

EMR Australia director Lyn McLean, whose company produces shielding for electromagnetic radiation, said she received many calls from Melbourne residents wanting to shield themselves from smart meters.

She said her company often installed shielding, including special paint, fabric and window film which could eliminate 99 percent of all the radiation from the meter without impeding its function.

Troels Sommerville, Moorabbin Kingston Leader, April 16


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“The facts expose the safety standards are inadequate” – Dr James McCaughan, University of Sydney

Dr James B. McCaughan, Honorary Senior Lecturer, School of Physics, University of Sydney, writes an account about electrosensitivity and the inadequacies of the current safety standards in Australia.

The account is made available via the WiFi in Schools Website and directly from

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People Power Victoria – No Smart Meters party to contest the next state election | Herald Sun Leader

THE growing movement against the compulsory rollout of smart meters in Victoria has sparked a new political party.

The People Power Victoria — No Smart Meters was started last week and spokesman Marc Florio said it was growing fast.

“We have 250 members join within a week of publicising it. We need 500 members to be registered and we will get that no problems,” Mr Florio said.

He said the party was formed because there was a growing concern about how the public was being treated by corporations, major parties and state government departments.

“The major parties don’t seem to be listening to the public about the problems out there. They don’t care about the issues — and in particular the rising cost of smart meters,” Mr Florio said.

“The party is a focal point for voters who are frustrated by the lack of action by politicians.”

The party is centred on opposition to the rollout of wireless smart meters for electricity, gas and water and aims to get fair and affordable delivery of essential services.

Mr Florio said the party would contest the state election in November.

For more information go to

Kylie Adoranti


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People Power Victoria – an overwhelming response!

Within one week of promoting the formation of our political party People Power Victoria – No Smart Meters, we are already nearly halfway to our minimum target of 500 members.

If everyone who has joined PPV enlisted one more person to apply for membership, we will reach our goal within two weeks – surely this would be unprecedented in the formation of a grass-roots Victorian political party!

But of course we would like even more than 500 members!

Thank you everyone for your support, and because of this overwhelming response, please be patient as our volunteers register your membership and acknowledge your kind donations.

Let’s continue to spread the word and keep the momentum going……

Membership forms can be downloaded at:

Or completed online at:

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Petition to reconnect Sofia’s power

Stop Smart Meters Australia has created a petition for Sofia to have her power reconnected with a manual read interval meter. Please help Sofia’s cause by clicking on the link below and sign to register your support:

Sofia’s smart meter story: a life ruined, a future denied
Upon returning from an interstate business trip, Sofia’s health started to mysteriously and rapidly decline. Sofia could no longer sleep, her vision suddenly deteriorated, she had constant headaches, nausea, irritability, fatigue and short term memory loss. An acute, burning rash all over her body and swollen legs eventually led to hospitalization.
This was a stark turn of events for a woman still in her prime, who had been healthy and had enjoyed an exciting, busy life as a full time worker and sole parent of a teenage daughter.

Sofia and her doctors discovered the horrible coincidence – all her symptoms had started after a wireless smart meter had been installed inside a cavity in her bedroom wall, against her wishes and without her knowledge whilst she was away from home.

Now Sofia is on a Disability Pension, too sick to work and struggling to look after herself and her 14 year old daughter.

After months of unendurable physical suffering and pleading with her power distributor, United Energy, and government agencies, this Victorian mother had only one option – to take things into her own hands and have the smart meter removed from her home. Soon after, her health started to improve and she still continued to pay the estimated electricity bills she received.

On the 3rd March 2014, without warning or written notification, Sofia’s power was cut off. Appeals United Energy), Energy Safe Victoria, the Victorian Energy Ombudsman, the Victorian Energy Minister, local politicians and others have only resulted in stone walling and doors shut in her face. No one wants to help, no one wants to accept the grim reality facing this distraught mother and daughter.

Since the disconnection occurred, Sofia and her daughter have had to live without:
-Electric lights. She and her daughter have been using candles and a torch for light
-A refrigerator/freezer. All food has to be purchased daily and consumed that day.
-The ability to use a washing machine to launder clothing
-The use of a laptop computer to allow her daughter to complete her schoolwork
-Any heating for her home, particularly as the weather turns colder with winter approaching

Sofia has been told that, unless she accepts a smart meter on her house, she will not be supplied with electricity. Her power distributor refuses to return her safe, non-wireless meter. For this situation to be allowed to occur in Melbourne “the world’s most liveable city” is an indictment upon the Victorian Government. While others in her neighbourhood are permitted to retain their analogue meter, not Sofia. This is clear discrimination!

Such behaviour is a denial of an essential service and therefore the denial of a basic human right – especially as Sofia’s electricity account is fully paid up!
Governments are supposed to represent the people who elect their representatives and not BIG business; however it appears from the punitive treatment being meted out to people like Sofia that the Victorian Government is actively working against the welfare of vulnerable Victorians in our communities.

It is because of these tragic developments in Sofia’s situation that we are appealing to you to sign this petition. Let’s hope this forces the Victorian Premier (Denis Napthine) and his new Energy Minister (Russell Northe) to back down from the government’s punitive measures against Sofia and her daughter. Please help Sofia get her old, safe meter back, and the power switched on.


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The Great Meter Con – Recent letters in The Age

Get smart
David Lamb’s (Letters, 27/3) and David Laird’s (31/3) smart meter problems are small beer. Since my smart meter was installed, my supplier has billed all my electricity at the peak rate despite most of it being used in off-peak hours (for water heating on a dedicated circuit). Previously, this was billed at off-peak rates. Incompetence or a scam? Presumably tens of thousands of others are also affected – many unknowingly.
Brewis Atkinson, Nunawading


Get with the times
I can add to David Lamb’s concerns about smart meters (Letters, 27/3). Since its installation nearly two years ago my smart meter has registered readings for off peak and peak usage, as well as calculating my solar exports to the grid.
However, it has not been smart enough to match Victorian summer time with the time shown on the meter clock. Real Victorian time has been one hour ahead of meter time, which creates problems for anyone trying to use power at off-peak times. Energy Australia customer relations staff, when they eventually understood my complaint, simply suggest that it ”balances out”. In other words, stop stirring the pot. ”Just another example of corporate con”, to quote David Lamb?
David Laird, Forest Hill


The great meter con
I have two smart meters at my home. One is for peak electricity supply and the other is for off-peak electricity. In the two years since they were installed, the only benefit I can see is that the electricity retailer saves money by not having to send someone to check my use.
I thought the purpose of smart meters was to enable energy providers to charge a high use rate at times of high energy demand and a lower rate at times when surplus energy was available. Silly me. Just another example of corporate con.
David Lamb, Kew East


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Public Exposure: DNA, Democracy & the ‘Wireless Revolution’ documentary


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Sofia’s Story – Punitive power and the smart meter tyranny

Sofia is a sole parent, with a 14 year old daughter.

She became ill after a wireless smart meter was installed on her house 19 March 2013. Sofia hadn’t given permission for its installation. In fact, she wasn’t even aware that her original electricity meter had been swapped for a smart meter, as it occurred whilst she was on an interstate business trip.

It was only afterwards, when she and her medical advisors were searching for the cause of the sudden deterioration in her health, that she discovered the horrible coincidence. The smart meter had been installed in the worst possible position, inside her bedroom cavity wall, just centimetres from where her head lay as she slept at night.

Victorian smart meters, such as hers, emit microwave radiation 24/7. Network traffic can result in as many as 190,000 transmissions per day from a mesh smart meter. Authorities never alerted the public to this fact.

The technicalities of wireless smart meters were the last thing on Sofia’s mind when she ended up in hospital with swollen legs and an acute burning rash, all over her body. She had developed a burning sensation in her eyes, throat, mouth, and covering her face. That was just the start of the nightmare. Sofia was also suffering from unexplained headaches, insomnia, nausea, irritability, constant fatigue and short-term memory loss. To make matters worse, she experienced an acute deterioration of her vision.

Sofia was subsequently diagnosed with EHS (electro hypersensitivity), triggered by her smart meter’s microwave radiation. She has had to cease professional employment. She is no longer able to go about her normal daily activities in the community, without experiencing great pain from exposure to ubiquitous electromagnetic radiation. She is now on a Disability Pension.

All Sofia is asking for is the return of her safe, analogue meter. But do you think her power distributor, United Energy, or the Victorian State government are listening? All her pleas have been ignored and ridiculed. Even the Victorian Energy Ombudsman was unable to help her.

Finally, at her wits’ end, and in a state of unbearable pain, Sofia took matters into her own hands. Her smart meter was removed. As a result, her health slowly started to improve. In order to show good faith and a willingness to pay her electricity bills, Sofia continued to pay her electricity based on estimated usage.

On 3 March 2014, 8.30am Sofia’s power was cut off, without warning or written notification. United Energy, Sofia’s power distributor, refuses to reconnect her, unless a wireless smart meter is installed.

This is despite the provision of medical evidence verifying her condition. This is despite the fact that other Victorians, who have objected to a smart meter, have now received letters formally honouring their request to not have a smart meter installed.

It seems that the horrible quagmire which Sofia ended up in would never have eventuated, if only she had known enough in the first place to lock her meter box.

Her requests to speak to her power distributor’s management have been refused. Efforts by her Federal MP and Legal Aid have come to naught. A representative of the Victorian Department of State Development and Business Innovation lamely suggested that she move to the country to escape the radiation, leaving her 14-year daughter in the care of friends so she can continue with her schooling.

And this all is happening, despite the former Energy Minister stressing, in one of his interviews, that disconnecting power from people’s houses is INHUMANE.

Sofia and her daughter are still living without power and suffering immensely mentally and emotionally.

How callous and inhumane can United Energy be?

How could this happen to anyone living in a democratic country like Australia?

This YouTube clip about Sofia’s story was sent to Stop Smart Meters Australia by Paradigm Images Production:

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‘Letter of the Week’ to Victorian Premier Dr Denis Napthine

Stop Smart Meters Australia has recently been presented with a copy of a letter that was sent to the Premier of Victoria, Dr Denis Napthine. We believe it is an excellent letter worth sharing with our followers.

See: A letter to the Premier of Victoria

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