Amelia Hill – EHS and MCS

Amelia Hill, former feature writer for national magazines such as House & Garden and Real Living Magazine, is allergic to the 21st century and is virtually living inside a bubble in her parents’ home.  Amelia not only suffers from electromagnetic hypersensitivity (EHS), but also multiple chemical sensitivity (MCS).  These two sensitivities often go hand in hand, giving the sufferer a double whammy.  The sufferer is left unable to cope with not only electromagnetic radiation, but also various chemicals which may be present in items such as a toothpaste, clothing and vehicle exhaust fumes.  Symptoms of EHS often appear at a different time to MCS.

Amelia’s story:

Despite people like Amelia suffering from EHS, power distributors and the Victorian Government continue to claim that people do not suffer from electromagnetic hypersensitivity – it is merely a figment of the imagination!



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Senate inquiry into the performance and management of electricity network companies

The Senate Standing Committee on Environment and Communications has commenced publishing the submissions which it received on the performance and management of electricity network companies. The committee is due to report on this matter by the first sitting day in March.

Senate Inquiry webpage

SSMA’s submission is Number 52

To read this submission and other SSMA submissions go to our submissions page.

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The effects of radio frequency radiation upon the brain: Dr Leif Salford, neurosurgeon

Dr. Leif Salford is a neurosurgeon at Lund University Hospital (Sweden), and Chairman of the Department of Neurosurgery. Since 1988 he has led a team of researchers that have exposed thousands of laboratory rats to microwave radiation from various sources. Since the late 1990s they have used mobile telephones as the source of this radiation.

The results have been consistent and alarming: not only does radiation from a mobile phones damage the blood-brain barrier, but it does so at even when the exposure level is reduced a thousandfold.

This is presentation by Dr. Leif Salford on the effects of radio frequency radiation (RF) upon the brain.  The statistics are jolting, to say the least: YouTube Link

See also:

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Radio frequency classification petition

Liz B. in the USA has created an Avaaz petition demanding that IARC (International Agency for Research on Cancer) and WHO (World Health Organisation) change the classification of radio frequencies from 2B (possible carcinogen) to Class 1 (carcinogenic to humans).

This RF classification would cover not just mobile phones and towers, but also wi-fi, smart meters, cordless phones, baby monitors and all other wireless devices.

If the petition gains enough signatures Avaaz could take it to the next level and email it to their 40 million followers around the world.

Sign the petition

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Smart meter rebels enjoy a reprieve from fines – Herald Sun

THOUSANDS of Victorians who have refused electricity smart meters could escape penalties this year.

One company has given rebels a reprieve, and others are considering their position.

About 25,000 customers statewide have defied warnings of possible disconnection and higher charges to resist the installation of digital smart meters, instead keeping older meters that are read manually rather than remotely.


Power giant AusNet Services has opted not to charge its 8326 “refusers” fees to manually read meters this year.

Other distributors are undecided whether to charge — despite gaining approval to slug residents an additional $11 to $31 per quarter from April.

Such fees would be on top of charges all households and small businesses pay for the government-mandated smart meter rollout.

The Herald Sun understands there are concerns the cost of setting up separate billing systems for refusers and chasing payments from them could outweigh what is spent on manual meter reads.

Stop Smart Meters Australia president Marc Florio said thousands of smart meter opponents had been “bullied” into accepting them, despite their concerns over health, privacy and other matters.

“Many people were threatened that they would have the power cut off, or pay substantially more for electricity. A lot caved in the end, especially older people,” he said. “The whole thing has been a con.”

The Australian Energy Regulator recently approved applications from Jemena, United Energy, CitiPower and Powercor for fees to manually read meters this year.

But United Energy’s Samantha Porter said: “Although we applied … for the fee, we have not yet determined if we will be charging it.”

Jemena, CitiPower and Powercor are also yet to decide whether they will charge the manual reading fees.

The Napthine government gave companies the right to apply to impose the “refuser” fees from this year.

Karen Collier, Herald Sun


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Open Letter to WHO, ICNIRP and ARPANSA

Steve Weller, Vice President of SSMA Inc., has for the last 3 years been researching the science that looks at microwave radiation exposure from modern wireless devices such as cell phones, WiFi and smart meters. The main aim was to see if studies had established associations between chronic exposures to microwave radio frequencies with biological effects in animals and humans that could be considered potentially harmful.

Steve’s interest in investigating the science on microwave radiofrequencies (RF) developed after he determined that a neighbour’s two smart meters was seriously impacting his health and wanted to understand how and why this could happen. He was further motivated by the fact that thousands of other people around the world were reporting similar adverse health experiences once a smart meter had been installed on or near their home.

Last month Steve was sponsored by ARPANSA, as SSMA’s EMERG representative, to attend the International Commission on Non-Ionizing Radiation Protection (ICNIRP) workshop held in Wollongong on 11th November 2014. The main aim of the workshop was for leading scientists representing the World Health Organization (WHO), ICNIRP, ACEBR and ARPANSA to discuss the latest evidence of health consequences from exposure to radiofrequency (RF) fields, and their relationship to ICNIRP’s current updating of the RF guidelines. A summary of the event is linked here ICNIRP science and wireless conference summaries

To his disbelief and concern, scientists appeared to be downplaying the risks, misrepresenting and distorting the science, to give the impression that there was nothing to be concerned about. An analysis of WHO Fact Sheet 193 showed the same misrepresentations.

Clearly disillusioned with the lack of honesty and integrity being displayed by these international organisations, which are entrusted with advising governments around the world to protect the health and well being of billions of people, Steve decided to write an open letter to the aforementioned organisations and their scientific representatives. A number of Australian politicians were also copied.

Links to the letter and supporting documents (evidence) that were sent are provided below.

An open letter to WHO

WHO-ICNIRP-ARPANSA discussion paper final

RF Research from 2012 – onwards for WHO


Steve is also the author of the “Taking a Stand” blogs which are all linked here: Reciprocal Buck Passing No Care, No Accountability and No Responsibility”

Wishing you all a Merry Christmas and a prosperous New Year – From the SSMA Team

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US Federal Lawsuit Against Smart Meters

Bill Metallo in Florida, USA has filed a federal lawsuit against his energy company for installing a smart meter which has given him major health problems.  According to the report, smart meters are designed to make procedures easier for the power company.

Despite worldwide claims of health effects experienced since smart meters have been installed, Mr. Metallo’s power company (OUC) denies that smart meters cause medical issues. They have imposed an opt out fee on Mr. Metallo, which he claims violates the Americans with Disabilities Act.

OUC stated, “There are many benefits of digital meters including the ability for customers to learn more about their daily energy use through an online customer dashboard, instead of having to open a bill at the end of their monthly billing cycle“.

And this is the best power companies can do in promoting the benefits of smart meters at the expense of people’s health!

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