Smart meter health surveys show striking symptom similarities

Two recent studies into the health impacts of wireless smart meters show striking similarities, despite having been conducted independently of each other and on separate sides of the world.  One survey was conducted in the USA and the other, a peer reviewed study in Victoria, Australia.

Both reports list insomnia as the most commonly occurring symptom and, of the top 10 symptoms, the same 8 symptoms appear in both reports.  These symptoms include headaches, tinnitus (ringing in the ears), cognitive disturbances (memory, concentration, confusion), fatigue/weakness, dizziness, cardiac anomalies and neuropathy.

Steve Weller, Vice President of SSMA Inc., in an email to ARPANSA says, “If EHS was purely psychological as some experts suggest, it would mean that approximately 37,000,000 Europeans, 16,000,000 Americans and more than 900,000 Australians are suffering from ‘some kind of mutual mental disorder or illusion‘.  If we were really serious about investigating this issue we would conduct studies using scientists with medical and biological backgrounds rather than just psychologists and/or electrical engineers”.

Symptoms after Exposure to Smart Meter Radiation report


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Inside the ‘quiet zone’, home to electrosensitives | Lateline

The tiny US town of Green Bank, West Virginia is in the ‘quiet zone’ – free from wireless communications due to the sensitivity of a high-powered telescope. That makes it attractive to ‘electrosensitives’ like Diane Schou – those who are unable to live with the frequencies emitted by modern electrical devices.

See: Lateline


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Smart meters spiral | Herald Sun

Electricity smart meter fees have sucked up to $1000 from [Victorian] households….Energy Minister Lily D’Ambrosio did not directly answer why Victoria was the only state to order a digital meter rollout to homes and small businesses.

Full article from Herald Sun Consumer reporter Karen Collier can be found here


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Screening of MOBILIZE


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Study suggests Wi-Fi exposure more dangerous to kids than previously thought – Forbes Online

Most parents would be concerned if their children had significant exposure to lead, chloroform, gasoline fumes, or the pesticide DDT.  The International Agency for Research on Cancer (IRIC), part of the United Nations’ World Health Organization (WHO), classifies these and more than 250 other agents as Class 2B Carcinogens – possibly carcinogenic to humans.  Another entry on that same list is radiofrequency electromagnetic fields (RF/EMF).  The main sources of RF/EMF are radios, televisions, microwave ovens, cell phones, and Wi-Fi devices.

Uh-oh. Not another diatribe about the dangers of our modern communication systems?  Obviously, these devices and the resulting fields are extremely (and increasingly) common in modern society.  Even if we want to, we can’t eliminate our exposure, or our children’s, to RF/EMF.  But, we may need to limit that exposure, when possible.

That was among the conclusions of a survey article published in the Journal of Microscopy and Ultrastructure entitled “Why children absorb more microwave radiation than adults: The consequences.”  From an analysis of others studies, the authors argue that children and adolescents are at considerable risk from devices that radiate microwaves (and that adults are at a lower, but still significant, risk).  The following points were offered for consideration:

  • Children absorb a greater amount of microwave radiation than adults.
  • Unborn babies are even more vulnerable than children.  Therefore pregnant women should avoid exposing their fetus to microwave radiation.
  • Adolescent girls and women should not place mobile phones in their bras or in hijabs (headscarf).
  • Mobile phone manual warnings make clear an overexposure problem exists.
  • Government warnings have been issued but most of the public are unaware of such warnings.
  • Current exposure limits are inadequate and should be revised.
  • Wireless devices are radio transmitters, not toys.  Selling toys that use them should be monitored more closely.

Children and unborn babies absorb more microwave radiation, according to the authors, because their bodies are relatively smaller, their skulls are thinner, and their brain tissue is more absorbent.

For complete article published on Forbes Online please click here

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Wi-Fi Epidemic?

In some of Europe’s largest countries Wi-Fi has been banned from daycare centres and nurseries and more and more schools – but there is currently no similar moves here in Australia. Recently France banned wi-fi from centres where children under the age of 3 spend time.  Israel is investigating the effect of Wi-Fi upon school students.

Channel 7 news has reported that Wi-Fi exposure may be an epidemic in the making:

Report by Brian Seymour

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Former California Public Utilities Commission President Michael Peevey knew smart meters caused harm…..

In a 2010 email to PG&E, California Public Utilities Commission President Michael Peevey admits he knew smart meters caused harm and that he believed PG&E should do something about it, albeit “quietly”.



This video is a “must see”:

Evidence has now been made public of illegal actions and collusion between former California Public Utilities Commission president Michael Peevey and utility PG&E, as criminal investigations continue.

For more information see:



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