US Federal Lawsuit Against Smart Meters

Bill Metallo in Florida, USA has filed a federal lawsuit against his energy company for installing a smart meter which has given him major health problems.  According to the report, smart meters are designed to make procedures easier for the power company.

Despite worldwide claims of health effects experienced since smart meters have been installed, Mr. Metallo’s power company (OUC) denies that smart meters cause medical issues. They have imposed an opt out fee on Mr. Metallo, which he claims violates the Americans with Disabilities Act.

OUC stated, “There are many benefits of digital meters including the ability for customers to learn more about their daily energy use through an online customer dashboard, instead of having to open a bill at the end of their monthly billing cycle“.

And this is the best power companies can do in promoting the benefits of smart meters at the expense of people’s health!

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Senate inquiry into the performance and management of electricity network companies

The Senate Standing Committees on Environment and Communications is seeking submissions from people about the behaviour of the various electricity distribution companies around Australia and of their apparent ‘gold-plating’ of their networks.

The Committee is interested to learn whether they force their customers to pay for these “gold plated” costs that are possibly not necessary. The committee is to consider whether prosecutions should be issued if rorting has been detected.

The Senate Inquiry will also investigate:

-whether energy companies have misrepresented information to the energy regulator for their benefit
-allegations of price rorting by companies
-whether current network arrangements discriminate against homes and businesses who generate their own power, and
-the possibility of establishing an independent body to investigate and prosecute poor behaviour.

Information about the inquiry, the full terms of reference and how to make a submission can be found at: The performance and management of electricity network companies.

Don’t miss this opportunity to let the Senate know your experiences dealing with power companies.

Submissions close December 18.

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Bill shock: Smart meter charges set to cost most Victorians more in 2015 – Herald Sun

VICTORIANS will be slugged smart meter fees of up to $226 on their electricity bills next year.

The Australian Energy Regulator has approved charges for 2015 of $109.40 to $226.30, plus GST, for the most common type of smart meter, depending on where consumers live.

Hundreds of thousands of households will be hit with fees up to 28 per cent higher than this year’s, after some companies blew their budgets.

Other households will get slight discounts on the fees.

The annual fee ruling comes as the Victorian Auditor-General’s Office investigates whether consumers are getting a fair deal under the system.

Homes in Melbourne’s northwest and eastern suburbs, and Victoria’s northeast and east, face the biggest sting next year.

“It’s another blow to the hip pocket,” said Gavin Dufty, an energy expert from the St Vincent de Paul Society. “We have paid a huge amount for these meters and it’s time we saw some benefits.”

The latest financial fallout from the controversial digital device rollout could add up to $50 million more to the total cost of the project, the Herald Sun understands.

The full smart meter bill for homes and small businesses could exceed $2.4 billion, once inflation and the GST is factored in.

Power company Jemena’s charge for next year is $226.30, up 17 per cent on last year. AusNet Service’s charge is $205.50, up 28 per cent, and United Energy’s charge is $154.50, or 9 per cent more.

CitiPower’s $115.90 fee is down 60c on last year, and Powercor’s $109.40 charge is 5 per cent lower.

The regulator gave the green light to a combined $111.4 million in excess expenditure claims for distribution companies AusNet Services, United Energy and Jemena after they blew last year’s budgets.

However, the regulator rejected a further $38.1 million cash grab as “inefficient”.

Smart meters are read remotely rather than manually, and allow consumers to opt to be charged different rates for use at different times of day.

Retailers have said they could allow some customers to slash annual power bills by hundreds of dollars.

The Auditor-General’s Office plans to table an updated report on the smart meter project next June.

“As the … rollout is effectively complete, it is timely to undertake the audit to assess the extent to which deficiencies in the AMI (Advanced Metering Infrastructure) program have been addressed, and whether benefits for consumers are being realised,” it said.

The overspending companies blamed stalled installations caused by the former Liberal government’s project review, public resistance to the meters’ introduction, shortages of installers forcing up wages, and the delayed introduction of time-of-use electricity tariffs.

While Jemena and United overspent last year, their expenditure in earlier years was lower than expected.

The rollout, ordered by Labor and continued by the Coalition, has been plagued by cost overruns and safety and privacy concerns. Victorians have been paying annual smart meter fees since 2010.

Karen Collier, Herald Sun


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Baby monitor health warning

Australian author, Donna Fisher, has publicly stated that baby monitors emit dangerous radiation.  She adds that they could be doing more harm than good.

Apart from the health risks for people sensitive to electromagnetic radiation, Donna fears that wireless baby monitors increase the risk of SIDS.  Having a baby monitor in a child’s bedroom is like having a phone antenna station in the bedroom as it is the same radiation.

See: 7News 

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Networked devices are energy hungry – G20 Summit

One of the recommendations of the recent G20 summit is that:

“Participating countries will work together to accelerate the development of new ways to improve the energy efficiency of networked devices.  In 2015, this work will include consideration of options for goals for reducing the global standby mode energy consumption of networked devices”

So these “networked devices”, such as smart meters, are consuming too much electricity?  Even when they’re in stand-by mode, which according to the power companies, is something like 23 hours and 56 minutes a day.  And meanwhile we’re being told to switch off our appliances at the wall in order to stop wasting precious electricity on stand-by mode.

And apparently these smart meters are enabling us, the consumers, “to reduce our electricity consumption”, while at the same time, enabling the power companies to increase people’s electricity consumption to run this networked device in stand-by mode most of the day.  And who is paying to run the smart meter in stand-by mode?

Obviously I’m not as smart as a smart meter because this isn’t making sense to me…..


Full report


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ARPANSA seeks your feedback

The Australian Radiation Protection And Nuclear Safety Agency (ARPANSA) sets the standards of safe levels of radiation emissions from devices such as smart meters, Wi-Fi, mobile phones, mobile phone towers, cordless phones and baby monitors.  They have developed a survey to gauge the communities perception of ARPANSA performance and the services they provide. The survey should take approximately 10 minutes to complete, unless you’re keen to give them detailed responses.

Responses will allow ARPANSA to assess your view of:
* ARPANSA in general
* their leadership in radiation protection and nuclear safety
* how they communicate
* their integrity and leadership on radiation protection issues.

ARPANSA states, “By completing this survey, you will help ARPANSA identify your needs and deliver better services”.

ARPANSA survey

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Special Q & A Screening of Take Back Your Power, Belgrave, VIctoria


TakeBackPowerCameoDec2014TAKE BACK YOUR POWER, Click Here to book this special Cameo Belgrave screening. Thank you for supporting your community concerning rights, safety, privacy, & health.

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